Pa. School Rejects Restraints for Autistic Kids

Dr. Michael George: "I came in with the idea these children could learn."
3:00 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for Pa. School Rejects Restraints for Autistic Kids
When I first arrived here it was the most violent school every day in in my life. There was so much noise slamming of doors teachers raising their voices students screaming. Pounding on time -- room walls. The year before it came to their school there were 1064. Physical restraints. These were loud and messy and violent affairs. Sometimes involving up to three adults. Basket holes on the floor. I came in with the idea -- that these children could learn. That they could make good choices. That they could be held accountable for their behaviors. If we the adults would take the time to teach them. And we we're -- -- know that we're successful. When we eventually eliminate the use of physical restraint and seclusion time out from this -- Have you done. We have done that in fact we did that within six months. What's wrong with physically restraining student who's acting -- and in and might -- filed with the very dangerous activity first of all. In my experience. It actually causes the step child to -- more aggressive. They become more violent under those conditions. It disrupts the entire learning -- -- Restraint doesn't teach you anything. -- -- -- But it doesn't tell you what to do instead. So you don't think these restraints the seclusion rooms fuels and they work I do not I think they contribute to the problem. -- And makes children angrier. They make children resentful. If they make children. Want to engaging in more aggression to give even to get back. You're convinced that is not necessary except -- the most dire threat I am. It contributes to the problems these children have rather than resolves them. What about these seclusion rooms can this happen yes else did he make of -- They ourselves. Have seen. Horse I've seen children behave so horribly in those rooms I don't even know. I've seen -- strip. -- -- -- and spread feces and -- one. Time envoy took issue who was beating himself in the face there's there's blood all over the place so you think these rooms are counterproductive. -- still room should be prohibited. Should be prohibited -- they are cruel. And I believe they bring out the worst in these students. And when they bring out the worst in these students then it's the self fulfilling prophecy. Look how wild they are of course we have to restrain. And it justifies the continued use of these archaic techniques. And you feel the same thing about physical restraint I do. It should be prohibited. That's a tougher question. Behavior happens in the context. Someone else is helping -- go up that escalation ladder to the point where you can't turn it around. And then you have a big problem. I support the legislation that would put conditions around physical restraint. So that. It really is reserved for those times. When it is an imminent threat. What happens in schools that use these strengths and seclusion -- What's the result what what what's the message the students get them. The message they receive they can't control their behavior I think they feel outraged. I think they feel violated. And -- feel angry and resentful. Doesn't seem barbarity. It -- -- yes you've seen or heard stories of some of these restraint I asked her students have died. I can't believe anything were doing in schools. It's important enough to take a person's life.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Michael George: \"I came in with the idea these children could learn.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Blotter","id":"17868524","title":"Pa. School Rejects Restraints for Autistic Kids","url":"/Blotter/video/pa-school-rejects-restraints-autistic-kids-17868524"}