The surprising 'family bombshell' discovered after DNA test

After taking an online DNA test, ABC News' Whit Johnson tells "20/20" he made a connection he never knew existed that changed his father's life forever
6:22 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for The surprising 'family bombshell' discovered after DNA test
I took a DNA tests and unlocked the family bomb shuttle. Completely by accident. I wasn't looking for anything specifically. Didn't really know what I was doing. But was able to make a family connection that I'd never near exist and it changed my life especially my father's life forever. I was convinced to take this test on its point three Amy you buy my mother. Who wanted to know my name ethnic regional and national background wise my dad was adopted. In 1950 and Salt Lake City so we knew that. But we knew nothing about his biological family. My mom literally walked out with the test you and said all you have views fit in this. We'll fill out the online profile together and then you wait for the results about a month later I get an email from 43 mean. That's as we have your results. So I clicked his wife Marie and me now open it up and took look at my profile on some interesting things that first. About my ethnicity in my background and then it that there is as other section that you think on this is like you're immediate family. And so it clicked on that there is you my mother care I was expecting map but one other relatives popped up. And it said possible first cousin. So I've looked at this profile and it clicked this potential first cousin. And inane and a picture popped up I didn't even look at the name. The picture. Lou Meyer line. Might jobs robbed I fell back into my chair. And I see a picture of a man who looks exact. Like my dad and I do I knew him believe in that moment like this had to be my dad's brother. Had we called uncle bear and then my dad halls. And he's emotional I can tell that he's. Flustered it added that he's says. Something like. Quit. What's going up by the end of the day my dad and his brother are exchanging emails. My dad's first line in this email the subject line you rights. Uninteresting day. I woke up an orphan and I'm going to bed thinking maybe I have a brother out there. And so that bear rights backed him and I'm looped in on all these emails he says Steve it's good to hear from. I read. To me you are reading that the simplicity. And the brilliance and the raw emotion and a line like that. It's good to hear from you my brother who I never knew was out there and we decide that we're going to be. So they're coming in event. So. The Soviet troops and an even Kleenex because. And I could already feel so good. As a journalist of course I want to document all of this. It was difficult for me to be both that didn't journalists reporter the cameraman. And the nephew and sign in all of this who is also overwhelmingly emotional moment this is just honest expert. You know right. Seeing bears picture. And it looks like. I mean everybody. You'll be interesting to see if it walks like real yeah short time ago this sounds like she received was for yourself. My dad is sitting there and emotional mess bear walks around word. Here be. Well hello. More courtesy. Yeah. Years. And they immediately start hugging my. Good lie what you would have to yeah. Hello hello. In really. Earlier the Turkish cities. My dad and there sort of looking at other legal records and documents and found that they had another brother. So there was another brother out there now we have three Brothers and they could tell by the genetic profiles. There are three different fathers but same mother. So we set up another me. This is the full meeting when all the Brothers. A who didn't. So good. The oldest brother. Uncle Gerry as we call on who lives up in Wyoming. Drove down from Wyoming to Salt Lake City. Then uncle bear came in the Salt Lake as well and then we flew in the Salt Lake and we all met in a hotel there. Anything. You guys look to good. Including Jerry you. Brought a bunch of photographs and we photographs talk about the background of the family and so my dad within a short period of time. Learn his mother's name and saw a picture of her and he's going back and look at it these things and comparing. Childhood photos of himself they do decide by Cyrus my dad's high school picture next super. Picture about the same age he see the striking similarities. With every step in the process it was like a new wave of emotions and meant so much to my father's specially. Walking through this process with my dad has been a great. Life gift for the both of us. And there are many more twists and turns in mysteries and secrets on law still ahead. Who knows where it goes from here.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"After taking an online DNA test, ABC News' Whit Johnson tells \"20/20\" he made a connection he never knew existed that changed his father's life forever ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"56572323","title":"The surprising 'family bombshell' discovered after DNA test","url":"/2020/video/surprising-family-bombshell-discovered-dna-test-56572323"}