New Device Will Help You Avoid The Flu

Kinsa smart thermometer tracks disease to prevent you from getting sick.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Transcript for New Device Will Help You Avoid The Flu
Want to get right to it a parent's worst nightmare for all you parents out there you -- best. Your child gets sick you understand that's problematic. But imagine if you're able to track what illness was spreading in your kids. Before weren't they -- in -- it. Or at the very first sign of a fever at the relief that you would feel. If he knew exactly what the problem was well in your saying is founder and CEO of start up kids it's a Smart the monitor. The tracks infectious diseases in your area it's a nice to have you with -- think well -- You're locally based here in New York City we are yes and at what is this that you're working with you brought it with you. Yeah let me say one of these this -- Smart -- connected thermometer it also happens to be one of the least expensive thermometers government. So you simply connect to tear found by the headphone Jack or by an extension cords and then Jack. And it is a better smarter version of the thermometer that answers the questions that a parent wants to know at the time of need. Out what to like you and I like singing imagine it's less expensive and I asked what kind of money we check back here I can make this her very low amount of money -- and there's no LCD there's no batteries there's no integrated circuit we use the Smartphone for everything. And so this is you know I can make this for -- dollars. Under a dollar. And what can I get for it that's the question consumers -- and now we're still we're still experimenting with that we would certainly want people to believe that this there's a lot of value with this we don't want price too -- to -- -- but as demand grows we will definitely bring the price down right now you can buy it and pre -- on -- web seven point -- twenty -- And Mexican Italian. So not only was that -- the software is what really tells you some cool stuff -- not only do you get a fast accurate deeper reading right. I'm not only does -- do things that other thermometers can't do today I asked if for example it'll tell you whether it's looked out of place with a nice frowning face that appears -- the you can also after the fever reading is done you can you know with a few simple -- track your symptoms over time. And I can plot your phone when you go to the doctor and showed the doctor full histories the you can get a better diagnosis. But it goes beyond so as an example we crowd source information. -- you can join a private group with other parents for example at your child's school. And now see the level of illness and see what illnesses and what symptoms are going around in real time. And -- you can actually respond much better -- your child's. So 4 o'clock in the morning sure your child is throwing up. Running a fever rather than going on WebMD. And try to figure out what this might be sure you're taking their temperature with this you're getting a read and -- you're also seeing that nine other parents are dealing with similar symptoms in your area. Absolutely and you may even see that several of those people have strep throat which is gonna cause you to react in a very different way and it's the common cold. How about privacy because of -- were so concerned about it for ourselves but for our children. -- -- -- -- Absolutely so we're very conscious of that as -- people come out of the health care industry we've embraced the idea of privacy. So we don't take any personally identifiable information from you -- you're not even allowed to tell us your email address by default. This would also apply obviously for adults adults get -- as well and it is something I mean. I certainly -- god when MD in the past and looked up what my symptoms are this is the kind of thing that I could see. Being useful to me as well that. At the same time when you're really really sick how much reading on your phone or in putting -- information on your phone -- really wanted to have. -- -- lining I think that's the whole design experience behind this this the user experience is very simple -- simple taps. Make it easier to take it a temperature and we built some of those design parameters into the software so I think the best way to get a feel for -- to -- He just is that you know there's so many we think about being a start up as you are there are. Really difficult things big challenges in front of getting off the ground what would you say has been the biggest challenge for you getting this off the -- You know finding the right peoples always a challenge for us developing the technology was a bit of the challenge this is a FDA regulated product to see right. To get through that process which is off which is long you have to have the money to be able to sustain through that process absolutely and you have to raise the money gets that said those are a few of the big challenges but finding the right talent is always the right is it was always the biggest challenge -- people things work. And how the medical community they embracing what -- putting out there yet they are they are very much embracing it we're really excited that there embracing -- -- some of the big luminaries in health care experts and tracking the spread of disease come out to support us. But what I care about honestly Rebecca is more than the experts. He is the moms if they don't love the product then not going to be used. Everything that comes back to the consumer has to be a consumer experience that people are gonna adopt otherwise. You know you could talk all you want about how great it is but if people are using it and using it easily. It's a problem. Absolutely huge problems so we're really trying to focus on makes -- making sure we add value parents so five years from now where -- -- -- Five years from now want to have millions of users five years from now I hope that will be able to track the spread of disease in real time. The first time in history. And potentially stave off some major. Epidemics and problems the flu has had -- less of an impact on populations. And we want to be a source to health systems to the World Health Organization the US Centers for Disease Control to really realize suspicion of -- real time system to track the spread of disease. So it's called -- it is people confided on your web site. Kids dot com cancer helped -- kids' health dot -- help them and are saying thank you so much thank you best wishes thank you very much.

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{"id":22799755,"title":"New Device Will Help You Avoid The Flu","duration":"3:00","description":"Kinsa smart thermometer tracks disease to prevent you from getting sick.","url":"/Business/video/kinsa-smart-thermometer-illness-prevention-device-avoid-flu-22799755","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}