Police question Karl Karlsen for nine hours about son’s death: Part 7

Karlsen told police three different versions of how his son Levi was crushed under a truck. Finally, he told police he was there when the truck fell and did not act to save Levi.
7:32 | 06/06/20

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Transcript for Police question Karl Karlsen for nine hours about son’s death: Part 7
It was November 23, 2012. Go ahead and have a seat. Karl is picked up by two investigators. He's brought to the Seneca county sheriff's office into an interview room. You can see in that interview that Karl's very comfortable with them. I think it's the 23rd, but you know what? Let me check. We want to be sure about this. The investigators are very -- they read his Miranda rights. We're obligated to read you your rights, I don't want you to get nervous by it, because we do everything by the book, okay. So you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be use you against a court of law. Most of the questions we asked, we already knew the answers to. It was just going to be how Karl was going to answer them. You haul him in an begin asking questions. How many different stories did he have? Three. What was version one? Version one was essentially the same story that was in the original report. Karl would tell detectives that after he returned home from that funeral with Cindy that he walked out into the garage and discovered his son Levi crushed underneath that truck. Went out there and found him. You know, then we went to the What do you mean you found him? I found him dead. Karl knows that they know something. He doesn't know the extent of what they know. Now here's the thing, you confessed to your wife. I lied to my wife. You have her wired? Yes, we do. It's all recorded. I thought you did. One thing became very clear is that he liked to talk, and he liked to talk about his favorite subject, which was him. You mind if I stand up? No, no. Karl is talking about his history in the air force. We knew you were in the air force. And I tore three of them. He's going through, basically, a complete narrative of his life. We sitting back down again? I am. I'm 100% disabled. He wants to keep reverting to talking about the pain in his back and how his back's bothering him, and woe me. Forget about that his son's died and his wife's died. Let's worry about Karl and his back problem here. That bad, huh? You guys don't know. It was typical of him trying to get sympathy throughout the whole interrogation. There's one thing that stuck in my mind that came from Cindy Karlsen. Her exact words were, "He's a sympathy junkie." And as we got into the latter part of the interview, I gave him a lot of sympathy, and a lot of hands-on contact, and that did work. Roughly three hours into the interview, his version two starts. Version number two was what? When he went back into the garage to see Levi, he was already dead. The truck already had fallen over, and I found him dead. You went out and the truck was rolled over on him. Yeah. And I -- Panicked. I don't know. So you panic in the what regard? I left. Now, did you run over and call medical help, call 911, get help? No, I didn't do anything. . Was there a phone in the garage, or a cell phone? No, I went to the funeral. So he saw his son dead and trapped under the truck and still left for the funeral? Yes. Version two is far more ridiculous than version one. Instead of screaming for help, going to get help, he simply goes, takes advantage of the situation and says, well, okay, It was an accident. I blame myself every day. He returns and flips and goes crazy and starts screaming for help. I love that kid more than -- because I knew he was struggling. I knew he went through what I went through as a kid. You know? I would give my life for that kid. I think throughout the interview he was convinced that he was going to convince us -- I mean, he had reason to think that way. He had gotten away with it for a long time. The interview ultimately lasts for nine hours. They put on the pressure harder. Mind if I move my chair down here? Sure. Karlsen asks to move his chair, right, he moves his chair, puts it in the corner of the room. Both investigators have literally backed him into a Did you tell Cindy -- asked if you pushed the car over, she ask you, did it push hard? Do you remember telling her, "No, it pushed easy"? I don't remember ever. Could have you said that? I could have -- If it's on the audio tape -- It is, then I said it, yeah. You keep pushing, and yet a third story emerges. Let it out. Let it out. Let it out. I'll walk with you, man. I'll walk with you. Was it just a split-second thing? I felt like I was getting close with him. It's almost like a physical thing. You can almost feel it. I thought he was close to telling me something more about what really happened that day. And it would turn out that Karl Karlsen would have one more version of this story. He said that when he went out to that garage that his son Levi was still alive and was actually working on the truck. I would never hurt him. I couldn't. It was an accident. I opened the truck door. Okay. I opened the truck door because I had to get inside to move the linkage for the Truck. And when I did it tipped, and it just -- Fell over. Now, you see Karl what just happened? We've gone from he was dead when you walked in there to it fell when you opened the door. So take the final step. There is no more. I stepped in the truck and the Thing fell. And I was just Scared I don't know why. I can't imagine walking away and leaving your child dying on the floor. They were going to a funeral. Yes. And yet many would argue he just created one right here in his garage. We know the real version is version four, the untold version, where Karl jacked it up, got Levi to get under there and with all his force, pushes the truck over on him, and causes this truck to crash down onto Levi. What kind of parent or father would push a truck over on their own child and let them suffer and die underneath that truck? That evening after the interview of Karl, we arrested Karl for the murder, murder in second degree and for the insurance fraud. I remember thinking, well, that one in California needs to be looked at certainly harder than it was. I went to go visit him. I was like, I know that you killed my mother. And he smiled like a Cheshire cat and he said, it's been 22 years, they haven't caught me yet and they're not going to. It's the 11:05 endless-orders Migraine Medicine

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Karlsen told police three different versions of how his son Levi was crushed under a truck. Finally, he told police he was there when the truck fell and did not act to save Levi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"71100993","title":"Police question Karl Karlsen for nine hours about son’s death: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/police-question-karl-karlsen-hours-sons-death-part-71100993"}