Carnival Cruise Lines Stock Attempts to Bounce Back

After several bad voyages the cruise company navigates rough seas on the stock market.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for Carnival Cruise Lines Stock Attempts to Bounce Back
I'm Michelle Franzen in new York at the fox. Markets close in New York on Tuesday march 20 this is story stock. Today we're -- in a Carnival Corp. the world's largest cruise line company. Its stock it's been a little sea sick lately to explain why I'm joined now by Jeff -- from Yahoo! finance step. What's going on with carnival companies used to -- curse for a period of time now it's around. Well a year out there and they're reading the curse halfway through some just general and -- the shares are down 5% today. After the company warned that -- going to be missing earnings this quarter and might -- in fact losing money for the year. Because they're gonna have to aggressively price -- gonna get some discounts to customers after a series of fiasco -- -- PR nightmares. That frankly defies belief. Yeah let's talk a little bit about those high profile crews catastrophes among them a fire on board the carnival triumph. That left passengers stranded for days in the Gulf of Mexico back in February 2013 we can't forget those images. That these problems hurt those earnings a little bit more than what they expected. Well I don't. Know what they expected to do Larry here's the thing and it goes it's kind of just a lesson in light -- it's when you do something really bad to people -- is apologized. And what Arnold did these folks who would they left floating in the middle of the ocean for five straight days with human -- washing down the aisles. And various other post traumatic stress disorder functions. -- they offered him 500 box and -- say hey you know what would you be a discount on a future cruise. For some reason the passengers took exception to that they thought -- -- -- They deserved a little bar for what almost dying at sea and standing there floating like captain Phillips gone really really bad. So the company as -- they're having to face. Winning customers confidence back even as they they -- dealing with lawsuits a lot of passengers on that ill fated triumph voyage. A look at her 5000 dollars a month for ongoing medical conditions as well as posttraumatic stress disorder. The company and a fact saying how about a discount for -- a free buff Fay. It's incredible it's just at that jaw dropping dead of an aptitude. They're competitors are actually winning on as Disney is often thought floating act capacity Royal Caribbean guided higher so parables -- -- isn't giving money away. It's frankly an incredible and -- hits just keep on coming -- started in 2012 with of course the Contra Costa tragedy which became the first boat to sink I believe since 1912. And then it was the triumph last year and beginning of this year. Some folks came down with gastrointestinal. Issues and the -- had to turn around and come back -- was -- another princess cruise. It's their kind of hit by the whammy of fate but again -- -- now halfway with their own jurists strange attitude towards passengers. -- they've got a lot of the market to give up about 50% of it that they. Have over the season let's take a look now at the two -- stock price chart. And you can see that almost looks like a lifeline there. It hits and present and you know what they're back on now they just want to -- and I think I'm not positive but this is a -- ago with a gastrointestinal issues. They're serving green eggs and ham on a new voyage that is tied -- to Dr. Seuss I'm not making that up -- green eggs and ham on board. They're liners that's their answer to Disney's little Mickey Mouse affair and how you can go along with the kids. These guys if management fell out of a boat they couldn't hit the water which is to mixing -- metaphors -- holy -- It's not a well run company is what I'm saying it's an interesting story and a lot of folks are -- against their stock in a big way. It's frustrating as a short because it just -- -- despite the best efforts of management again this is pretty simple stop if you mess with your customers say. I'm sorry what we do to make it right. All right Jeff smacking Yahoo! finance we'll see how carnival Weathers this storm thank you for joining us. Well you've been I had to get in the -- you've been watching stories stocks stay with for your latest headlines I'm Michelle -- New York.

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{"id":23057516,"title":"Carnival Cruise Lines Stock Attempts to Bounce Back","duration":"3:00","description":"After several bad voyages the cruise company navigates rough seas on the stock market.","url":"/Business/video/carnival-cruise-lines-stock-attempts-bounce-back-23057516","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}