Matt Gutman's first ride

He visited the park on July 9, 2014.
12:00 | 08/23/18

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Transcript for Matt Gutman's first ride
Oh. This and that's. It. I don't yeah congratulations you. My graduate degrees today about. Media whether your city they travel so long and great Carl that your question every team in the. There. So if anybody actually survived via the trip down. I'm really Guinea pigs. Now. That. And have you been on it. That's like it. Down how high your heart rate go. We're here screens are in Kansas City. And probably last. They QB got on at this. Go right now okay. Don't work against welcome to stop group. He'll be here today I'm looking we get started good news but that on the scale here. Whereas boys on weekly flights that are but it got its name with the number one bombing correct yeah. Originally personal damages or want to get them you know get a green lights go. When you write about today we'll make do people mean he oh. That's built on album. Are you nervous little bit minors. People like him that the we're excited yet it's you know I've seen what happens to sandbags should I be nervous no Asian donors to others it's you this thing. Some bullies myself included this. So when you flew off we're did you have. Did it's. Thanks. A we be worried that lifeguards up here. And I it was clear. You don't cut the guy right there. It brings serious seventy. We'll have had here. Like that in every night. So what's the difference between this city through yourself down Niagara Falls in a barrel come on come out alive. Elena. Are more comfortable. Rarely act that Israel. We'll lower the garbage here. Him. Three. I don't like doing this. About like. Not quite sure why I'm doing this. They thought the fact that they're taking all these safety precautions actually got to make me nervous. For your feet here is filled with crying. Units. Because. Combined I bet they're getting it. This cross applesauce. Companies are together we did that. A lady lake to. Metro market. Morning everybody I'm arguing that I don't think back my self regulation it's an outrage tonight being an. Area. Good lord Dunn went on really played through. Well knows that being the moral weight faster go. For the white blood pressure now. The when everybody else starts slapping you go you're in serious trouble here. Everybody on this platform was not in this red. They know something we don't. What do you do with your head and all of us right. The dollar that's treating like that now. Yeah. He knows videos in the round. I. And I tell me thank you. No it. What do you do if your head hold on. You know that people. Okay. They're very tough job. Benefit. I've seen those videos in the wrap my. The irony. Yeah. Going to be saying. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And it. It. It. The people. We're. We're. And world. My heart rate at Wright recovered yet. Over. But it like it had. All their. We can't get much activity they stripped it still tightly. Metres of the actually. And off. Line. I'm going or. I. What yeah. Oh. Merrick went married at quite yet. That is pretty insane. He could tell Heidi had to slow it down it quite that had been so athletic I don't know what did not have. Public yeah. Oh. Trying to get much they stripped suit so tightly. Meters totaled the ropes at. I just Britain Paul. The actually. Its. Ride. I'm going. We and recruitment. It. What you guys say. Oh and merit and every quite yet. That is pretty insane. You could tell Heidi had to slow it down at march because it had been so that I don't like it did not have. I'm up against. Trying to get much they stripped suit so tightly. Meters totaled they're upset. Robert Ball. Again. Actually. It's aids ride. I'm going.

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{"duration":"12:00","description":"He visited the park on July 9, 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews","id":"57341805","title":"Matt Gutman's first ride","url":"/ABCNews/video/matt-gutmans-ride-57341805"}