How to Spot a Counterfeit $20

Brian Ross interviews Canadian Mounties for "20/20" report, airing Friday May 9.
1:46 | 05/09/14

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Transcript for How to Spot a Counterfeit $20
So tell us how -- Americans could spot. He's very well done but still fake twenties what's the best witness -- -- this -- recommended that people check three or four security features. Notice that -- this -- your ability can see that if are shown here. This is a general line that's in there so that's a genuine as the strip shows up -- security -- this -- upon America. Reacts to UV light bright and has one of the negligence and this -- when this particular frequent. You can't see it doesn't shore up nationalist terrorist with the light there's the watermark and -- find genuine watermark. And then in the -- it's there but very faint. The other one and it which is one that's all we always ask people with American currency to check is the color shifting ink. So it shifts in color shifts in -- area. Based based on -- the angle as a comparison issue. This one where. It's very obviously copper bright metallic element. And when you move this one there's absolutely no it won't go green no color shifting. That was a big thing to get that kind of paper well there was a good paper down and start for the feel the paper. That's right right that's that's really important. This deal is very similar and that -- comes from the fact that you know we're not using. Normal photo copy paper that you have in the office to print this paper. This paper was actually custom produced. With certain types of fibers. In order to reproduce that feel the feel along with they'll look. Makes a very good bill. So if you close your eyes could you tell which is the real which is that they know I wouldn't you wouldn't -- -- It's that good it is back and.

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{"id":23662409,"title":"How to Spot a Counterfeit $20","duration":"1:46","description":"Brian Ross interviews Canadian Mounties for \"20/20\" report, airing Friday May 9.","url":"/Blotter/video/bad-money-spot-counterfeit-20-23662409","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}