Police announce wedding DJ as suspect in 1992 cold case killing: Part 4

In June 2018, police charged Raymond Rowe, a well-known DJ, business owner and family man in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with criminal homicide in the death of Christy Mirack.
5:19 | 10/06/18

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Transcript for Police announce wedding DJ as suspect in 1992 cold case killing: Part 4
Good afternoon, thanks for coming. I'm Craig Stedman, the district attorney in Lancaster county. Reporter: On June 25th, 2018, Lancaster district attorney Craig Stedman calls reporters together for a late afternoon press conference, but he doesn't tell them why. It was unusual that there would be this last-minute press conference. We knew it was something big. The managing editor and I turned and looked at each other, and at the very same time said, "Christy mirack." Reporter: Unbeknownst to reporters, hours earlier, the man police believe savagely murdered Christy mirack and eluded law enforcement for 26 years was arrested. Tell me what it was like when you got the call from the D.A. I looked, and I saw a number, and my stomach turned. The number was in my cellphone, but I hadn't seen that number in years. They told me there's been a break in the case, and they made and arrest. Reporter: What was that like? It was unbelievable. I took a deep breath and it just felt like all that stuff that was pushing on me for all them years just kind of fell away. Reporter: Vince immediately jumps in his car to make the two-hour drive to Lancaster for the press conference. I was kind of blown away when I walked into the room, because there was a big picture of Christy sitting in the front of the room that kind of caught me off-guard. Apologies for holding you up for a bit. This is a fluid situation and we just wanted have things organized before we spoke to you. I just felt like I could feel the energy from these investigators who have been at this case for so long. Today we are announcing the arrest of Raymond Charles Rowe for the murder of Christy mirack from December 21st, 1992. Reporter: The man police have charged with criminal homicide is Raymond Rowe. And now looking at that parabon sketch created from the DNA at the crime scene, a chilling resemblance. It's just really interesting to see how close parabon gets. I mean, this is a younger picture which is closer to the age he was at the time of the murder. I mean, look at the shape face, I think that's right on. Reporter: Most people know Raymond Rowe by a different name in this community -- dj freeze. Dj freeze was not who anybody expected, at all. He is somebody who is very well known in the community. Reporter: Dj freeze was many things in the Lancaster community. A renowned dj, a business owner, a father, husband, and churchgoer. But now, a new adjective was being used to describe him -- murder suspect. He was one of the most sought-after wedding djs. This ad touts him as the best in Lancaster. I think people would plan their weddings around his availability. If you wanted dj freeze as your dj, you'd have to ask him as early as you could, because his schedule would be very busy. Reporter: Derek dienner has filmed numerous weddings where Raymond Rowe was the dj. Bride and grooms connected to him as a dj, because he made their wedding reception seem like a Miami club. ?????? watching ray as a dj was pretty incredible. He was very precise and very focused. He could really build out music, almost as a conductor would. Reporter: Dj freeze has been a fixture in this city since his late teens. He started making a name for himself breakdancing, which he spoke about in this documentary. I was breakdancing a lot all over town, and we'd go to different bars. We went to a place called Tom Payne's. We didn't know the name, we didn't know it was the chameleon club. Reporter: The chameleon club, Lancaster's nationally renowned live music venue. In the late 1990s he was the house dj there. And also an advocate against violence, which now in hindsight has people's jaws dropping. Ray Rowe in 1992 was an organizer of an event called "Stop the violence" and the idea was to encourage kids to move away from violence. This happened just a few months before the homicide of which he is accused of committing. Reporter: He later talked about violence in that documentary. I'm not a violent guy. I'm a very nice guy. You know. Reporter: Rowe, the man accused of committing the christmastime murder, comes across as quite the family man on this Christmas card of his own. Recently, I don't know when, but he found god and found faith. He wouldn't necessarily talk about it publicly, but if you talked to him one-on-one, he would be very open about it. Raymond Rowe was the exact opposite of what everybody thought the killer would be like. That FBI profile said somebody who keeps to themselves, who might not like attention. This is somebody who seeks attention, and thrives on it. It's the complete opposite.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"In June 2018, police charged Raymond Rowe, a well-known DJ, business owner and family man in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with criminal homicide in the death of Christy Mirack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58317645","title":"Police announce wedding DJ as suspect in 1992 cold case killing: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/police-announce-wedding-dj-suspect-1992-cold-case-58317645"}