Woman, her boyfriend were involved in alleged murder-for-hire plot: Part 3

Valerie McDaniel and Leon Jacob, prosecutors say, were both involved in an alleged murder-for-hire plot to have both of their exes killed.
6:48 | 09/23/17

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Transcript for Woman, her boyfriend were involved in alleged murder-for-hire plot: Part 3
Reporter: Houston, Texas. Affectionately nicknamed "The big heart." The perfect backdrop for Leon Jacob, a wannabe surgeon whose linked-in page would have you believe he's transplanting hearts by day, all while capturing hearts by night. Reporter: You know how to talk to women. Yeah, I do. I respect them very much. And most men don't treat them that way. Reporter: By now, he's in the loving arms of a new woman, successful single mom Valerie Mcdaniel. Although he's happy to be in a new relationship, he privately stews over why his ex-girlfriend Meghan has dumped him. I'm not 100% sure to this day why she ran away like she did. Reporter: Megan's gone, but her stalking charge against him lingers. He's got a problem, a legal problem, a criminal legal problem. Reporter: Also a problem because Leon still doesn't have a license to practice medicine. And a felony conviction may certainly keep him from ever getting one. Reporter: And according to prosecutors the way that he's Goin' to eliminate that problem is by eliminating her. That's right, the man who took an oath to "Do no harm" is allegedly trying to "Do-in" his ex-girlfriend Meghan! Reporter: Investigators say that's what leads Leon to this guy. A former army sergeant and purple heart recipient who calls himself Zach. These days, Zach is bringing new meaning to the term soldier of fortune. Cop says Zach promises to take care of Leon's problem -- for a price. A price that includes $5,000 cash, two Cartier watches and a laptop as a down payment for the job. But here's the thing -- The prosecutor said that Zach is much more of a conman than a hitman. Reporter: According to investigators, Zach takes the money and runs, without ever firing a single shot. That was Zach's story. He said he was never going to go through with the murder. Reporter: Feeling swindled, cops say Leon tries to hunt down Zach and begins his search with a guy who has seen his share of shady characters. Reporter: How does a nice fella like you get involved in something like this? Well, I bonded somebody out of jail. And his name happened to be Leon Jacob. Reporter: Meet bail bondsman Michael kubosh. He not only bonded out Leon on the stalking charge, he once put up bond for Zach too! He didn't offer to shake my hand. He said, "I'm -- I'm Leon Jacob. And I want Zach's number." And I said, well, why do you need Zach?" And he said, "I've paid him a lot of money to take care of this matter." And I said, "To take care of what?" He said, "I want her out of the picture." Reporter: Now kubosh says he's beginning to get the picture and it's not pretty. And the way he talked to me, I felt like was -- I was talking' to Satan himself. Reporter: Kubosh does his civic duty and calls the police who quickly contact Meghan and put her in a safe house, under police protection. Next, they haul in Zach, the would-be hitman in the alleged plot. Zach talks, and talks, and talks. According to prosecutor Nathan moss. So Zach tells us that Mr. Jacob has hired him to kill the victim in this case. Reporter: But now Zach is working with the cops and that's a game-changer. Prosecutors say that with police secretly listening in, Zach calls and informs Leon he's outsourced the job. They have Zach call Leon and say, "Hey, I got a guy. He's gonna do the hit for us." Reporter: But that new guy is actually an undercover cop -- named Javier. We've been asked to not show his face. Once I am involved in the murder plot that we are able to control the situation. Reporter: Javier says as the call continues, all is going according to plan. Until Leon poses a jaw-dropping question. Nathan moss, when they're talking on the phone, Leon says, "Are they gonna take care of both issues?" Reporter: Both issues? So HPD is learning, "Oh, there's a second person they're trying to take care of." Upon hearing that I was shocked, that Leon wanted two people killed. And that his girlfriend Valerie would also be involved. Reporter: His girlfriend Valerie. The vet and new love in his life. Cops say they learn she's also in on the plot. And that second person they allegedly want whacked? Her ex-husband, Mack. Leon did tell me that he also wanted to have Valerie's ex-husband removed from the picture. And at that point, they decide to meet at the olive Garden. Reporter: The Olive Garden, with its family-friendly ambiance, not really the kind of place you'd expect a murder-for-hire strategy session to go down. It was very obvious to me during that first meeting that Leon was serious about killing Megan and Mack. Reporter: So they were sitting at this table? Yes. Reporter: At this very table, somewhere between the breadsticks and the Bolognese, sits one strange quartet. The vet Valerie Mcdaniel, beau Leon Jacob, Zach and undercover officer Javier posing as a contract killer. What did they look like when they came in here? So Valerie had actually come in from work, so she was literally wearing scrubs from the vet clinic along with doctor Mcdaniel monogrammed on -- on the scrub jacket. Reporter: Wow. So, again, not trying to hide her identity? No, not trying to hide her identity at all. Reporter: Cops say Leon has made his target clear. He told me on more than one occasion, that his survival is more important than hers that he was a lot more important than her. Reporter: As Leon and Zach take a cigarette break cops say the undercover Javier and Valerie are left alone to discuss intended target number two, Valerie's ex "Mack." And I asked her are you sure you want to do this. And she said I have no other choice. He's going to take my baby from me. Reporter: She was worried about him taking full custody of the girl. And he finally gets her to say that she does, in fact, want him to be killed. And that's when he said, "Well, if you want that done, it's gonna be another $10,000." And Valerie said, "Okay, I have to pay you out in installments of it, but I'll pay you $10,000." Reporter: Money is tight for Valerie, thanks to that divorce settlement. She agreed to pay her ex over a million bucks for his share of the vet clinic. She had just gotten divorced and taken a loan out of $1.2 million to pay Mack Mcdaniel as part of that divorce. So liquidity may have been an issue for them. Reporter: So she had to pay $1.25 million in the divorce? She had to take a loan out. Reporter: It may not have been on the menu, but the cops say, two murders were ordered

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{"id":50033464,"title":"Woman, her boyfriend were involved in alleged murder-for-hire plot: Part 3","duration":"6:48","description":"Valerie McDaniel and Leon Jacob, prosecutors say, were both involved in an alleged murder-for-hire plot to have both of their exes killed.","url":"/2020/video/woman-boyfriend-involved-alleged-murder-hire-plot-part-50033464","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}