Florida Powerball Winner Revealed

Gloria C. Mackenzie has been announced as the $590 Million jackpot winner.
6:12 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for Florida Powerball Winner Revealed
This special group. Report from ABC news. Secretary Cynthia -- -- also glad to have you here today. Thank you for joining us as we are making history of the Florida lottery headquarters. Today and we do often. -- have a whole lot of winners in Florida. Saturday may taint the multi state powerball game -- drawing right here in this building. For a 590. Million dollar jackpot the largest jackpot ever offered -- games 21 year history. As you know -- one lucky Florida ticket was the sole winner of the jackpot. Making it the largest winning lottery ticket ever. And American lottery history. Today I had the news we've all been waiting for the winner has come forward -- The ticket has been validated. At lottery headquarters. And -- winner of the 590. Million dollar jackpot. Fits mrs. Gloria C McKinsey. 84 years of age as zephyr hills Florida. Mrs. McKenzie has elected to receive the winnings and at one time lump sum payment. But 378096780. Million dollars before taxes. This isn't -- payment of receiving thirty annual payments. Of 191000006. -- and 83 before taxes. Mrs. McKenzie has declined to the opportunity to speak with immediate today however. She did -- share this statement with you. We bought -- winning ticket as a single ticket he mean that we bought four other tickets before the drawing. While in line at public's. Another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them online to purchase that winning quick pick tickets. We are grateful for this blessing at winning the Florida lottery powerball jackpot. And appreciate the interest of the -- state of Florida and the lottery. We had to everyone would give us an opportunity. To maintain our privacy for our families benefit. If you have. Anything quick inquiries are questions you may contact our representatives. -- the law firm of Brant Abraham. -- McCormick. And Johnson. -- the financial planning firm. -- advisory services. Both at Jacksonville Florida. -- open the floor to any questions you have. -- I believe they waited as long as they did which is not a terrible length of time except for those of you have been waiting here lottery headquarters to see them. Fourteen days I think it's been. Because -- -- you know this is a very large amount of money it changes your life. And I believed to make sure that they were ready to handle. The responsibilities that come. -- that type of -- jackpot win. Yes they did like all of -- winners are many -- -- winners. They love right through that the headquarters of the Florida lottery here in Tallahassee. And say I had a winning ticket man validated. Not to my knowledge they denied. -- -- -- Family members. Trust. Her son was an -- her son was with her they trusted family friend. And her legal and financial advisors. I do it Davis Scott MacKenzie. I can it is. OK to have it. Yes that is. -- would assume so but -- don't have knowledge of what her. Prior employment must -- -- She bought this -- zephyr hills Florida. She bought the ticket in zephyr hills Florida. She denied. -- -- And closings. We're all about making dreams come true here at the Florida lottery. And these few rays have an attack is at the great excitement for mrs. -- and his effort host community and off Florida. We're thrilled that a Florida resident has won a jackpot -- -- -- lifetime of happiness. And ended with their new fortune. Will be issuing a formal press release to the media -- include information. Relating to the claim. And he'll be receiving that shortly. The cash pay us 307370. Millions. -- 1096700. Nadine before Texas. Thank you all for your patients -- for being with us today thank you. And even watching live coverage of the announcement of the winner of the 590. Million dollar powerball jackpot we'll take -- -- 370. Million dollar cash -- to the 84 year old winner Gloria MacKenzie did not want to appear in public today. But this Florida resident is the largest -- lottery winner in US history to learn more about -- lucky lady go to abcnews.com. I'm Tanya -- in new York and this has been an ABC news digital special reports. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"duration":"6:12","description":"Gloria C. Mackenzie has been announced as the $590 Million jackpot winner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"19332948","title":"Florida Powerball Winner Revealed","url":"/Business/video/florida-powerball-winner-revealed-19332948"}