How Missing Man's Family Found Him Alive 23 Years Later

Richard Hoagland told his wife he was going to the hospital in 1993 and never came back.
7:23 | 10/31/16

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Transcript for How Missing Man's Family Found Him Alive 23 Years Later
Badly eroded and in happier times Richard Lyndon little boy's fantasy foreign vacations in beautiful within the and it lit. The American. What did you. Use a lot of fun to be UN. And every 101993. Richard. Moore. Never. Came home from his insurance joke bulls and he was sinking into the hospital Linda pulls the hospital mile race her husband and disappeared. And take his passport this toothbrush. Now is still there he didn't pack any clothes. It was cold rivers in February. He did not take a Croat. Linda called cops. And mom. She Cedric god I said gone were ago. Boy it's the only news son Matthew was nine time baby brother Doug just six. One day dad says the next day. Don. And honestly think milk in the song so Boston wrong. Among black and eventually. Disappear in city. How do you walk away from your own children. How do you turn your back. Authorities eventually found his car abandoned at Indianapolis airport in new probe data and. There was no Richard Copeland that took any flights out of Indianapolis. And more after. Summer and the boys received a birthday card from all fifty slipped inside mom and Doug's cars maybe sometime soon we will get to see each other that and I wouldn't even know you can. It has been so. Mind your mother. By. Square last day ever dared bring death. In the eyes of the little limitless so much fixed. Maybe suspect they werder thinking that you may have been. Used him exactly what you meant an off exactly. And they interrogated me over and over and over. And cars. The actions. He's devastated us. He left us with nothing. Absolutely nothing and I was broken. So long its actions. She's our daughter. And I don't parents. And I had they don't burn. Silence. An endless silence. Ten years cars and Richard and was officially declared dead Lyndon new dome. She remarry. The slight wounds that heal slowly. Over time. Then just this past summer she got a call from detective Tony good guerrilla. Pasco county sheriff's department Florence. He asked am I knew Richard hoagland lives. I sent us pool my ex husband she was actually driving at the time itself incision how to pull over he said we have custody. We huge hole glad to hear that he was. Still alive. I don't remember that feeling. Richard Hogan back from the dead. So yeah as these. These are area. It's a major view him. Where's he been honest when he three years living an opponent. It cleans it Colombian cartel. Authorities say Richard and it was tending to eat it isn't treason and ski killed three boating accident. It was like catch me if you can not quite as glamorous. Everyone trying to rip their heads rent someone can disappear. Live a lie for 23 years. And get away with. Here's. Authorities say and had fled to Florida and just went through and Britain have recently deceased at least Bob. Certificate. And using that death certificate he applies for a birth certificate. He cements a birth certificate to get a driver's license. Once yes a driver's license he says establishing. Its ministers man's. All this act denies lady named Mary even at a child and I wonder how we explained to Mary his wife in Florida. Why the rest of this men's ski clan didn't come for Thanksgiving she said there is always questions but he would always come up with a reason and explanation. Just enjoying the quiet life in sleepy sultry zephyr hills Florida I mean. Warmer than an Indiana went. Maybe that was effective. We deal identity theft all the time but nothing with this longevity he owns multiple homes multiple mortgages. Cars he got married had a child. Has a pilot's license on the plane but. And but it got away with it had no wheels carries a man skis nephew you know being doing a little lying genealogy research he discovered the world uncle Terry who. Remember died in 1990 Lawton. They got married. Four years opt they've Barry. Detective Camarillo. And Colin. Utilities and mysterious Nancy provide me assorted driver's license. Terrace man scheme corrected a birth everything. I asked him again. Said as they mysterious Komansky. Showed him the death certificate that brought with me he would actually told me that his real name was Richard hoagland. Unsuspecting new wife and son were home at the time. In sight it obviously there twenty years. Of marriage shattered domestic kind of awkward for you to be in the middle of that of course the sun can dump he was shocked. It's still his father. Now it's his blood. But that's Komansky name is it is not it is the emotions that they were feeling between. Anger and sadness and the wonder of why Richard Hogan's wife and child going by the name of a dead fishermen in revenue sharing oh with a man pretending to be. Someone he was known. High and believe that he got. Caught up with the wrong people got carried away overs had something. I mean I wonder if that's. Because that's. The best thing for you to believe it and yet he just left you'll you know by Internet I don't you know. He's tell me Shanle issues with his wife and children it's like a puzzle right now that's missing pieces. Richard hoagland is narrowing jail her musings over to las awaiting trial on charges in the evening I danced. I just left only. To. So he's on that list. He can't stand to be confided any one place and now we can't go anywhere just kind of. This Villanova. I have this morning. This mind answering its. Did you where it's most for every day. I think where end to remind me. A bad example.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"Richard Hoagland told his wife he was going to the hospital in 1993 and never came back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"43104095","title":"How Missing Man's Family Found Him Alive 23 Years Later","url":"/2020/video/missing-mans-family-found-alive-23-years-43104095"}