Man who planned his family's murder is arrested in Mexico: Part 5

Bart Whitaker confessed he tried to have his family killed more than once and that he wanted "revenge for being alive."
3:00 | 02/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man who planned his family's murder is arrested in Mexico: Part 5
Reporter: How does a seemingly Normal, fun-loving boy raised in a beautiful home by caring parents -- What is that? Whoa. Reporter: -- Turn into a murderer who would ambush his own family and even take a bullet in the arm to make himself look like a victim? That whole plot, it was always a -- I hesitate to use the word "Game" because people love to take what I say and twist it. But, it was sort of like a game of chicken between me and the other guys. Who flinches? I never really expected Chris to pull that trigger. Did you feel any guilt? Did you feel any shame? I wasn't feeling much of anything but yeah, it was there. It was just on a level that I wasn't paying any attention to. He seems singularly without remorse and without even the beginnings of remorse. Reporter: A classic sociopath says psychiatrist Dr. Edward Hallowell, of the Hallowell centers in New York and Boston. I was struck in the interview that he showed almost no emotion. Here's this young man who's done about the worst thing a person could do and it's as if he's talking about the weather. Reporter: That observation is confirmed in the confession of getaway driver, Steve champagne. Did you ever see any signs of remorse in Bart? No. Reporter: And it gets worse. Champagne says Bart also talked about wanting to finish the job and kill his father. I'd love to have an outside perspective about why I think certain things. What if the diagnosis is that you are a sociopath? Well, then I am what I am. Reporter: Dr. Hallowell has never examined Bart Whitaker, but also sees a narcissistic personality. It's an extremely dangerous combination. Extremely dangerous, because you have no guide. You have no internal brakes. And you have this tremendous feeling of emptiness, so you want stimulation. I hate myself. I can't imagine I'm a narcissist. You want to somehow feel alive. And the Normal things that make people feel alive, love, attachment, bonding -- that's all gone. I mean having these fantasies about murdering your family. He had to go to that length to feel alive. Reporter: Finally in September, 2005, the climax of unsolicited witnesses and police work, there is good luck that comes in the form of a phone call. The real Rudy Rios comes forward. This is the guy that Bart Whitaker has been impersonating. I know where he is at because it's my family that's taking care of him. Reporter: A bus-boy at the country club where Bart worked, Rudy Rios tells police he sold his identity to Bart and helped him escape to Mexico for a couple of thousand dollars. Now he's prepared to sell-out his friend for a $10,000 reward from police. But, if there's a reward, you know, I don't care. I'll turn his ass in. I'm thinking, "Th is the break we need." When Rudy Rios gave me this information and it seemed to check out, I was ecstatic. Reporter: Bart Whitaker is arrested in Mexico. And, on the road back to Sugar Land, sgt. Slot has only one unanswered question for his prisoner. How did you get all of these people to do such horrible things for you? And Bart responded to me that it was easy. All he had to do was give them what they wanted. What was y'all's benefit for doing this? Bart said his family was worth a lot of money. He said he would give us millions of dollars. That was motivation for them. It was never about that for me. I didn't care about money. I had plenty of it. He had this amazing ability to inspire, persuade, cajole. To do something absolutely not in their self-interest. I mean, to do something crazy! You planned to have your family killed not once, right? I believe there were three separate occasions. But, why Bart? This is the question everyone wants to know. Why? I wanted revenge for being alive, and I blamed them for that. I blamed them for who I was instead of blaming me. You blamed them even though the evidence points out that they really loved you and nurtured you and tried to give you everything that they could possibly give you. Yeah, but we really didn't connect on that level. I think he really believed that who we were loving was someone that didn't exist and that he was hiding behind a mask so that we would never find that out. Reporter: Next, as the last 40 minutes of Bart's life tick down -- yet another twist of

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bart Whitaker confessed he tried to have his family killed more than once and that he wanted \"revenge for being alive.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"53320121","title":"Man who planned his family's murder is arrested in Mexico: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/man-planned-familys-murder-arrested-mexico-part-53320121"}