Mom denies writing suicide note to frame daughter for murder: Part 9

Stacey Castor testified at her trial, where she denied killing her husbands and recalled finding her daughter Ashley unresponsive.
5:52 | 02/09/19

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Transcript for Mom denies writing suicide note to frame daughter for murder: Part 9
So this trial goes on for several weeks. And Stacey castor and her attorney have a question they're trying to answer, which is, "Do they put Stacey castor on the stand?" In high-profile cases, you don't see defendants taking the stand. Look at O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson. It didn't happen. When you're on the stand and you are being torpedoed with one question after the next, you come across as a liar. The final decision wasn't made until the night before, literally. Would they put her on the stand? Judge, we have one more witness. Defense calls Stacey castor. All right. Ultimately, they did. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god? I do. I wanted to talk about Michael Wallace first. Because Michael Wallace was her true love. Did you love Michael? With all my heart. I still do. Now Stacey, did you kill Michael? No, I did not. You had Keller basically trying to get the jury to get to know her, to get to like her. Eventually, Stacey and I get to what everybody wants us to get to, which is that weekend that Ashley is, you know, taken to the hospital. I heard bree scream, "Mommy. There's something wrong with sissy." I got up and went into Ashley's bedroom. I called her name, I tried to shake her and she didn't give any response. I immediately went to get the phone to call 911. And what were you thinking at that point? That was probably one of the most devastating moments in my life. She was so calm. She didn't break down in hysterics. In fact, I could see her slowly reeling in the jury. So uck lays out his whole case with Stacey, and then comes to the very end and has to ask her the critical question. Did you kill David castor by poisoning him with antifreeze? No, I did not. Did you try to murder your daughter, and try to frame her for the murders of David castor and Michael Wallace? Absolutely no, I did not. We remember sitting across from her. She told us "I did not do it." And I think they put her on that stand to give the same kind of performance, which was complete denial. The next morning, it was bill Fitzpatrick's turn to cross-examine Stacey castor. Tell the jury when it is that Ashley had the opportunity to poison David castor. She was home alone with him on Friday afternoon. There was opportunity for her to do it. Fitatrick's cross is aggressive. No, no, no. Er my question and be specific. Fitzpatrick clearly made a decision here, that the way to go after Stacey castor is to talk to her as if she's a murderer. You don't remember stating that? Who tried to frame and kill her own daughter. Did Ashley poison him? I did not poison him. When did Ashley poison him? I can't answer that question. Then a critical moment in the trial. Fitzpatrick focuses on a wiretap of Stacey castor's phone calls. As I'm listening to it, you begin to hear the clicking of a keyboard. Click-click-click. She's writing the suicide note, right then, while talking to her friend. When we forensically examined the computer from the house, it corresponded perfectly with the time that the phone call was being made and Ashley was not in the house at the time. You were typing the suicide note to frame your daughter, weren't you? No, sir. Objection, judge. I'll overrule it. And we caught you, didn't we, Mrs. Castor? No, you didn't. Their investigators through forensics were able to go back into that computer and to find not only the draft of the letter, but two practice runs. They were making the case that Stacey castor methodically worked on that letmore than once before she finally printed it and put it on that bed next to her daughter. Through all of this, Stacey castor is showing no emotion. And then, prosecutor Fitzpatrick explodes. My god, you've lost two husbands to poisoning! Your daughter has just learned that her father was dug out of his grave! I mean, there are some who would say he was theatrical. And there are others who would say he was outraged that he was sharing that courtroom with a diabolal killer sitting there. My god, is this your testimony? Objection! I'm just jumping up, objection, objection. I'll overrule it. Despite him raising his voice -- Yes or no? -- And making the ultimate accusations, Stacey castor remains cool, calm, collected. The question's goingbe, does that make her seem more guilty or less guilty? The case is now in the hands of the jury in the Stacey castor murder trial. It's now up to them to determine if they've seen enough evidence. One day goes by. Two days go by. What possibly could be in the jury's minds that -- why couldn't they come up with a verdict within an hour? As more times going by the more anxious you're getting. Finally, you get that call that the jury's got a verdict. The people of the state of New York verses Stacey R. Castor as to count number one, murder in the second degree, what is the Verd

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Stacey Castor testified at her trial, where she denied killing her husbands and recalled finding her daughter Ashley unresponsive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60951294","title":"Mom denies writing suicide note to frame daughter for murder: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/mom-denies-writing-suicide-note-frame-daughter-murder-60951294"}