Lucy Liu Talks 'Elementary,' Motherhood and Her Earliest Acting Roles on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'

Actress Lucy Liu joins Rebecca Jarvis on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.' The leading lady opens up about her hit show' Elementary,' having a baby through surrogacy and how she made her way from Queens, NY, to Hollywood to become a success.
13:07 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Lucy Liu Talks 'Elementary,' Motherhood and Her Earliest Acting Roles on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'
When I was younger and I want to be an actress but I did just wasn't summing that was going to be feasible. You are not very far from here you groupings when he gets yeah. How did you take that path from queens to Hollywood to becoming an actress. It was long journey I mean it started off with public schools and roaming around alleyways and hanging out that's how we played you know. And then sort of not really having an idea what I wanted to do until lightly went to college. I mean when I was younger and I want to be an actress but I did just wasn't something that was going to be feasible it's so far out there how does what he and achieve dad my parents and understand that I never even mentioned it to them I didn't even bring it up until actions and for selling because it would just be. This you know. This kind of blob that they couldn't really. Connect you you know you have given some intangible like I am have a stethoscope on I am going to hate you know doctor or I'm going to be a lawyer but. I think the arts is not having the opposite of focused I read your mom was a biochemist. And at a civil engineer. So you ended up going first and why you and then to the University of Michigan yes I went and when he first and then transferred heaters Michigan's front. And you started to. Volatile with acting and actually get to perform like college yell I was there I just did some you know. You know Jesus Christ superstar. Harry. It's probably one of the I was one of the tribe members but you know what I mean I just ran around back rally longhand. Saying and you know had a really good time it was had to break. From from the classes that I took but I loved it I was I was in rehearsals and not. Until really toward the end that I realize that this is coming I couldn't really do that was sort of that the my senior year when I did play called Alice one element. And I was cast as Alice and before that I had never seen myself as somebody who could be. The lean you know 'cause on television film there was never anyone that. Represented what I thought I could be you know. So yes I'll just you know always be in the background and that's the first time while. I can do something and I can change you know how I. I perceive myself in the world. It was about your perception of yourself yeah because I never I always thought of myself as somebody that was going to be kind of a part of something. Behind the scenes but not in the forefront and that's how we kind of grew up you know. Also my parents were from China so. There was a language barrier and you know we never were sent outspoken in that way so it's really changed the dynamic of how Lysol whole world. How did you manage to break through it had to be so tough for you to put your hand up. And really push to be number one be hurt I think it was just about. His passion that I had for. The arts I really. Knew that this is what I wanted to do and I was gonna have to pursue it with everything that had and I also wanted to. Show my parents and proved them that. I could do something I was going to mean I had no evidence that proves that you believe yourself I did and I really had yes. It was just about now getting down there and that's out there was about. True or accurate. How did you make that jump from the theater to industry I think it was just an auditioning process and in fact one day. And then doing Ian. I had book city. Show that was in northern California. And I was like of course when play and my managers I you know I think he should really reconsider and think about Jimmy. It was just a guest by mean she's like it's incredibly popular it's a great show it's really funny. Didn't get to elementary yet but that's where I want to go next how do you get into the character of watts and the writing really sort of helps encapsulate that character and we have such great staff of people and rob Doherty who is the executive producer does an amazing job of really. Connecting the dots for me and it's at very early on that this character's gonna develop very slowly. Because she she goes from sober companion to becoming his partner and his roommate and so we did want to just jump. You know from one thing to another so I think she discovers. Her talents and also you know I think what's the core of the show is their friendship. This is the first time that doctor Watson. Has been played by a female. I think that's right although I I think some and it sent something. Like early on saying AT and another doctor Watson actually seen I don't know I think you Internet. I you're so useful when you come back quick facts and information well I think it's cool I love your character and one of the characters from your past that high eight. Absolutely Alan Whitman big kill bill. And oh Wren is tyranny. One of the coolest characters you've ever play. Like. Arguing that it was pretty incredible. I mean there was a lot of training involved with that and it was Jesse. This work work in the time it was really. Also learning each an earnings dialogue and understanding me. The cost him the you know Clinton had flown this wonderful woman from Japan. Who only did. She get that she only worked on high on it was very ceremonial specific way to do it. That belt everything. Else there was a certain amount of space between you and the collar. It was pretty fantastic it's an art everything about your performance there was so. Attentive to deet I think it was a real me specific stillness. I want to bring quality to her and all. Because there when she does do something it was just something that's very fast like you know. Jumping conference table I could add up. Acting very precise and unexpected. I at least wanted to incorporate that so that you didn't really seen you can predict what you again are there any rules you haven't played yet that you richest. Kill the play. I mean there's Sony people that I would like to work and something like do you I'd like to do a movie in French or. I'm another seeing rents. Now I mean I think a little bit a friend I mean I like Larry I would yeah I challenged in that way into our written a place where. Because you. You know will understand something innately emotionally. And to be able to. Expressed that in different language. And still have the same you know emotions connect teens characters because basically what it is you. You're communicating that people's relationships. I think you went. On. An important now. You had such an incredible year between elementary. Your new son congratulations. It's the only thing how has motherhood changed. Eight Israelis desperately needed. Mean diss on the ways that I key time. And the people as. What's the biggest misconception things you had a grandmother house. Frazzled can be it is it is a lot of juggling an acceptance which I octopus army you know singing is so many different things at once by it. It's manageable. He just have to sort of laugh a lot and just see how ridiculous situation that barrier and I can't do everything it can't be everything dad just seeing how like you know within a matter of ten seconds the L the whole areas that disaster. Explosion of things you know. Toys bottles you know the whole nine yards and now you're partnering with Tylenol they have this wonderful campaign about how we pan me I'm a mother. I have two children angle I'm have a oh great family man to two moms I didn't her surrogate there's so many different ways that people aren't. And people have children families and I I really think. That it's important to support abdicate and embrace all kinds of days because not about anything but how you love your child. And you know when I first came out and service. It's you know sense is in social media decided to send out how. And you know I suddenly had a baby in patently. I know that it was surprising to a lot of people in government has their different opinions about how things happen what do you think. Of all the bad it X that you have received especially about motherhood and especially about. Pursuing a career and in your own right since Rockwell. You you have done incredible things in your career you haven't at least on the surface if you haven't slowed down out. I know of aiming at it feels like they they added more gas in the tank. I love people's advice I was think it's funny that it just shows how much experience on the on the and what their experiences and to me I don't. You're you can definitely you know people are always gonna tell you what they thing out there acting. Experience was history was with their child especially in New York is SA are doing about it out of street and they're carrying a baby I think that you can't really be too sensitive to it. Because it's just people want to share their stories you know I was scared sort of poke checker. You know and I think that seeing other. People in the world do it in a different way kind of heard me say right thinking. What made you fear. Doing. You know. Also just. Having. You know. The idea of like when. How to go about telling people how to light bill about not telling people you know and I decided I'm just not gonna tell anyone. At all and then I'll just blasted out. Hello once once it's done because there's so much trepidation about is everything going to be okay he's gonna work out. You know and when you do and who do you talent if you tell this person is person in insulted and it's just you know I decide it's just. Make it an incredibly Friday and intimate. Experience and I think it really worked out well and I was really looking. But it's also just inspired from how other people also did it in the picture that you sent out of you and Rockwell. As a newborn. Was so touching it was the moment like. Seconds after he was born. So it was really. You know I'll never forget that is it really you know the miracle of birth and just life in general to me is. Was sort of captured that moment. When he came out there. You seem to be a relatively private person. And yet. Because of the fact that you are. A public persona because you're an actress because nowadays. Everybody you're sharing everything on social media. There is that tension where. You probably feel on some level like you have to share certain things that maybe ten years ago you might not have had to share. Izzo oh wait to use social media. And year. Your privacy and awaiting you can sort of control that at least I think it's important so that people. Can feel like they're part of your lives around and not excluding them but at the same time I don't know that I would be the type of person to share absolutely everything about myself and do you think it's important to show partner self especially here in the public high. Because I think there's a difference between. Being a celebrity now and somebody who is an actual. And artists are an actress famous for being famous for being famous and I don't necessarily think that something that I want I want to actually work for. You know what I do and how do you enjoy the crowd don't want to be added something because I've. I can you know. I don't know in the public eye for I think I think I have to have a reason for a living it at that I wanna do something and make something of myself and of my life. And I have a career I want that's legacy ultimately.

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{"duration":"13:07","description":"Actress Lucy Liu joins Rebecca Jarvis on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.' The leading lady opens up about her hit show' Elementary,' having a baby through surrogacy and how she made her way from Queens, NY, to Hollywood to become a success. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"39082811","title":"Lucy Liu Talks 'Elementary,' Motherhood and Her Earliest Acting Roles on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'","url":"/Business/video/lucy-liu-talks-elementary-motherhood-earliest-acting-roles-39082811"}