Former Playmates describe their time at the Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, not only hosted celebrity-filled parties but was also a home for models in the Playboy community.
4:59 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Former Playmates describe their time at the Playboy Mansion
Becoming a Playboy playmate. Line. These girls like this America. Even if they are the only other player definitely don't want and it can lift the Bruins wanted to do I. Never seen we'll give them they looked like Finland and created. Stats. You would like cast doubt that some it was so beautiful. I can a playmate kind of by accident. A new look model who had done some modeling Playboy and I didn't know but there was a thousand dollars finder's fee for anyone who got someone who ended up in the magazine. So she says I would think you do you know you'd really be good in the magazine so I was like okay and I'm so glad that. I mean it was it just opened up a whole world to me. Summer girl from small town in Wisconsin I got involved in Playboy at least it was 1978. And it was so much fun. You brought me to California and it's changed my life. Flow as an athlete and then three years later and that half. And I came from Hawaii to the equipment he won I'd stand test. Secure. Plan this very nice transition. In my mind it Palin's very well and and his current courier. Hanging out of Playboy Mansion was really fun. You could sit out of the pool and topless get a nice tan if you wanted. Mainly was girls some girls would go get a massage. And then they have the game. Am Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays tents for being set up for different events or people would come up for tennis kind of a country club anyway. And I lived right next door to the guards sinners we shared closet so peek both into the classic. And I could hear who's coming gallon. OK having fun I'll go have lunch with him. If I wanted to go and talk to my favorite but I could sit down and have lunch with that the man should talk to me. Have a real conversation. I used to go to the mansion a lot because I was hungry. I was actress didn't work very much I always knew that I can get a great meal that might be some interesting people to talk to you. It would meet producers and directors at the mansion it was a very good stepping stone back. Every Friday night this week the united come up to six and have barbecue in this woman and we'll outside and half an oasis it's movie time. We'll wait about again. And an everyday it finished and make go into the living room and get their popcorn and we always got offers from movies that he couldn't see in the theater yet. The parties unbelievable. And it was elegant and everybody dressed up cute. It was just like going to your friend's house to do anything you like you could go sit in the corner and have a long deep conversation with somebody had seen he could be. Dancing ultimately it's a big funds safe environment. Leaders of parties and then it was passed it but it's there are portions of the match. You know the people. In venture and can't block I'm. And why not I mean it's fair effect supposedly after I would go home. There would be people that would go out to the guest house with whoever the young hot guys Wear that were allowed to go out there and lot of the girls wanted to be with those guys came up there a lot how to get as many girls that line consumers. Q I mean I was in particular circle where things really really while. Let's face it those watch news five acres if you. Meanders through this bit harder house that the treaties and and a plan. Halftime. You were an object that was the point. But anyone who looked misbehave. And he just bait. There was lots of security if you're ever in a compromising situation. You could pick up the founding column and an art house everybody kinda new. Be nice gentle. The girl wants give you a number that's fine but there was no pressure. I believe the closeness between the plane needs. Was because we had so many events together and I think the girls all just kinda kept in touch and of course Mary moved away and to never once say they were playing me you know they they were embarrassed that was one time thing they never did it but most of them were happy with their decision and happy with all the friends they made. I don't think at this stage 120 you're thinking about the future. You just enjoying the moment it was fun it was exciting it was anxious and in news. It was just a wonderful sort of sorority. To be a part.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, not only hosted celebrity-filled parties but was also a home for models in the Playboy community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66358055","title":"Former Playmates describe their time at the Playboy Mansion","url":"/2020/video/playmates-describe-time-playboy-mansion-66358055"}