Vanessa Guillen’s Army friends remember the day she vanished: Part 3

Guillen’s friends Ryan “Cj” Landy and Betavious “Tay” Hightower searched for her and learned that Spc. Aaron Robinson was the last person to have seen her.
9:16 | 06/12/21

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Transcript for Vanessa Guillen’s Army friends remember the day she vanished: Part 3
/Get vaccinated now. The city of Killeen is right outside ft. Hood. It's in central Texas just north of Austin, and it basically exists to support the military community. The week before she went missing, they were able to retrieve some video footage of her in a restaurant there in Killeen. Vanessa did look like she had a lot on her mind. When I did see her the previous times -- hi, hour are you? How's your day? Hope you have a good day. And this time she didn't really say much. She paid and she left. I can kind of tell that she was very anxious and, like, something wasn't right, something was bothering her. Today is a first alert weather day. 60% chance of storms today. April 22nd, Vanessa reports to work, and she had been notified the day before that she would need to complete a couple of seemingly small tasks. The plan was to go hiking whenever she got off work, and she had suspected it was going to be a half day. The last time she texted me was that morning. And she just sent a screen shot of the weather. It said it was going to rain. We know that Vanessa reported to her work station, which was in the motor pool, and then we know that she came to the arms room, where she did leave behind her bank card, her I.D. Card, and the keys to her barracks room and her car. And then she went to the next arms room, the second arms room, and that is where we believe she came into contact with specialist Robinson. Aaron Robinson was an enlisted soldier, 20 years old. He was a specialist. That is a rank. Vanessa was a private first class. So rank-wise, she was below him, although she was about to become a specialist. At 10:23 A.M., Vanessa sends a text message confirming the serial number of a machine gun that's her last known communication. 50 minutes later at 11:13 A.M., Robinson closes his arms room. He said that she completed what she was supposed to do in the arms room and she left. Vanessa had left her belongings in that first arms room, and the soldier in charge there expected her to return, but she didn't. We believe that specialist Robinson was the last person to have seen her. I went to her room, and her roommate answered the door. And then I asked, have you seen Guillen? And she said no, so I went back outside and I walked to the parking lot. And I saw her jeep there. At that time, I suspected something was up. He was like, we don't know where she is. So I just got my keys and we went downstars, went looking Around 10:00 P.M. That night I think the question got asked, who was she last working with? And they said it was Robinson. I called him, and he was acting like he just woke up. He said he didn't talk to her while he was in there. The following morning, Vanessa's friends say Robinson, who was the last person to see her, is asked by a superior in front of everybody about his last encounter with her. And he was like, oh, I kept it professional. I didn't say too much to her. But like I said, the night before, he had told us that he didn't say anything to her at all. On April 24th, her status was changed to awol. They defaulted to what they always defaulted to, which was awol instead of looking at the facts. There was a text between Robinson and Vanessa Guillen saying, I'm coming, I'll be over there in five minutes. When he was interviewed, they didn't extract the evidence from his mobile phone at that time. That was a missed opportunity. She went to see him for a very brief encounter to get one specific serial number and come right back. And never came back. And never came back. That was a clear indication of foul play. A few days later, army investigators interview specialist Robinson again, and he tells them that the day Vanessa disappeared he finished up his work and then went to his off-post residence to spend the night with his girlfriend. Army officials say when they spoke with Robinson's girlfriend, she backed up his alibi. Nearly a month after Vanessa disappears, investigators speak to two witnesses who say they saw Robinson coming out of his arms room. He was pulling a large case called a tough box. They say it looked heavy. He then loads it into his car and drives away. That is really an important piece of information, because Robinson is seen moving a container that conceivably could have a body in it. So the next day they go and talk to him, and that's when he agrees to have his phone searched. We're interviewing other people in the unit as well to find out, was there a relationship between Vanessa and specialist Robinson that we didn't know about? And there was none. I believe she's still in there, and she's suffering but she's still alive, and I want her back like that, I want her alive. The family, I believe they reach out to anyone and everybody who will listen, including Vanessa's congresswoman, Sylvia Garcia. The family just didn't feel that they were making a complete thorough investigation. And I told them that I would personally call ft. Hood and set up a virtual phone call with the The family shared with the colonel that Vanessa had talked to them about sexual harassment. They were very adamant about it. Texas equusearch founder Tim Miller will go to ft. Hood tomorrow to meet with investigators looking for missing soldier Vanessa Guillen. Tim locally is kind of a legend in terms of finding people. Texas equusearch was founded in 2000 by Tim Miller, not long after his daughter had been brutally murdered. He decided that maybe he could help other people since he understands what it's like to have a child go missing. We did some searching and mapping areas out and stuff that day. The search for missing ft. Hood solider Vanessa Guillen continues. The reward for information on her whereabouts has now doubled to $50,000. I started looking for legal help. I had a hard time finding a lawyer that would take the case. Thankfully, I found Natalie. Natalie khawam, with the whistleblower law firm, gets - brought into the equation. And that puts them on another level. Mayra contacted me and said, I heard you do a lot of things for the military. Would you be able to help my family? I said absolutely. I said, you don't have to pay me anything. It gets to the point where it's not just on local outlets. The story goes national on Spanish language media. With mom Gloria speaking publicly about the sexual harassment. I was told that he followed her into a shower, and there was another person that also harassed her, used vulgar words. Family attorney pnatalie khawam told us today she's uncovered at least two incidents of sexual harassment. The military says they've received no credible information about those allegations. When the sexual harassment allegations became public, the whole case took off. #Findvanessaguillen began trending, and when I say trending, I mean even with celebrities. Now actress Salma Hayek is using her star power to raise awareness about a missing ft. Hood soldier. The actress posting this to her Instagram account this week. I would say the traction online -- thousands of tweets, congresswoman syliva Garcia, Salma Hayek -- that's huge. The story starts to go viral. The army launches an investigation into those sexual harassment allegations, but they're also trying to handle the criticism regarding the handling of the investigation. The army released these photos saying they show soldiers searching ft. Hood for any sign of the missing 20-year-old. We have some breaking news. We're posting stories, pictures of Vanessa, when we hear police have found remains close to the base. Cid actually gave me a call. They said, we found human remains. Everybody was fearful that it was Vanessa.

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{"duration":"9:16","description":"Guillen’s friends Ryan “Cj” Landy and Betavious “Tay” Hightower searched for her and learned that Spc. Aaron Robinson was the last person to have seen her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"78236248","title":"Vanessa Guillen’s Army friends remember the day she vanished: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/vanessa-guillens-army-friends-remember-day-vanished-part-78236248"}