In search for Vanessa Guillen, investigators find remains of another soldier: Part 4

Pvt. Gregory Morales had been listed as a deserter after disappearing in 2019. Investigators questioned over 300 soldiers in the Guillen investigation.
5:59 | 06/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for In search for Vanessa Guillen, investigators find remains of another soldier: Part 4
We have some breaking news. Ft. Hood criminal investigation division have found skeletal remains in a field in Killeen. Cid actually gave me a call and said, we found human remains. We believe they're too old to be your sister's. A short time later we learn it's actually Gregory morales' remains. He's a fort hood soldier who had been missing for almost a year. He had been listed as a deserter, and sadly now he's found murdered. Gregory's personality was very carefree. Anything to do with fun, that was him. Gregory Moreles went missing August 2019. His family was told, we as reporters were told, he was awol, and that means that he left on his own. There was no missing soldier protocol? No. You know, how it is in the army, there's a protocol for just about everything. But every company commander were sort of left to their own devices to make a decision about suspicious circumstances. That style, that way of handling or mishandling people, is not acceptable. They're calling me, asking if I know where she's at, have I heard from him. He's getting out in a couple weeks. Why would he go awol? We didn't just review the Guillen file. We reviewed others. What we saw was lack of focus, a lack of attention to detail and frankly it was from lack of experience. And I will say, when he first went missing, there was no reward for information finding Gregory. There wasn't a reward until there was a reward for Vanessa. As the months went by -- I'm a teacher, and oh, it was hard. I mean, to sit there and just cry in front of your students. The gruesome discovery was made as the search for missing ft. Hood private first class Vanessa Guillen drags on. If they were not looking for Vanessa, they would not have found Gregory. Point blank. Gregory's death is still under investigation. Because they determined it was foul play, Gregory morales got his rank back, got his active duty status back. And for his family, got his benefits back. And he got the military funeral he deserved. They failed on every level to look for him, to protect him, and if nothing else, just call and say, we're so I remember we screwed up. So, there are a lot of leads that are going on during this time. We've interviewed over 300 soldiers in the unit. We've conducted a lot of investigative activity. These were fairly new agents. They're one, two years out of their training academy. My analogy was staffing the new York field office of the FBI with brand new agents out of quantico. You can't operate that way. We got, like, harassed. They just kept trying to pin it on me or Landy. There was one time they brought me in, and they were asking questions -- have I ever found her attractive? And have I ever liked her? They were like, maybe you did go hiking with her, and maybe you did actually rape her and leave her out there, and that's probably what happened to her. And they were just trying to see my reaction. And I was, like, choking out. I didn't know how to, like, react to it. Where we get our real first break is from the analysis of the phone cell data. Investigators have now learned that the same day Vanessa goes missing, specialist Robinson's phone pinged in Belton, Texas, by a bridge near the Leon river at 1:59 the next morning. He reports going home and spending the evening with his girlfriend. Investigators now, they've learned a whole different story. A tip has now led search teams to the Leon river near temple. They got information on the phone ping that led us to the area where we was at. And, uh, when we were searching, we found this burn pile. And on that burn pile, there was, the top, about maybe 30% that did not burn of a tough box. And it sort of fits the description of what witnesses described that came out of Robinson's armory area that he loaded into his vehicle. So, at this point, they're really piqued as to what they may have here. To find a charred half a lid to the tough box would say, okay, she's somewhere around here. We started digging, the dirt was fresh. I said, now, something has happened here. They're asking themselves, what would somebody be burning here and why? So, they got Texas rangers out there, and we dug the burn pile. They looked around, but they did not find humans remains. At that point. But we felt strongly that she was there. Just experience. Just gut. While the family continues their desperate search for answers -- Another woman enters the picture, and investigators want answers from her.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"Pvt. Gregory Morales had been listed as a deserter after disappearing in 2019. Investigators questioned over 300 soldiers in the Guillen investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"78236195","title":"In search for Vanessa Guillen, investigators find remains of another soldier: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/search-vanessa-guillen-investigators-find-remains-soldier-part-78236195"}