Meet New Friends Face-to-Face at Chef Social Club

The Pierre Hotel’s Executive Chef Ashfer Biju comes up with a creative way to wine, dine and meet new people in person.
5:41 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Meet New Friends Face-to-Face at Chef Social Club
Making friends in the office is not the only way to meet people the pier hotel in New York City has come up with a new way to get strangers to meet face to face and it's perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with food. Like I do it's called chef social club in here to give us the juicy details -- shaft -- being issue. He's the executive chef at the pier at Taj hotel in New York it's so nice to have you with pornography -- -- to -- here and you mean we we -- any guest who brings us all of -- -- -- beautiful. Foods is always welcome here and I love your spice trade you even -- there was I think yeah. Okay so -- brought -- fumes prices and this is only actually probably one photo what do you was. Just sort of big cabinet for that I salute you -- it thinks extract absolutely. I mean there's there's I want to show lot of opportunities. I'm so just going back to what was speaking about what you're speaking about -- There's so much of sinful ways and you'll -- for ways to meet people and -- what we have is -- have social club and appear. Where you meet is complete strangers -- -- wouldn't. -- work out how to do they get to cook. No get to enjoy and they get to enjoy it and we -- we wanted to look at a week to meet people. The same time it's the demands of of the -- were sticking out of the conflict zone and have somebody actually take you -- what we're eating. So that is what how the systems -- the -- he won't. And the -- are the media and Michael and one of us have become out and explain what you -- and -- -- -- floors. And the here is a beautiful hotel and a very very nice hotel in New York City went up on a topic it is it's a classic -- and people. Lots of big game show up at the Pierre at -- in there and seen some very famous people. How much are we talking about in terms of cost here. It's only 85 dollars for a -- which is I think it's a great deal when you're going through 1718. Auditions. Eighteen and it's all small portions -- you know you don't really fill up crazy. And you're tasting new flavors and and I think assistant if you really -- -- -- -- food so why wouldn't you. In terms of of -- you're seeing in the food world you brought all of these spices what are the big new emerging trends in food right now. I think -- -- dining is is probably the biggest fan that's coming up I mean -- Americans. The American. Consumer today I think is ready for war the -- worse and now you've seen it so -- some examples like for example the -- who got -- -- to some it is. Russia yeah. I think that was what really probably -- before they were Arabic name now -- don't have to I think. I don't think we should limit does this to welcome most -- -- I think there's a great opportunity here to move the real thing but moving Rios fisons. So what are their real -- is that you are inherently probably rob you have you know there's no limit and I don't think like us that -- has -- is only one photo of what we use and that's only one photo 14 of what's out there. So there's there is ample opportunities. And today's consumer also are more. Exports to things. They have much more the part of that scrabble and -- -- I mean it's not that. It's not that you hood hood about type with the Indian cuisine from somebody. And so people are looking for authentic flavors they are looking for the region of we will have been looking for grand -- we've -- they're looking for. Cuisine from palace six effects of Mexico so there's a lot of them award -- do want justice I think it's one of the biggest fans out -- right now. Is that they want -- experience in. In a format that is safe. You don't necessarily want to -- recovery for you mean new. But you don't mind a little snippet of -- Right that -- if you're ordering from a menu and there's one option. And it's something you've never tried before and it and -- it -- a lot of people are going to be nervous they don't want to spend their money on something that cannot and I. More than the money they -- -- -- for the evening. So here we are offering some smaller portions would would -- -- In an in this scenario -- it's still comfortably you tasting a small report from -- if you don't like it -- -- the same time you are experimenting and you are actually getting used to it seventies in its view of me. And you being talked about -- prices for example have one. Middle -- Hinton which is assume curry from the regional Marla martz of course the -- can Ireland India that's where I'm just out from correct. And -- sort of these these prices that the that that is used to me that story. Along with the evidence -- and so. If this cease fires is that's gonna make a career -- that big of accomplishment is that you have blending and mixing. Together with only. Is the -- it play with it right for anybody who want -- that if they're not going to be in New York City and they can't make it to the -- try it at home. Absolutely I think you have noticed that the force -- on fantastic thank you so much thank you pleasure to be here fantastic to have you have one last question him. What's the next KO. I didn't I think -- tell -- -- -- summary is probably the Nextel Astros have -- -- because it combines health and beauty. It's antiseptic. It's used in -- -- Asian. -- says to beautify yourself. I really -- -- of the next. I love the you have an amateur or death issue thank you so much thank you called -- social club at the pier hotel correct and this is the guy who will be cooking for -- you -- do some stuff -- the -- can't we -- it opens up after this thank you so much it smells fantastic there's.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"The Pierre Hotel’s Executive Chef Ashfer Biju comes up with a creative way to wine, dine and meet new people in person. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24604096","title":"Meet New Friends Face-to-Face at Chef Social Club","url":"/Business/video/meet-friends-face-face-chef-social-club-24604096"}