Vanessa Guillen was sexually harassed by superior: Part 10

Maj. Gen. Gene LeBoeuf, chief of staff for the U.S. Army Forces Command, told “20/20” that Guillen was harassed, but not by Aaron Robinson.
7:41 | 06/12/21

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Transcript for Vanessa Guillen was sexually harassed by superior: Part 10
The army releasing a highly anticipated report regarding the death of Vanessa Guillen today. Late April, after months and months of waiting, the command investigation that looked into how leaders handled Vanessa's case is finally released. But before it was released, general John Murray went to the Guillen family's home. General Murray told us that he will bring the investigation, the A.R. 15-6, to our home and have someone read it off in Spanish for my mother. He promised that to my mother. But the family says when the report was released, instead of a personal visit, this time all they got was an e-mail. They, you know, suddenly call us and tell us, like, we're going to send it to you via email. So I'm like, that promise didn't happen. And there was no press conference either. The findings were simply released to the media during a conference call. You're not happy with this command investigative report. Just seeing the report is 271 pages, I just wanted to punch the wall. Because they called my family liars. Because since the beginning, we were like, hey, Vanessa was being sexually harassed at ft. Hood. Major general gene Leboeuf helped oversee the command investigation. The Guillen family has maintained all along that Vanessa was sexually harassed. Why did it take the army an entire year to acknowledge that their claims were true? The army is about due process and making sure that this investigation took a look at a number of different areas. The finding of the investigation S that indeed specialist Guillen was harassed on two separate occasions by the same soldier. That soldier was not specialist Robinson, though. Were you there? If you don't have any video footage, how do you know he did not sexually harass her then? How can you make that argument? How do you know that she wasn't sexually harassed right then and there before she was killed? We don't know that for certain. Investigators say she was sexually harassed by a supervisor at ft. Hood. This individual was somebody that was in -- at the time of those incidents, in specialist Guillen's chain of command. One of her superiors. One of her superiors. It's inexcusable. We were kind of aware of what was going on. She just told us how uncomfortable she was being around this individual. There were proposals to have a threesome. There were -- I'll call it a peeping incident, where she was doing field bath and someone was -- was watching her. I was astonished that they had so much information and details. The only sad part was they were protecting the identities, names of the perpetrators. You can't release his name? We can't release his name for the matter of privacy. That individual is being held accountable. In all, 21 army leaders have been disciplined as a result of both the independent review and command investigation. 11 of those 21 have been removed from their positions permanently. So, Robinson, if he did not sexually harass her -- let's just play that part -- then why the heck would he bludgeon her to death? Can you try to investigate even further as to why this was committed? Why? Just why? We thought that after this exhaustive investigation, we would find out the motive for Vanessa's brutal murder. How can the army have no idea? That's exactly what we're trying to find out. We still seek additional information. And the ultimate truth of why this happened. And that's part of the criminal investigation. The army's report determined that the search for Vanessa was quote, immediate and well coordinated. They claim that the search was immediate. I'm like, I was there. I know what happened and didn't happen. What is clear is that there were mistakes and missed opportunities in the army's criminal investigation from day one. General Donna martin comes out, and she's on the last special. First time we've ever seen her or heard about her. Says Sha that her whole unit goes looking for her. Vanessa doesn't check in. And so the unit starts looking for her. That never happened. We know that didn't happen. Now we know that she was marked present, so the unit search didn't actually begin for many hours. Why the discrepancy? So, John, that's absolutely correct. Unfortunately, there were errors made. First error was with respect to eyewitness reports. Three separate soldiers had indicated that they had seen specialist Vanessa Guillen departing the arms room and move towards a motor pool. Area where vehicles are maintained. So the accountability check, that was an error. They did not do a physical accountability of personnel. The individual that was responsible for that failed to do the proper account. So, that was at 1600. So everybody thought specialist Vanessa Guillen was present. Bad information. Bad information. A lot of manpower, a lot of effort, a lot of angst and a lot of heartbreak took place because of that -- those mistakes were made early on. Was this a botched investigation by the U.S. Army? No, we don't believe so. Because we were able to find probable cause to link specialist Robinson to the disappearance and death of specialist Guillen. The reason the family feels the way they do, that there is no justice is because Robinson is now dead. They have no answers from him. And that's extraordinarily tragic. We wish that that was not the case. You have to admit that early on in the investigation there were too many mistakes, too many blunders. The investigation revealed that there were errors that occurred. It tugs at our heart. We'll never forget Vanessa Guillen, John. There's a gate named after Vanessa Guillen at ft. Hood, Texas. Today, one year ago, was the last time my family and myself saw her alive. Everyone that passes through that gate will see my sister's name, my sister's picture, and remind themselves about how sexual harassment and assault has to be taken seriously and about the way she was murdered. So some good will come out of this awful tragedy. Yes. Good, and change is happening now. There is a seismic change at ft. Hood in terms of the way they are treating their soldiers. The army's taken immediate action to relook at the actually structure of our U.S. Army's criminal investigation command. It will now be under a civilian director to help provide additional Independence of that organization with respect to investigations. I know I can go back to the Guillen family and let them know that progress is being made and Vanessa was a part of that change. We all want answers to this, John, and we've got bring closure to the family. And for Vanessa's sister, the closure she wishes she could have had.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"Maj. Gen. Gene LeBoeuf, chief of staff for the U.S. Army Forces Command, told “20/20” that Guillen was harassed, but not by Aaron Robinson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"78235710","title":"Vanessa Guillen was sexually harassed by superior: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/vanessa-guillen-sexually-harassed-superior-part-10-78235710"}