This Delicious Australian Yogurt is Taking Over Shelves in America

Find out how this woman Koel Thomae built one of the most successful brands in America.
6:04 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for This Delicious Australian Yogurt is Taking Over Shelves in America
Move over chilled body a new Greek yogurt is taking over our shelves. And it's all because of this female entrepreneur war. Her Australian spin on Greek yogurt has quickly won over our stomachs in the company is just getting started with over seventy million dollars in sales last year. News is now among the fastest growing yogurt in the US the woman behind the brand co-founder Coyle told me it's so. Nice to have you with they're Rebecca thanks for having me so that you brought some samples belonging to IAEA and I'm hyping that I can can in season seven have a bye we'll definitely. He's had coming up here. But for a lot of people they're gonna say okay yogurt without people of dreams of starting many different I sure. But Gil third. I come up with this kind sad. And Madsen. You know ranking in the food industry had gone Hynes. Strain of his in my handling. I was down at the local pawn shop and discovered this year and it was in a clear on Brandon. Contain I'm. Took it back to my mom's a continent had won by I was sitting with my now husband. And I said this is the most amazing yeah and I and it tasted so this is in 2005. My mom's acacia core issue that he not stray at tactical creams and and so picked up the sign found out there of Stanley business. They were too busy and doing what they were doing today you know entertain anything beyond that saying who back to Colorado in my home and away from Heinz. Thought about this for about another T it was like would not stop we hear nothing about this year because it was so tasty because it was a nice delicious thing I added and it tasted so really the Genesis of all of this was. How can I eat this more than you know once he went island and visit my family in Austria and a and the only when I can figure out how to Tina was to actually bring it to you apps and want to hear it companies. Which that's quite simple would you quit why handful. Sit 2000 and I flew back strand mine non actually got a meeting with in Thailand creams and united annaly. I have grown along lunged at the local Sam's Club with the feud is busy due in Australia. Is able to convince the Mathewson. Going to business with me. We then came back to cholera is your biggest selling point. You know I was already in the food industry. Color atlantis' flight little natural tree that nothing. And then one of the Mathewson Brothers had recently been to you asked that he kind of got it that there was just nothing quite like it. So that would fit that we could not get enough Greek yogurt here and yeah it actually got here it's not streaky at it it's it's Ozzie stallion z.'s Diane yeah Ozzie style yogurt different from the other great passion said creek is actually as strange hearing at which isn't that specific text him. Apple is actually a whole milk and so it's a full fat and very indulgent. Creamy texture. We also infuse it with attorneys say is that this really nice of the sweet time later part. And so little bit just you know at different and unique to aids degree here an accurate target. In the United States and now that is your biggest retailer it's one about biggest yes. And I are selling out from whatever yes that we actually did after a seasonal. We launched a that tied it was a pumpkin. And tear incident the actual full season Halloween. Well yeah I did Thanksgiving dating Chris Smith's. We are actually the number one selling it in in the category and how that whole foods whole fades they Wear out fast retailer and cholera that they've been an amazing content they obviously really you know embrace local. Real fade and that is banned such a great relationship for us and we're actually just getting into that. Into the you don't call it's anywhere and had really excited yes. When it comes to food and I have a lot of friends you are in the food industry their shafts or they wore to beach with the food industry's top. That's up and it's difficult it is what's your number one piece of advice for people who love food. Maybe they had a meal where they found something that they absolutely adored like you did with this yogurt. And they want to make it into something baker. Now I would say it's up to as many people as you can get pain and TouchWiz you've done. You know I was very fortunate you know I was already in the food industry in collar and we have this amazing network of people that really do support and cost of the industry. But again and you know you have to go out there and make the connections instead of be. Yen in people's faces like I need to talk about this I don't know how to do this you know continue hall mayor just give me some guidance so witty guy so I think it's just being. Street to your passion and an asking a lot of questions and don't be afraid because there are a lot of people out there who are willing to chance. Right there are a lot of people out there that they're willing to help and then there's also other people out there who can be as shameless as anyone in and Latin asked for help. And you if you want to do it then you should be the one doing. Eileen I asked questions he still have to do the heavy lifting. But again Nina I think capsules have been hot enough successes. As we grime and we've been able to union have more recent losses. As you can Ohio it's not there yet people that unison complement what your strengths because. I I still land something new every single day about this business ends I think that. Surrounding yourself with not people that have done that Florida is is how you can continue to absolutely it will we're gonna crack and to this public thank you so much really appreciate it. Where for people who are looking where to find such nice and we have a nationally were and tied it whole foods Safeway. In this city where in fairway obviously coming into the whole scenes and a lot of them up and on the street little cool by Vegas and it's companies that new sense which is actually little coastal town in Queensland it's. The argent of that recipe. Fantastic thank you so much thank you.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Find out how this woman Koel Thomae built one of the most successful brands in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"28405510","title":"This Delicious Australian Yogurt is Taking Over Shelves in America ","url":"/Business/video/delicious-australian-yogurt-taking-shelves-america-28405510"}