Carol Channing recounts Broadway memories in 2002

The star of "Hello, Dolly!" spoke with Charlie Gibson about her legendary career on stage.
8:34 | 01/15/19

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Transcript for Carol Channing recounts Broadway memories in 2002
Well the voice the look the talent unmistakable there is only one Carol Channing. She has been weaving her magic for nearly sixty years now one of the first celebrities ever to make the cover of time magazine. Earning an Academy Award nomination for thoroughly modern Millie. But it was her show stopping Tony award winning turn in hello Dolly. That made her a legend and even knocked The Beatles to second place on the music charts here at a salute to composer Jerry Herman at the Hollywood Bowl she shows why. Wow. Yeah. You. Yeah. And you've got to hope the Dolly note does never go away I've seen the show three times. Carol have yes I have I'll I wish I knew you were there academic bitter show. Though you couldn't. She is now written a book which is called just lucky I guess a memoir of sorts and we are happy to. However with us this morning it is the delight oh thank you I'm grant action actually you were in the first Broadway Show I ever saw but I'll get to that in real midsized the first however so was gentlemen prefer Obama to William never forget that the nationalize ever show which Ethel Waters in his thousands years. And I remember everything every detail absolutely. I always tell people that as many times as you go to the theater and hear an overture. It's still will give you tingles everytime you go every time it ever get cynical. All that that your your have spiritual brother now the secret of success I have always thought and you're great talent is that you just don't leave anything behind you really. You give it all in every show. And you say you write write the beginning of the book for an audience you give them your soul. Now that almost seems different from the way many performers are these days whose home sort of withdrawn and and and in some cases. Religious that they they sort of reserve to themselves and in some cases even some hostile toward honest judging. Think show I think lives people live actors you know you're theater for by of people no deal each is an extreme machine. And they know where the you're thinking of them are of yourself. He and all you can bet my whole goal was always to lift. Their lives. Now the great. Thing about you you have the most amazing eyes of anybody I've ever. Seen anywhere from she's hopeful the fifth. Would you have you can get more laughs with a stay there or with the take and just looking at someone. As anyway and I'm I'm so I'm I picked up the book. And I'm reading it yet and you say right right at the beginning of the book you say I was sixteen years old packing for leaving home alone for the first time to go to Bennington College. And my mother announce to me I was part negro. And she went on to say that was why my eyes were bigger than hers. Like that wouldn't be any tough news days but that was that was 65 years ago she says that you yeah. That was a first I heard of it. And you know my immediate reaction was home harmless I've got one of the greatest strange show business if that I have got. That they did that last third Arab ash that regents. No white woman condemned the acting. If they thought it happened. It's a good I. What I mean he's I don't know how much I mean girl but I'm awful proud of whatever indenture and whatever ice jams are seeing. I know it's true. I can feel it 1949 I said the first show harvests of gentlemen prefer blondes opened in 1949. Yet we have a little clip. You could you stop the show with diamonds are a girl's best for a year you saying and on Milton Berle television show 1953. Here it is. Me now I know would now leave no man who came out. And I know. I don't mean fountain. Canada a ban. Oh. You write the book for a month while you performed that show Marilyn Monroe. Was sitting in the third row center he etc. that's going to be a little disconcerting for a whole month. At at at which it was for the orchestra they never shining so beautifully. If it and they just kept looking and looking at and they can't fully. If for the first time they didn't watch that conductors the new rose. Show but he can't seem to bust Davis who steal with. To me he went my friends are still with us. Would quit if it happens it is it best database which cities in the and the Asian buyers look for heaven's sakes and finally bush said. Extradition have a brother has happened you had a juvenile brash college. June 5 little if at patented a but it is noticeable. In Alameda I think I understood you do you know I barely rose a gross was gonna take the part in the movie and that was one of the reasons she was watching. Yet now I wondered is that in order she wasn't her idea too when he's in our voting go and but then watched watch Carol Chad into the plus get an honor now it is indeed it is now weak but I wondered if you were gonna write about the hello Dolly movie because Barbara Streisand of course you've made that part Euro. And Barbara Streisand to the and I wondered if you're gonna write about that ol' boy do you write about that. When Barbara Streisand opened funny girl on Broadway we open hello Dolly she came backstage after the actor's fund performance of Dolly to begin a beautiful friendship. When she got the movie of Dolly that was the end of that will it's my actress got I got news. That it created an. A Fiat would you say in my opinion of Streisand is completely warped it what opinion which you have if someone kidnapped your baby my baby was hello. You were you were meant that. Oh he was angry music photos via I would say sell. Her movie a Dolly was the biggest financial flop twentieth century. Fox ever had England deputy initiating their eyes shut you were paid. I've never said it to anyone until right here and I promised myself I'd never mentioned it again. I wanted to be a veritable Julie Andrews you know how good she was about. My fairly right right losing a part in the. Ocean coalitions we UConn win them all in there and edit and I didn't say that it I agency chief style. If it. In look it. Diane referred to you few moments ago was the first lady of Broadway when young actresses all really come to new York and askew of opera. What do you see. Each day. Do you think backing me it and I feel that they can ask that question. They won't package. That it I think first it just is beyond all sanity in whole region. At just staying on the track constantly never getting but never never never. And and wouldn't rejections in. Everything but it and that's all right you'd eat it if you can't get up I don't know why actors couldn't stop from the group gone right in I didn't know until I wrote this book. Have you realize that these scenes post and very. Therapeutic to right. It's it's called a man will of schools. Mission if the reason it's called that is that that Michael Korda was not looking to great Michael Burnett he's my editor in chief of Simon and Schuster and Michael cord. It found that that phrase he went to Oxford for years and I think he just never hostage. The school fifth and well that's interesting that you tell in the persistence is so important that you have to it has to be beyond you guessed it two wooden stick to it beyond all human and well I am so glad you stuck to it. We're saying to you because it does give puzzlement on his times you hear you. Times to that collapse at the Helen don't. Well I'd I'd if you if you go back to playing and I go for. And I paid retail each time yeah you kept it on the ticket prices went up every time. Carroll can't say it is that the light it is that the little as I always wanted to reach you just lucky I guess that's that goes for me and meeting you nice to have thank you.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"The star of \"Hello, Dolly!\" spoke with Charlie Gibson about her legendary career on stage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"60390865","title":"Carol Channing recounts Broadway memories in 2002","url":"/Archives/video/carol-channing-recounts-broadway-memories-2002-60390865"}