O.J. Simpson: Inside the case of the defense 'dream team'

Part 2: With his connections to Simpson and his defense, Lawrence Schiller obtained secrets of their strategy.
7:34 | 02/19/17

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Transcript for O.J. Simpson: Inside the case of the defense 'dream team'
I need a period this going to be a rally in what's been called the trial of the century OJ Simpson seemed to face and an insurmountable battle. I've never seen so much evidence. Against someone in a case that's gone to trial but there was against the risks half. And your the so called dream team Simpson all star defense only if sale. Including Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro. F. Lee Bailey and Alan Dershowitz and of course is most trusted ally Robert Kardashian and these shifts the focus to the Los Angeles police department this strategy. Mark Furman. Accuse the police of framing Simpson mishandling even planting evidence detectives Berman did you. Plant or manufacture any evidence has whoever bought provided police reported testimony that you gave truthful. It is an argument that resonates with the mostly black jury especially the explosive audio of the lead detective mark Furman spouting racist. Slurs Blake then. So are. This fence in essence put bad policeman racist policeman on trial they put the whole police department on trial. The ESPN films documentary OJ made in America. Details another tactic the dream team use when the jury toured Simpson's estate. What we did that day. It's green who lives in. Win and you will walk. The grand staircase. There was a large law. Family and it's a friend's. This is a OJ's career. Overwhelming majority of Dick Sharon's. Were a Caucasian friends and colleagues. An American jury. And we wanted to make. The home setting. Look reflects the themes that we want to replace. We tell us great friends down. Yeah people. Pictures he probably never see. You have got to be kidding me. Is night and day. This was an African American man's house who had no associations would any white guys whatsoever. Marsha. Saw. Of the wall. And she said Carl you know damn well he has never had this many black people on his wall in his entire life. Harris. You know about. You accuse us of such sayings. I was miserable I was angry. That is very dirty coal. If we had a had a Latin jury we would have had a picture of an a sombrero. There would have been a mariachi band our front's. Leader. But perhaps the defense's biggest win is the prosecution's. Biggest lender. They ask him to try on the bloody glove found at the scene of the crime. Nearly every way knows what happens next. What were you thinking she watched this I think the word spectacle as perfect. Had latex gloves and a DUI is trying on the gloves and even so. And blood. So of course he couldn't get an and that bloody glove becomes a rhyming rallying cry for the defense if it doesn't fit. You must acquit. Those iconic words ringing in their ears the jury makes its decision. After nearly nine months of testimony and not even four hours of deliberation. On the ship we'll take you right through the. Verdict the jury in the OJ Simpson case has reached a verdict in the Simpson has now come back to the. We the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant Orenthal James Simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. In violation. Tell me about that moment shocked disbelief. How could they possibly. Heard all of that evidence. And and a handful of hours said not guilty. Kim Goldman's sobs filled the courtroom this is now an indelible image from that time. Yeah I'm sad for her and I remember that feeling what was the feeling. Betrayed and it's just devastated I just thought likely and her brother down. Chris Jenner Robert Kardashian his ex wife remembers watching his face as the verdict was announced. I think he was shocked when he was definitely stunned. I mean you could look at his face. Can see known in my entire life where I know that look like he was floored. That that was the part. It's. OK listen. Where the nation the reaction to the verdict is sharply divided along racial loans not. White Americans shopped. In disbelief. Contrasts with the jubilation. Of black Americans celebrating the acquittals. I think a lot of African Americans. Were focusing less on the evidence against OJ Simpson. The fact that they felt it this case spilled its ongoing problem the police. And as a result they didn't want these police officers to win. What was it like to see OJ Simpson walk out of that courtroom a free man. The discussion. And take a look. This video of an impromptu celebration at Simpson's house yeah. A jubilant Simpson rejoicing Edison will. Siri is hugging best friend in the bronco driver AC cowlings. He even monks live television news reports. For Kim Goldman the site of OJ Simpson is a free man is unbearable. One day she is driving through a parking lot and stops when she sees him. I sat there I read the engine and white knuckle destroying land my gosh nobody is around I could totally taken out yeah. But instead of vengeance the Goldman Stanley decides to seek justice again and of all places another courtroom. They file a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson. In a surprise they lay all their hopes on low profile 42 year old Daniel Petrocelli. A business attorney. This was not your area of expertise. Wrongful death. And I was not a criminal lawyer this press conference is his first time speaking to reporters ever. Them when. Paul has been done you described having an anxiety attack a full scale anxiety attack. Couldn't swallow best when I knew I was you know. More than news cameras perhaps you comic. Oh in the deposition cameras start rolling has now begun. Petrocelli is in his natural habitat and walked on his target. Garrett call saying you and kill Nicole plainly and OJ Simpson forced to answer the tough questions.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"Part 2: With his connections to Simpson and his defense, Lawrence Schiller obtained secrets of their strategy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"34058326","title":"O.J. Simpson: Inside the case of the defense 'dream team'","url":"/2020/video/oj-simpson-inside-case-defense-dream-team-34058326"}