Jenni Rivera Interview From Sundance 2012

2:24 | 12/11/12

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Transcript for Jenni Rivera Interview From Sundance 2012
And the. Pretty Jenny to go to go to MRI air route impressionism -- all that make up all the glam for this character. You know let -- for someone -- as is as self conscious as -- -- -- we nights at. -- -- mascara on at least half the -- scare around there looking at that's a little bit better than and we wake up in the morning -- They say now -- this is a prisoner's life -- is is that prisoners -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saw it. -- That's my -- you know our. -- music. -- When they upgraded me the -- and Edward James almost Tommy that -- three. -- -- actually compared examiner I am very -- precious and and he's like he actually just have to try and and live that Roland that was pretty hard for -- as. I am I always prided you know -- -- very proud of the way that I freeze my kids and try to be. The best mom that I can be and I've never had any trouble with drives me and I that sell. Add to be totally in her role he -- very very different for me very different. Yes I compared to when I go onstage and I perform a -- and an act out each one of my sounds. Each one of the lyrics as well also I think it's it's just found it's a bigger song it's a bigger -- and that and -- when that contains a lot of repetitions. Yeah -- should be so. You know. She's a gifted artist. She'd be so committed she had the opportunity when she took the opportunity she hit a Grand Slam this is probably one of the best. She should be nominated for supporting actress in the coming here. Here is something I never thought of doing itself that it was at a -- actually had kept on pushing pushing pushing and he convinced -- mean who doesn't listen. To that case spanning godfather of violating them like OK and I get staying tier I just listened to -- And sat and that's the reason why I tied it he can let down. You know acting was not my my passion and but there's a time when music was on my passion -- look at me now Sony never know what destiny has --

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