NYPD, DEA set up sting operation to try to video tape hustlers’ crime ring: Part 4

An undercover DEA agent poses as a wealthy man to try to get the women to incriminate themselves. The sting does not lead to an arrest that night, but authorities collected crucial evidence.
6:31 | 09/14/19

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Transcript for NYPD, DEA set up sting operation to try to video tape hustlers’ crime ring: Part 4
This weekend - at Kohl's. Younan wasn't the only victim in this scam. But nobody wanted to press charges. When the other stories would pop up, everybody went, "Ha ha, what a doofus." You just got drunk and you spent too much money with women who were scantily clad and enticing you to spend. When there was a charge that was disputed, they would say look, he was here. So we would tell them, "Listen, it's -- it's a losing battle. Just give it up. We have you on camera." The police had been aware of this scam for some time, but they finally got a solid tip, so they set up a sting. We set up an operation at a luxury hotel. We have control inside of a room, we do audio and video and we'd have agents in other rooms in case there was an issue. The investigation team had a very, very clear goal that night in this sting. They wanted the guy to be approached. They wanted him to be drugged. They wanted to see the credit card being taken, run. They had a Dea agent pose as a rich guy. He did all the things that would make him a target. The way I dressed, the way I acted. We did our investigation ahead of time, so we knew they were gonna come to this high-end hotel bar. He sits there, an hour, hour and a half goes by, and like clockwork, they find him. And what was the opening line? I'm curious. It was basically if I wanted to party. And you said yes. Yes. So we ended up in the hotel room. I actually wasn't supposed to be there that night. I was home in my apartment by myself sleeping. And Rosie had called me. We went to the gansvoort hotel in the meatpacking district. And she told me to wait downstairs. And she went up there with another girl, another dancer. And right next door, on the other side of the wall, is a whole cadre of detectives and Dea agents watching everything unfold. Did they give you something to drink? We had brought drinks up to the hotel room. Mm-hmm. Knowing that these drinks would possibly be drugged. Did you begin to act like you were under the influence? Yes, I did. They were trying to wake me up using various methods. They grabbed a beer from the hotel fridge and they had me drink that. Here, sit up, babe. Drink some of this. That's what all the ladies say, are you married? Mm-hmm. Aw, that sucks. Did he even drink anything? Rosie had called me to come upstairs. And I had seen a gentleman on the bed passed out. And I said, "What's going on?" And, you know, this woman said, "Well, he's really sick. I gave him too much." Did you give him something? I gave him a bump of blow and he fell asleep. He was, like, dead. It just didn't make sense to so I had went up to him. And I had taken his pulse. You shouldn't have gave him that bump. I've never seen anyone go to sleep after a bump. He was breathing completely normal. I knew he wasn't blacked out. I knew he wasn't sick. His heart was fine. This Dea agent is doing a bang-up job acting. And the detectives next door are freaking out. I'm worrying. We knew that he would pose as if he had been actually drugged. We were afraid that he had actually been drugged. Right. There was a point where the girls had crawled on the bed and they had a wet cloth. And it looks like they put the cloth over his mouth. I had actually several times given the order to move in, and it was only a split second that Danny would stop me and say, "No no, not yet, he just gave a signal." I was moving my leg, shaking it to show them I was okay. Well, the two women become increasingly agitated because they can't rouse him. I felt like they were like vampires hovering over me. My blood was the credit card. They needed to get me to this strip bar with my credit card to do their business. I have his credit card. Why don't we just go find a lookalike? So they're now freaking out because they need this guy up an ambulatory to walk into the strip club past the cameras so that they could claim he's perfectly fine, and let's get his credit card and start spending. Let's get out of here. Can he walk? And then they got, you know, they got him up off the bed and that's when they were getting a little physical with him. It got a little intrusive. It was getting to the point where they weren't leaving. They just wanted him to get this club. So we kind of came to the decision, like, this is gonna go on all night. The problem was the Dea couldn't let the agent leave the room because he would then be in an uncontrolled environment and at risk. So I had some individuals pose as hotel security and enter the room. Security. And finally they burst into the room. This guy, is he alive? Yea This guy does not look good. Does he need an ambulance? No. We're going to the nightclub. I mean, they had no regard for his health, if he was dead or not. They are not able to make the arrest that they were hoping to make. Because in the end they could not run the credit card. But it wasn't a failure because we did get some evidence. They were able to get security camera footage, video and audiotape, of these women arguing over how much did you give him? Don't, no, no, no, no. Don't give him that. You don't need alcohol. You just need a little coronita. What did you give him? You gave them too much. They got lots of incriminating evidence that would help their case They were able to retrieve the glass with the spiked drink and that was critical, because they were able to then test it in the Dea lab to see precisely what the drug cocktail was. And when you had that tested, what was in it? You have a sedative and you have a stimulant. So you take Molly to get you up and alert, and you have a sedative to put you to bed. It's very, very dangerous. Everybody is lucky that nobody died. Gig is up. Strippers are under arrest tonight, accused of drugging customers. The whole world goes black, and everything just goes silent. I think it was a shock.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"An undercover DEA agent poses as a wealthy man to try to get the women to incriminate themselves. The sting does not lead to an arrest that night, but authorities collected crucial evidence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"65605763","title":"NYPD, DEA set up sting operation to try to video tape hustlers’ crime ring: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/nypd-dea-set-sting-operation-video-tape-hustlers-65605763"}