Michele MacNeill found dead in family home: Part 2

Alexis, her daughter, said Michele told her while she was recovering from her surgery, "'If anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad.'"
8:09 | 06/15/19

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Transcript for Michele MacNeill found dead in family home: Part 2
Alexis had been there the week that Michele had had her plastic surgery. When she came out of surgery, how did she look? She looked bad. She was very, kind of groggy and in a lot of pain. After the first night of having my mom home, my dad told me to leave. He said, "I'll take care of her, her medicines tonight." You say the next morning when you saw your mom, she was heavily medicated. She was completely sedated and out of it. And I went right to my dad and he said, "Oh, maybe I gave her too much. And your mother threw up, so then I gave her more medicine." I said, I'm going to take over. And at that time, she had a little eye patch on. So she couldn't see, you know, what he was giving her. So she told me, she said, um, "Give me each of the pills, so I can feel it with my finger. So if he tries to give me something else, I'll know what he's giving me." And so I did that, I let her feel all the different types of medicines. One night while Alexis was washing Michelle's hair, Michelle, all of a sudden, literally, drops a bombshell. She started to cry. She said, "If anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad." And I said, "Mom!" I kind of got upset. The night before Alexis went back to medical school, Alexis said her mom looked great. She looked happy. She was recovering. And so it was fine to get back on an airplane and go back to medical school. They dropped me off at the airport. I just remember looking back and seeing my mom and waving. On April 11th, martin went in to work as normal. Picked up Ada from school, and arrived at the house around 11:35. Ada said my dad told her to "Go check on your mother." And so she ran in, just calling, "Mommy, mommy." And my dad stayed in the kitchen while she went into the bathroom and found her. And then she screamed for my dad. My wife has fallen in the bathtub! Who's in the bathtub? My wife! Okay, is she conscious? She's not! Can you calm down? I need help! It was really hard to understand him 'cause he was yelling very hysterically at me. She's unconscious! She's underwater! Okay, did you get her out of the water? I can't. I couldn't lift her up. I let the water out. Is she breathing at all? She's not! I tried to calm him down and tried to get the information from him, but he didn't want to stay on the line with me and he hung up. We got the phone number, called him back, and he did answer. Okay, sir, the ambulance has been paged. They are on their way, okay. Do not hang up. I need help! They are on their way. Is your wife breathing? She's not! I am a physician. I've got cpr in progress. He yelled, "I am a physician, I have initiated cpr," and disconnected the phone call again. And he seemed very irritated at me and bothered that I was even asking him these questions. Okay, do you know how to do cpr? I'm doing it. Okay, do not hang -- It was about 11:48 A.M. Or so. I got a medical call. A female who had possibly drowned in the bathtub, so naturally, you know, we were going lights and sirens to the He couldn't lift her out of the tub, so he said that he had Ada run next to the neighbor's to get help. She said, "My dad needs some help." I ran in, and followed his voice into the bathroom and he says, "I've already called 911. I need a male's help." Martin was kind of standing over her head. Michelle was in the tub. I just immediately went straight to her legs and I grabbed her legs and we lifted her out of the tub and onto the floor. We went into the bathroom and observed two male individuals performing cpr on a female victim. He would calmly be doing puffs of air, and then he would suddenly have an outburst of yelling, you know, "Why? Why?" He actually was pulled aside into another room so ems could do their job and try to revive her. I could hear him in the background yelling. I couldn't tell if he was upset with himself or at her or at us. But he was, he was upset. That's when martin Macneill decides to call his daughter, Alexis, who he reaches in medical school. He said, "Your mom. She's in the tub. She's not breathing. I've called an ambulance." And then he hung up. I just started driving to the airport and I was just screaming. Just screaming. He killed her. That was my first instinct. He killed her. Before you left, your mom said, "If anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad who killed me." My dad had no idea that my mom had confided in me. And I knew I was the only one that knew this. So I needed to start figuring out what had happened and protect the rest of my family. Because my dad was a killer. She said, "Rachel, dad murdered mom. I know, I know he did." Alexis knew right away that there was something off and that this was not just a normal death. I said, "Where's the medicine?" And he said, "I don't know where it is. Check in the garage." When Alexis arrived at the house, the very first thing she wanted to do was count how much medication was left, see how much Michele had taken and what had possibly led to her death. But by the time Alexis gets home, martin has had somebody flush all the medication down the toilet. It was making him too sad to look at. To see this medication. As soon as I heard that, things were just starting to add up. Everything was adding up. My mom was concerned because rather than spending more time at home, he was spending more and more time away at the office. Michele became very suspicious and confided in her daughter Alexis that she thought that her husband was having an affair. While he was sleeping, I logged on to his phone and printed out all of his phone records. And we found this number that he'd been calling a lot. The name of the person popped out. Gypsy Jillian Willis. I mean, we thought it was maybe some stripper or something. Who's named gypsy? Gypsy Jillian Willis was a woman that martin Macneill had met online. He sent me a message. He asked me what I knew about quantum physics. You bonded over quantum physics? There was just instant chemistry. He was tall, he was handsome, he was very well-spoken. Did you know he was married? I did. And that didn't ring any alarm bells for you on the ethics front? Not at that point. I wasn't looking for a serious relationship. And he told me that he had a perfect life. That he had a perfect wife. Martin Macneill was about to take a flamethrower to his perfect life and his perfect wife. It was all about to be

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{"duration":"8:09","description":"Alexis, her daughter, said Michele told her while she was recovering from her surgery, \"'If anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad.'\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63726536","title":"Michele MacNeill found dead in family home: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/michele-macneill-found-dead-family-home-part-63726536"}