Mark Winger tells 911 he shot a man killing his wife at their home: Part 1

Only three months had passed since the seemingly happy couple adopted their first child when Mark Winger told the 911 operator that he'd shot a man who was killing his wife with a hammer.
10:33 | 04/17/21

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Transcript for Mark Winger tells 911 he shot a man killing his wife at their home: Part 1
here that we missed. On this very special day, at this very special house, a very special little baby is going to come live with us. And who do we see but the mommy. Hi! All of these movies is just -- they could be yours. They could be mine. It could be anybody you know. Look at these special kids, they've waited so long for this baby. You are watching the birth of a family. After six years of marriage, mark and donnah winger are about to adopt a baby girl. How do you feel, donnah? I'm overwhelmed. And I just want her to know that it just so happens the day she's coming home to us is the anniversary of our engagement of mark and I. Oh, isn't that wonderful! Mark and donnah were sort of put on this pedestal as this beautiful young couple who had struggled to have kids, and now they finally were able to adopt this 3-month-old baby. Here comes our special delivery. Oh, look. Oh, sweetie. You look at this beautiful mother with this beautiful child who are just starting out the relationship, donnah doesn't have a clue this is going to one of the last times that she's able to have a moment like this with Bailey. 911 emergency. What's your emergency? Emergency! Emergency! This man, he beat my wife, and I shot him. Please help me. He was killing my wife! Are you mark winger? Yes, I am, yes, I am. And your wife is donnah? Yes she is. On August 29, 1995, the Springfield police department responded to a 911 call. Is the man still in your house? Yes, he's laying on the floor with a bullet in his head. There had been a shooting at westview drive in Springfield. It happened in a nice neighborhood, right when people were coming home from work by a ballpark where kids play baseball. When they arrived, they found a very grisly scene. I could see the victims from the front door. Donnah was clinging to life. She had been hit no less than seven times in the head with a hammer. The second victim was an unknown white male lying on the floor. He still had signs of life and a pulse with two gunshot wounds to the head. It was quite chaotic. They were working on them, putting tubes in them. I knew that they were going to be transporting the victims soon, so I wanted to try to get identification on the male subject, so I went and took his wallet out of his back pocket, and in his wallet he had a driver's license that identified him as Roger Harrington. Then I proceeded to assess the crime scene itself to try and gather as much information as I could. We have a hammer covered with what appears to be blood. The husband had reported his wife was being beaten by a guy with a hammer. We have a .40.45 caliber semiautomatic handgun. On the dining room table was the weapon that was used to shoot Mr. Harrington. Also on that table was a yellow mug and a pack of cigarettes. Roger Harrington's car was parked going against traffic, facing the wrong direction. It was very out of place for that neighborhood. Inside the vehicle, the police found a note. Written on there was the time of 4:30 P.M., the address and the name mark winger. I proceeded back to the master bedroom to talk with the husband, mark winger. He was rocking back and forth on the end of the bed. He was very upset, very emotional. He kept asking, who's that man in my house? Evenhought I knew who it was, I did not want to let him know at that point. We got him calmed down. And then we started getting into what had occurred. He was working out downstairs on his treadmill when he had heard a thump upstairs. At that point, he shut the treadmill off and started walking up the steps to make sure everything was okay. When he got to the master bedroom, he seen his 3-month-old child laying on the bed, which he said donnah would have never done, which concerned him. He then said he heard noises which made him believe that donnah was in distress. At that point he got his semiautomatic weapon out of the nightstand. And as he walked down the hallway, he observed a man beating her with a hammer. The male subject looked up at him and then lowered his head again to take another swing at his wife, and that's when he shot him. Mark had stated the man fell backwards, landing on his back, and that he began to sit up, and that mark immediately shot him a second time. Does he have a gun? Her brains are everywhere. Is he dead? I don't know. He's making weird sounds. Please, please. Who is this man? I don't -- I don't know who he is! He asked us many times who this gentleman was. At one point he said, is that guy's name Roger? And at that point, I felt that I needed to answer his question and I told him, yes, his name was Roger Harrington. Mark was shocked and he said, oh, my kbod god, that's the man who's been harassing my wife this week. Four or five days before this incident, his wife had went down to visit her parents in Florida. Donnah told me that mark had a conference. I said to her, why don't you come to Florida? It would be so wonderful. Looks like grandma and pop have found the baby. Donnah was excited to show off her baby. And as all of her trips, it was always very sad to see her go. Say hi, daddy. Say we miss you. I dropped her off at the airport, and she left. We had hired a driver to pick her up in St. Louis and drive her right to her house. This way she could just take care of the baby. It was about a two-hour drive and there was a lot of time to talk, and so this gentleman started opening up to donnah about issues he was having. He had a voice in his head named dom. Dom would tell him to do bad things. Recently, dom was telling him to hurt people. And then he started flirting with her, saying he liked older women and liked to have sex parties and invited donnah to join him. And this ride, as she describes it, is really scary. He is driving erratically, 75 miles an hour. He is raving about demons that talk to him. It's terrifying. She calls me, she tells me this whole story, and I said to her like any, you know, supportive sister would, you had real a really crazy driver, but you're home, you're safe, you're going to be okay. She said, I'm really scared. After the harrowing ride, donnah had been the victim of some strange phone calls. They had believed that the driver had been stalking her and was a danger. So mark started calling the limousine company and filing a complaint. Roger got suspended from his job because of the complaint. And mark suggested that donnah write down the story, and it would be good information to be very specific just in case they need it. At the murder scene, one of the police officers goes over to the refrigerator, and he notices this note, written in donnah's we entered the van and he introduced himself as Roger. He talked to me about a spirit Dahm. He told me things like, Dahm makes him do things, like set car bombs and killing people. I felt as if my life and the life of my daughter were in the hands of a nut. For detective cox, this note on the refrigerator fits neatly with what mark winger is saying. It got us up to speed on why they were worried about this guy and why did this guy come to his house. Detective cox viewed Roger Harrington with great skepticism. He had a history with Roger Harrington. I knew him as a very volatile-type subject. I owned a trailer park in town, and him and his wife rented a trailer from me. Roger and his wife had domestic disputes that I had to get involved in. Knowing what I knew about Mr. Harrington in the past, how quick he was to anger, I thought that he very well could have went over there to try to get his job back. And he snapped. There's a hammer laying right there on the table. He picks it up and goes into a rage. Then the husband shoots the bad guy. Donnah died a violent death. She was struck from behind -- one time from the left, and then she was struck at least six more times on the base of her skull where she was brutally beaten to death with a hammer. I told mark that he had done everything he could to try and save his wife, but we still needed to tell him that his wife had passed away. He had called his rabbi to come to the house to help him through this. He was a wreck. You know? And I was trying to comfort him, and not knowing quite what to say, because I didn't know what there was to say. When the police examined the scene and when they listened to mark's explanation of what happened, the detectives came to the conclusion that mark winger act in the self-defense and the case was closed within proximately 48 hours. It all fit pretty good.

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{"duration":"10:33","description":"Only three months had passed since the seemingly happy couple adopted their first child when Mark Winger told the 911 operator that he'd shot a man who was killing his wife with a hammer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77129407","title":"Mark Winger tells 911 he shot a man killing his wife at their home: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/mark-winger-tells-911-shot-man-killing-wife-77129407"}