Rebecca Schaeffer's murder haunts Hollywood as more stalking cases arise: Part 10

Olympic gymnast and "Dancing With the Stars" champion Shawn Johnson had to face her stalker Robert O'Ryan in court.
8:04 | 04/13/19

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Transcript for Rebecca Schaeffer's murder haunts Hollywood as more stalking cases arise: Part 10
��� Baby watch me Werk it now ��� Rebecca Schaeffer's case still haunts Hollywood, and it always will. The impact of her murder was enormous. In general, a huge wave of complete and utter stunned disbelief. How could this happen? Most stalking victims? Women, who are no strangers to the people harassing them. Her terrifying 911 call playing out in court this week as her alleged stalker faces 19 felony charges. Scare for pop star Katy Perry, an alleged stalker arrested. Christina grimmie, the rising young voice star, gunned down at a performance. I don't think any celebrity is immune from a stalker. But the more successful a celebrity is, the better they're able to afford an entourage to insulate them from the danger that a stalker might pose. As horrible as the Rebecca Schaeffer murder was, some good came of it. The Rebecca Schaeffer murder was actually the tipping point for the first anti-stalking law. The DMV is now restricted from providing confidential information on license holders. In 1991, the LAPD created the threat management unit to provide a resource to high profile individuals who were stalking victims. The change of the laws after Rebecca's murder were in some sense comforting. As the gun issue continues to be debated, laws against stalking are now on the books. And yet so many celebrities still find themselves victims with some shocking stories to tell, like former "Dancing with the stars" winner SHAWN Johnson. So SHAWN Johnson was a star gymnast from the 2008 olympics in beijing. In the glory of her olympic win, she appears on "Dancing with the stars" opposite mark Ballas. And it leads to great success. So this is a dream that came true for her. I was such a reserved and conservative and just sheltered 16-year-old. I hadn't been, you know, up close to a guy, and here's mark Ballas, and he's like, "Okay, we're gonna learn how to ballroom dance and be very like close and intimate." And I remember being just like, "Oh, my gosh." What she doesn't know is that across the country, in Florida, in a trailer park, a 34-year-old man named Robert o'ryan is becoming focused, obsessed with her and her performances. So he decides to leave Florida and to drive across the country and to confront/meet Johnson on the set of the show. O'ryan is stopped by cops in Alabama on his way across the country and tells cops as they question him that he's on his way to California to meet SHAWN Johnson. I know this sounds a little bit crazy, but my intuition tells me that we're gonna have a beautiful relationship together. Police who encounter him have no legal reason to stop and hold Robert o'ryan. So he continues on his way to California. March 25, 2009 was just like every other day at the beginning. And it just feeling normal. I mean, there was nothing crazy that I saw going on. I was just giddy and on cloud nine being able to be there for another dance and another week. Robert o'ryan's obsession with Johnson reaches a head and explodes on the lot at CBS, where he is stopped by security guards as he's attempting to meet her. I remember people acting strange. Am I getting voted off? Did I do something wrong? And I remember walking into my trailer and seeing FBI agents. My parents, my mom was crying. I remember looking at my parents, being very confused thinking, "Is there a death in the family? Like what's going on?" And they're like, "You need to sit down. We need to have a conversation. We need to tell you. You have a stalker. He broke onto the set. He was tackled on the stage. He was arrested and taken off property." O'ryan was stopped by security after allegedly jumping the fence. In this car they find zip ties, they find duct tape. Authorities find weapons, guns, knives. They also find love letters where Johnson's name was hyphenated with his name. So o'ryan tells authorities that he had no intention of harming Johnson, but that he would have killed anybody who got in the way of them getting together. He, in his state of delusion, thought that I was the mother of his unborn children. It was like I was watching a horror film. So there are similarities between Rebecca Schaefer's case and SHAWN Johnson's case. They were young women really rising up. They were finding their careers. They were getting breaks. It's the same story that I went through and I was just very fortunate. In an instant, Johnson's life changes. I had to have a different car. I had to move place -- like move homes. I had to have a different cell phone. I had to have a full time body guard. A year later, SHAWN Johnson goes to court and faces down her stalker at trial. The first time I heard every detail of his master plan was when I was actually in court and I had to face him. That was probably, for me, more traumatizing than the actual event. It was almost like I had lost the fight, because I had to literally sit there in front of him and hear his plans and hear his story. She finds him gawking at her the entire time, and she can't help but feel, inescapably, that he has won, that he has gotten what he wanted. I felt so just dirty. You'll have absolutely no contact with SHAWN Johnson either in person, in writing, telephonically, or electronically. In the end, Ryan is sent to a mental institution by the judge where he spends five years. In the case of Rebecca Schaeffer, her murderer, stalker is in prison and will stay there. In this case, the man who had come after Johnson is out. He can find her. He's barred from doing so, but there's nothing that would stop him from perhaps trying to meet with her again. I have been walking down the street, and if someone even resembles Robert o'ryan, I go into just a cold sweat. I met my husband, and we kind of went down a path of digital we chronicle our life for the world. So despite what happened to her, SHAWN Johnson elects to live her life on social media with a huge audience who knows her every move. She's just not afraid. If I lock myself away from the world, he wins. I don't ever want to feel like I've let him win. We want to show the world that you can have traumatic things happen to you but you can move on. Announcer: The winners and champions of "Dancing with the stars" are SHAWN and mark. When I was announced as the winner of "Dancing with the stars," it was the greatest feeling ever. Winning that show, having gone through all of it, having come out on the other side, it just felt like the greatest victory. We have never seen Rebecca's mother, Danna Schaeffer, speak about her grief until now. Mrs. Schaeffer, I have

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{"duration":"8:04","description":"Olympic gymnast and \"Dancing With the Stars\" champion Shawn Johnson had to face her stalker Robert O'Ryan in court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62368720","title":"Rebecca Schaeffer's murder haunts Hollywood as more stalking cases arise: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/rebecca-schaeffers-murder-haunts-hollywood-stalking-cases-arise-62368720"}