How the original 'Roseanne' sitcom was started

John Goodman, who plays Dan Conner on the show, said he and Roseanne Barr hit it off from the very beginning.
1:35 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for How the original 'Roseanne' sitcom was started
I was inexperienced as far as acting. But I was a big fan sitcom tell my life and I always pretended that I asked. I. It started with an idea out. How interest it would mean to portray a family in which the bomb was working on all I knew about wrote them or she was. Right and comedian and she was unhappy commercial if you want them to receive. How about everything as it has asked for pan pizza and you need at this salad bar. We hit it off from the very begin. We kind of made each other laugh and that's why public the jobless would look. We local favorite you know or are harm. The key casting choice was John Goodman as as residents husband. Nobody else there are considered. Kind of bonded around making each other laugh and he has a working class background to this. I knew he was the guy and I send his eyes red with him I knew we had hit show amendment next. Person they brought in my story madcapped. My sister and I had a real heavy theater. Zero TP and I I allowed myself two weeks to see him LA. And during those two weeks I happen to go on the Roseanne audition so I was literally in the right place at the right time Ford workers. Like Coke or Kirk forever she ago. Doctor under the mark. What are up. You know it's sort of steer her this way I get why would that sort of pushed here pushed there.

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{"id":53091183,"title":"How the original 'Roseanne' sitcom was started","duration":"1:35","description":"John Goodman, who plays Dan Conner on the show, said he and Roseanne Barr hit it off from the very beginning.","url":"/2020/video/original-roseanne-sitcom-started-53091183","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}