'Siegfried and Roy' tiger grabs Roy Horn by the neck as staff try to help: Part 6

After several attempts, animal trainers finally get the tiger Mantecore to release Roy Horn. By then, Horn had suffered slash and puncture wounds to his neck and could barely breathe.
7:45 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for 'Siegfried and Roy' tiger grabs Roy Horn by the neck as staff try to help: Part 6
Was he? Hello. Well, here we are. This dazzling magic show is going along as planned. Siegfried & Roy are about 45 minutes into the show. This is mantecore. When suddenly something unexpected happens. Why would the tiger go after Roy? Because it's a tiger. Nothing stands out in my mind that could say, well, maybe that would set the tiger off. Maybe, you know, that kid yelling or that person standing up and waving. I mean, I don't remember anything to that effect at all. It's like the JFK assassination. Everybody's gonna have a theory. What happened? At a sudden I felt very, very dizzy and very blurry. And I couldn't really step my feet further so I tripped and fell. You tripped and fell because you were dizzy? Yeah. Whatever the reason, Roy is now in a horrifying position. He is laying on the stage floor underneath mantecore. And the animal is not responding to him. The next thing we knew, the tiger was on top of Roy. I've been under a tiger many times. That tiger is certainly in a situation that he's never been in before. And their brain -- it's all instinctual. That's when the fear kicks in. Your life is in danger. The illusion was everything. And so even as things went awry, you might not know that something horrible was happening. They thought it was the act. Some of them they thought it was the act. They knew there is something wrong. But they didn't know exactly what was going on. Behind the curtain I heard some people even was laughing. There was a headset by me. And all I heard was "He's got Roy." I remember mantecore was standing over me and looking at me, and with his beautiful blue he was a little bit confused for what shall be next? He just looked around helpless and at the moment I was thinking what, what I can do, and I think that was the same thing with mantecore. I ran straight downstage. It took me maybe three seconds to get there. All four handlers were out on the stage trying to get mantecore in line. None of the people who ran out on stage were able to help, and in that moment the situation goes from bad to unbelievably worse. This huge tiger opens his mouth and grabs Roy by the neck. It was devastating. Roy is screaming, "Ah, ah!" The screams, the noise, everything. Mantecore decided he was going to decide what was going to happen for himself that day and anyone who challenges that is going to suffer the consequences. There was really nothing he could do at that point. The only way he was going to get out was for that tiger to let go. It wasn't like he grabbed him viciously, he just grabbed him by the throat and just walked off-stage. I thought it was part of the show, I really did. When mantecore picked you up, did you feel pain when that was happening? No. You felt nothing? No. He was very gentle. So you had no idea that you were bleeding as badly as you were backstage? No. Was it pandemonium backstage? Totally. Were people panicking? Absolutely. Mantecore was carrying Roy, heading toward his cage. I grabbed him by the tail, which caused mantecore to stop. He's, like, halfway in his cage now and he still had ahold of Roy. And that gave the guys backstage a moment to grab a fire extinguisher, and go -- that made mantecore drop Roy. And Roy was bleeding out on the floor. Behavior of dragging off is, in my opinion, a tiger who's become protective of something that they want. This tiger does not see Roy horn as a prey item. Nor does he see him as a source of food. He says, "Roy horn is now mine. I am dominant of him. I am going to defend it." We need paramedics at the Siegfried & Roy theater. Roy horn has been bitten by a tiger. The cast saved him. And the quick thinking of the handlers who put their fingers in the two puncture wounds to stem the flow of blood until the paramedics got there. He had seconds to live. All we can do is wait for paramedics. He kept saying, don't hurt mantecore, don't let anyone hurt mantecore. Because he did nothing wrong. And Roy knew also he did nothing wrong. And obviously, that's what we did, no one hurt mantecore. The next thing I remember is Roy being wheeled out by the paramedics and hearing him gasping for breath. He's gone. He's -- he's gone. He's dead. The paramedics are there. They have now whisked Roy away for emergency treatment, but the audience, can you just imagine the audience? They don't even know what happened. From the moment he left stage, it was just complete silence until Siegfried came out, and he said something the effect that he had been injured, and that the show was canceled. I guess the first time I really realized that this was, this was real and that this guy was seriously hurt was when I walked out of the auditorium and just noticed grown-ups, grown women crying on their, sitting on the seats on the slot machines, just sobbing. And after he left, somebody said, "I don't -- I know we're not all religious here, but, you know, I think it's appropriate that we all say a prayer." And everybody held hands and just prayed and waited for news. Roy was slashed by his own tiger across his neck. He is unable to maintain his own airway. He is also not able to speak. We are unable to get blood pressure at this time. Heart rate of 142. Incredibly, on the way to the hospital, they encountered another crisis. A train crossing. So the Gates are down. They can't move, and they're losing precious seconds, precious seconds when this man has lost so much blood. Breaking news. In front of hundreds of fans on the Las Vegas strip tonight, one of the rare tigers at Siegfried & Roy attacked. Officials are reporting that horn was attacked in the throat by one of those tigers. When you came to the hospital, the whole parking lot was filled with network TV vans. Roy was rushed here just little after 8:20, and since then friends, family members have being coming out here in front of the hospital, hoping for some good news. And they were all giving reports about whether the guy was gonna survive or not. Clark county fire department says Roy is in serious and critical condition. He lost a huge amount of blood after that attack by the tiger on stage. That night in the hospital, the doctors gave you a really grim prognosis. Oh, yes. For some reason, I always thought somehow we are gonna pull it through. It was numbing. It was devastating. Roy's life hangs by a thread. It's life or death. His heart wasn't working. He actually flatlined. Or died. We lost vital signs on him. And now the future of Siegfried & Roy, and the future of Roy's life hangs in the balance.

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"After several attempts, animal trainers finally get the tiger Mantecore to release Roy Horn. By then, Horn had suffered slash and puncture wounds to his neck and could barely breathe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"65916319","title":"'Siegfried and Roy' tiger grabs Roy Horn by the neck as staff try to help: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/siegfried-roy-tiger-grabs-roy-horn-neck-staff-65916319"}