The moment when 12 boys, coach trapped inside Thai cave were found alive: Part 2

After several days, two divers with a renowned British cave rescue organization emerge deep inside the cave to find all 13 people together.
7:03 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for The moment when 12 boys, coach trapped inside Thai cave were found alive: Part 2
Orter: In Thailand say "Fon Tok nak." It meansvy rain. Fon Tok nak. For Thailand's lost boys, the er team trped in the flooding cave, there is danger in every drop. The risitream chasing them deeper into the darkness. I've actually been in caves as water heen coming up, a it's actually very terrifyin because your it, oftentime before you see it because the cave will start to rumble. Reporteord of the soccer team trapped in the cave spreads. Nds and Faly gather at the mouth of thee now blocd by ragingod waters. They call out to thes. Tlator: I started shouting fm the entranbut my voice CN't go through because the's going up higher and higher. Ryeaming for the kids but they get no ans Reporter: Soon, the families joined by hundref workers converging ae mouth of the cave thwallowed theived ones. A makeshift village rises in the Jung Brandon foamerican missionary, lives nearby. I love that about tail and Thai people how -- how -- there's just been a rush to get hereause people wao help. 'S neat to how the country just loves and comes together. Reporter: Dwo -- 24 hours aer the team disappears inside the cave, scue workers using oxygen tanks and ropes begin working their way inside James Longman outside . We're about 15 minutes from the cavehere thoseoys are stalthough T entrance to their cave is dry, further in, that's wheou start to see water like this, and it goesvery, very high. Of conditions rescuers are dealing with. Reporter: More than a thousand of Thall Nati's military deploy in the rescue effoincluding 17 mem of the royal THA Navy S.E.A.L.S. Ben reymen rve center in phuket, Thailand specializing in deep cave Orion. And a partner are among the ny volunteers who rush to the scene. It's amazing. Theying an amazing.ourse they young Navy S.E.A.L.S so the going, we actual have to tell thyou need to stop now because it's getting dangerous. This is a massive operation. Let me show little bit about where we are, because this patch of jungle haenally transformed. There are rescuers and volunteers everywhere you look. And if you look up there, you can see oxygen tanks being stacked up outside therance to the cave. Those are for the divers. Have all these sorood trucks and voluntations. Yo geople who have come from all over the country to D what they can top. Such has this story sort of gripped people's imaginations. Reporter: And Thailand is not alone. Halfway the world, a renowned British cave rescue organion gets a call for lp and responds immediately. The British tencludes two the best cave divers in the world -- joolnd Rick stton. There'glimpse of the Een dives. You can see they're not here for the puity. They started out, they're Cavers, that was their sport. And theyup cave diving a sort of addition to that sport use that enables them to go through into placeat pele can't get. And they're built vgh reputaon for the kind of dives that they've done. We havetralians her Chinese, the British divers. It's just amazing to see Thailand come together, because you have volunteers, H medics. I feel like all of Thailand is here. Reporter: By midweek, there is a break in clouds, and ie cave anoer hopeful sign.footprintsparently recent, but what are the chances the boys who left them are still alive? They took food and water with them when they went in. It anyone's guess if that's lasted much longer. But if there's oxygen and if they have access tme of that clean water, that clean runoff, then there's every chance that they could be wag saved. Rter: Nearly 50 pumps are now working furiousl drain E cave. Rescuers continue to pump billions of gallons of water out of that cave. Okwhere we a the caves run all the way underneath T mountains here. Imagine how much more rain will fall and how more water will seep into those caves. Reporter: Torrential wnpours force annizing five-hour delay in underground re efforts. Above ground other teams explorethe mount, looking R areas where water is enterthe caved can be diver but it's hard going. Its py rough you know, the terrains are like you got about 10 T 15 water falls that we hav climb up and down. Ng up here reagives you the sense of the scale of this rescue operation. Cafor miles Der this valley and these boys can be anyere down there. The cave under that mountain I an architect's fever dream. In one rm,lings soar like a buddhist the next, not more than a crawlspace.d where in this six mile labyrinth, the missing team. Reporter: Friday, June 29 the sevent day of Thailand's national nightmare. Algh the sittion seems dire, the Thai community continued to bve their boys ll be found. I always said if you wanted your hope toe,nd talk to their fa a sensof faith that everything was going to be okay. Rter: On the ninth day of the ordeal, those British divers surface ie motain. Eir headlas pierce T pitch black, illuming a scene that will stay with them for the rest of their LIV How mof you? 13. Brilliant. We just heard nehat at soccer team and their soccer coach have been found alive insihis cave. S absolutely extraordinary. We are right outnd you can see how many people haurned up. Reporter: A discovery that jolts those hopeful families and elifies the world. Have there to bring you happy news, a miracle. 13 boys and their soccer H found alive. Rorter: 13 figures huddled the darkness. The missing soccer team dirty, hungry, red but wonderfully, unbelievably thankfully, very much Ali I'm feeling so happo, , is somethg out of a movie truthfully. T didn't seem possible. People thought there had been some sort of mistake. No that can't ibly be accurafter 9 1/2 days that they would be's just too mu Just their smiles. That was the thing, they were just there was such relief. Ean it really leome humanitythe whole St because finally we saw the faces of these boys that had been reporting orand days and days. And to see their smiles was quite something. Yod see the reli their faces. Yeah, it was really special.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"After several days, two divers with a renowned British cave rescue organization emerge deep inside the cave to find all 13 people together. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"56498542","title":"The moment when 12 boys, coach trapped inside Thai cave were found alive: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/moment-12-boys-coach-trapped-inside-thai-cave-56498542"}