'Shadowhunters' Star Shares Her Best Advice for Young Hollywood

Katherine McNamara, the star of Freeform's "Shadowhunters," talks being on Broadway at 13, graduating from high school at 14 and utilizing her finance background in the acting business on "Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis."
10:32 | 12/15/16

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Transcript for 'Shadowhunters' Star Shares Her Best Advice for Young Hollywood
What nineteen different is why you're here but thinking different is what makes you special and why. Bush isn't foreign to me. Where you are in this industry and don't lose everybody can be what everybody wants and nobody can me. I mean can be. Originally on the path going to fight that's what you Q what job did you happen. I wouldn't be that CS on the company and even mean you own companies today. He shot opportunities for reading and business at this point oh it. I don't love economics and then something incredibly passionate about it. I ended up doing community leadership islands favored. The kid but I anything line. And enrollment at saint stepped onstage I knew that this is an advocate there. Thing couldn't you grew up in the midwest in Missouri. Can you on Broadway when you were thirteen you have how that happened actress that I worked it. And come back will work with music. And and they needed immediate replacement for the show. And she said look at this growth steady at where I think should be grateful. I get a random phone call thing you have an audition for Broadway Show in two days if you like it. And a week later and living in New York City and in working on a rabbit out of animals. But as. And what went Perrier mind in terms of your own life and what you expect it to be vs what it might become. So excited and it was completely expected. But I was I was a little bit scared that Asia because I was stepping up at a country was moving to a brand new city and starting a new life. I didn't know what it would. But you still pursued business EU got your degree when you're seventeen years old. What first off you were fourteen when you graduated from high school. So you kind of sped things up but don't always like going to college when your 1516 years I'll it was very interstate. I'll be honest with you I started before and Cheney are candidates must handle enrollment and I was in Kansas City and a stomach drama program but adamant in the teeny or act to do. A little night music and the schools here won't let you work in the industry and go to school and those departments at the same time. So IA it was faced with a choice two I quit the show that I just an eighteen hour to do you I quit going to school at fourteen. For an electric meter and I spoke to a lot of the people in my cast and they had told me look. And you are. Doing what you would be going to school to do so why not get a more well rounded education and look at another interest and decent house. And I immediately thought of business and finance selling it turned out he sort of the perfect. Add balance and everything because I was able to actually contracts and is able to learn how to manage my finance. Do you read your contract and I do my attorney is. Makes sir I have time to go over my contacts at me because I have at least when questioned. On. A lot of young people especially people get and when they're younger kids that get taken advantage when they start out that didn't happen to now there is let it happen to and that that's part of way and that. But it turned out the pats and increasing degree in literature. Which in able. Education creative. And in in the perfect. Ensure you get annoyed at a hearing lately thanks you're still got I am feeling when he is avidly following the number of people like. Yours and we like. I don't feel Leon I am working at this point in my life where I am trying to figure out whether or not it still few if they had no idea nine Avalon. It go but definitely starting to be able to nothing. And mean and it's at the very interesting to sell. Here Lar you've got multiple degrees and you are on the number one show on free for right now. What else would you like to a complex. Selma. I interact and that produced I'd like to see stories that like me being made its and these projects and and pursue music as well. And you play a number of instruments I played piano and guitar but I write music. So and I and finally finding. Ways and three years in the next year out you know music as well. A perpetual state and sort of what this industry and what's your biggest fear. Add becoming stagnant. As I think my biggest fear not grow and not learning not changing. I talked to a number of different actors in people who had. Gotten into theater word television or in Hollywood and down. And one of the things they talk a lot about is rejection. Hearing now. Have you dealt with that at this point oh yes. I've dealt with that and that very certainly had people mean. One writer. But I can get some very good night's. She told me. With us. Your job is to create characters and different. And share. Whatever. You with those. Competently and worked. At something that. Obstacles will creating characters working improving. And the perspective. Percent. Helped me and it. Electing. Collecting. So many actors going these. New. With new abilities are and that's great it sanctions. And that you're giving us at about Adam has changed its. How do you we get into character and as. Actually playing cat and it's very close to and the human beings she very driven very passionate which. Can be a blessing. Is. It helps it accurately. Level. But when he gets emotional side of things things. And that was what was the recent seen it close to home. Interesting is. Mother daughter relationship on the show that C. Because at the end of last season craze motherhood then they incapacitated. For the entire first season woke up. And now she's awake but created from Hearst. And has seen that her struggling with having your mother see her Athens shadow hunter and see her adult and see her. Her growth and recognize that the strangest thing I don't necessarily have that with mother I. Every young person goes through that in some capacity. So my mom and I get along fabulously well what does she think about all six passed its adjusting in the isn't science and medicine. So this whole world is completely different to do they watch you do they see all of your projects something that is of our development that. But it's the meaning my grandmother I'll call me every time after. I. Siemens. Scary. They love it felt great now what happened next week I can't tell you thought the shallow. Added it's so great in the Stanley has now accepted this as a career and not just something I'm doing in the meantime thing. But it. Interesting that you say accept it as I come from a family also that is very. In cued the harder science recently he and I bet at some point along the way would he said I wanna be an actor. They might have been a little nervous that well this isn't necessarily your career can be a passion of yours but it's not necessarily something that's gonna pay the bill that the end of. And that's exactly what what they were supported they said go following your dreams do what you love. To think she did you go to school Annie get an education and you have a degree that you can use in the future in case this doesn't work out. But send steaming. Honoring music's and doing the maze owner found now that I had done shadow hunters and and it keeps continuing and has been successful. It's something that now they're recognizing the longevity that this can have been built that that's career can be and that it is a marathon not a sprint but that. You know it will be in the last at least for the meantime what wooded dream role be for. Fee for me that's so hard to quantify because I love diversity. You want to be the bad guy the bad girl I wouldn't let me. Great I I used to it means. Wars. Is what it is now I've never been able to figure out. I have a lot of fun and ethnic means maybe that's why should and I love being in Britain England to heat but. I love admirals. That are challenging roles that are complicated. What's the toughest lesson you've had to learn along the way. The toughest last until it ends. Stay true to yourself no matter what the pressures are and that's something that. I never really reckon until last year it very long need to lose track consequences to what needs new. That's something actually Angela Lansbury and we're only music she told me along and asked her what's the one piece of advice. That he would give to me and she said. What nineteen different. Is why we're here everybody can pool when everybody wants and nobody can EU mean can be and there are so much pressure to conform. And that's something no matter what there and entertainment industry or interesting regularly you're doing. What an eighteen year as me she's special and how long can can have that sentence.

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{"id":44214813,"title":"'Shadowhunters' Star Shares Her Best Advice for Young Hollywood","duration":"10:32","description":"Katherine McNamara, the star of Freeform's \"Shadowhunters,\" talks being on Broadway at 13, graduating from high school at 14 and utilizing her finance background in the acting business on \"Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.\"","url":"/Business/video/katherine-mcnamara-shadowhunters-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-44214813","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}