Following the trail of the deadly fentanyl drug to China: Part 5

U.S. officials say criminals are exploiting China's huge, poorly regulated chemical manufacturing industry to get their illegal fentanyl shipments.
8:06 | 09/29/18

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Transcript for Following the trail of the deadly fentanyl drug to China: Part 5
see that up there, at's where I thihey're coming down from. Reporter: Our journey to find E soilntl re -- lawrcemassachuses, Dea agent are rgeting poible custors trying to buy raw fentanyl powder the stress. If it's down here and it's a dope deal, it's fentanyl. It's fentanyl N. Ale up. Yeah, that's her. Femwith tan dss as this femaldrer is spotted dropping off a package ntaining fentanyl to an informant pos a prospective customer. She's in R right now.andoing the Ed. THA here. Reporter: With the location now armed as a hr feanies, a suscted buyer is trailed as he leaves in this pp Vehic justed to 213. Repter: Theolice pull the vicle over. And a sear of the drer's garette can hits dirt- five grams of fentanyl er so if Thais five grams and it'sewhere gon be around 50 dosage units, I mean, there's lot of death. Reporter: But alarmingly, it turns out there's a much easier way to srel powder without the G bu oets. It's the very same way that convicted pillmaker er Falkowski got his fentanyl. D it's as sy as the ick of a e.did the research on the internet and discovered that he could litey go onlinan find fentanyl in China. Straight from China? Oming straht from chin yes, sir. They were in a U.S. Postal servicx. They we packagednd sent directly to his home. Orter: U.sofficials Y crims like falwski are ting China's huge,oorly gulated chicturing industo get theiillegal JFK airport inork, custo officeight a nonop ect incoming pac containing fentanyl. You have hunt fo. We've got concealments like a teddy bear, greeting cards we've gofferent kis concealment, makes it more difficult. Do you have Anya percenta is from China as opposed ories? The vast major China. Rorter: But could ally be that easy to mail order fentanylrom China? To find out, "20/20" sim Googles fentanyl line." And just check out the search sults. No pription need, pest prices. Repter: Chineebsites offering feanyl for sale. This oven features a clever ional video. Forget about qu quality the produ, about problems with cuter: We inquire Abou purchang 250ms of fentanyl. Iing to buy some fentanyl. Reporteto make thousands of counterfeit pills. And we get plenty of takers, offering tll to us F ,200 to 00 and shito the U.S., no questions asked. Cide to Ta it a St further -- thousands of miles further.t, traveli all theay to chi to find O just who behind those e-mai here beijing,e're able coax a representative of those websitesspeak with us hello, is Thi Yes Hey, here in beijing. Reporter:s customervice rep called "Lucy" was eager to show off her product to us. Want to see P I can show you the vidto now let my factory woers. Reporter: And sure enough, a short while R we recei th video of we're tolis rafentanyl per. Lucyls T photos showing how the feyl will be paid to get past U.S. Custs. Wrapped in fbags and leled sports Poer. But when we ask if we can arrange a face-to-face meeting, "Lucy" suddenly ba Scan we come to where you are? . I so cannot be sure if you are a realuyer. Maybe after a long time, I Wil trust you. Ro we decide to try to find the fentanyl labs oursel taking thfive-hour bullet train ride to Wuhan. A hub of chemical manufaing in cna, and the city that Lucy's website and others list as their pceations. Here in this sprawling city of 19 millionpeople spoke to on the street said they never eveneard of fentanyl. Never heardt. People united ss? Hina mailed it to the usa? Yeand it's ve ngerous. People could. Of se that's ry re next pay visit to the addresses in Wuhan listed on the websites of those fentanyl-selling labs.okingor 1503.let's ask him. Come on . But here at this Wuhan office rk, we Fina wedding Anning company instead of a fentanyl manufacturer hey moved INT October, so T companyone since maybe March. Rorter: It S the same thisuilding, listed as the S any willinto se us fentan one. Um that's not it. Nobodythis build heard his company. Address other webse, clearly it's a lie. Reporter: What we found comes as no surprise to U.S. Authorities, who say most of E labs are act andestine,gr ns. Likehis place,aided last year by Chinese police. We're going to talk to one of thinese offialn Tes about fan this is the ministry of public securi. Eporter: Tfind out ectly what the government is doing to crackdown on the ill fean a interview with a senior director at the drug col office. Enthat in the U.S. The demand for fentanyl skyrocketingdo you think THA it's even hat China can stop the expti fentyl to the United States? Tnslator: Want to make I legally in China to be export the U.S. Ants and the internet. We got on and boughanyl very sily. And there was one woman we spoke to named Lucy, who said she nd to us the ited state is treay to stop from happening? Tralator: I agree that cybercrime is a challengto everyatioif there are banned substances that violate the lwe'll as for the friendly Lucy, despite government promi ilgal fentyl ts. UT you're Ayling illegal drugs?o you knowho prince is? No, sry. E is very mous.there have been a lot of people dying fromtanyl. Are you okay with that? I know . Th don't knohow to uhi soon use morethis producthen they ll die. So you must know how to use, then it's safe. Reptellous response does not sit well with the famies of fentyl overdoseictimsthe U.S. The more they allow this to country, ts ingredient fentanyl, it's leado more deaths,ess ople wake , you know?

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"U.S. officials say criminals are exploiting China's huge, poorly regulated chemical manufacturing industry to get their illegal fentanyl shipments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58160874","title":"Following the trail of the deadly fentanyl drug to China: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/trail-deadly-fentanyl-drug-china-part-58160874"}