How Rapper Comedian Lil Dicky Is Changing the Entertainment Industry

Episode 80: How comedian and rapper Dave Burd aka 'Lil Dicky' is changing the music biz and making it cool to '$ave Dat Money' on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
10:33 | 03/08/16

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Transcript for How Rapper Comedian Lil Dicky Is Changing the Entertainment Industry
My fears. Are never about failure it's about extreme success I think I'll be an iconic rapper. And I kind of community. How does a middle class Jewish kid from the suburbs of Philadelphia become little. I always dreamed of being an entertainer. And that's kind of middle school and high school on peoples in Atlanta might have different treatments and I graduated and our viewers in the mix and sort of grand attempt because I've never lived one failures homeless connect in this. It's just like. And so bitter had not attended your work. In an advertising agency and you've submitted something to benefit lives a rap sort of injury doesn't count. And every three months I had to in the report on chip sales I would email and out. Everybody was involved in arrears account all the way to the top of the if it was a my only opportunity interface is quite high level people it's a new it was a good opportunity be noticed. For being well creative funny interest so I made the report as a wraps. And I went over swimming. Let's start in the account management switch to create this very difficult and the first class you can accidentally pop music videos in one day from it no money. Sure losing power in her the front of me. And they must not wrapped don't have burger without spending money songs can't save them money and it's all about saving money as opposed. Save that money how do you come up with that. I thought. Wouldn't it be funny today to somehow lost saving money because Iran and beyond Aaron king. I genuinely have pride and saving money and I that is relatively cheap person what's the cheapest thing you ever did ask a guy when he was moving. And he owed me ten dollars from the year Ghana and died mystery pending before he left. Does have to do with saving money you know what a full verse that have been too expensive and. You. For the technologies is here started doing this. Even ten years ago illnesses since we need a software every. Software into this race and you hat YouTube and social media for distribution via before would have had to rely on. Somebody strongly in this covering the Iraq. I read Easter eggs if your arm. As well it I realized that my parents simply in that it has moments of life after college. Yes I respect for what about your music before it is online was born on the earth when defense bombardment explain live and on your argument by argument was I think that there minuses. Antiquated in terms. That controversy. I think there are just there's overly conservative. And in fact I think all the little disease not worked out it's sort of an impressive enough to help me further my career advertising that name. We'll that you outside. There's not much else. Messing around. In the garage on myself. When your average. And it. Over your Larry birds. A lot of people on her when it. Murder. I have an appointment today. Probably under little did he actually. Oh yeah. How that collaboration had to my manager that is and was like they have the perfect. Date what did you you don't and he's just no problems. We need to see he's the dad my one shooter at the time was impressive enough for the management of pass along and that comes listen to listen to it funny and impressive enough to want to be a part of what was that like working with and he's such a national treasure. He truly is the most. Engaging entertaining person that have been around what's going through your head as you're getting to do you experience is now. You've collaborated with and yet ready swap originally declined to hand dim. Loud in the studios that affect millions you know these guys and you try to make music it's always hope that something comes of that night and still hopeful that. I never stance on this be coming out tonight it's done perfectly. You want to collaborate in the future on me evil. You're very. Draped is that emotion any conversation knowledge emotion in my brain and there's so many people on earth kind EA Lil Wayne. Exxon beyond. Trent Lesnar. The South Park guys. But I want to get the South Park. Top. Your parents who were so worried about Iran and Syria initially what are they think about all the six that they can just see. The reaction of people I think they're just simply proud. I went and people respond well to what's been the hardest lesson for you. Patience. Patients like I'm Terry I know where this handout I ten years and up to scrap it if I am maintain my side. And my happiness it all end up as far as I want to again. And no doubt in my mind fears. Are never enough that's about it stream success. The so where it's gonna end up I think it will be I think obvious iconic rapper and I community. What are the things that testers. Still losing their sense of self like all is traveling like I'm a parent who just left the City Council must eat day and night. Ski my grand plan is just wrapped the comedy then there's the wife. That saves and waterway to the idea and that makes me shift this entire circle that is my ambition to half of it. And that's like half of my life satisfactions career driven goals becoming the best maximize my talent. The other half is the relationship with my wife and my family and all that I definitely am hopeless romantic 100%. And believe. I'm completely in complete until that happens. I'm just going to be completely in the management. From his now there's. Report that what's your ideal thing well there's a bar in Santa Monica that I go to treatment called the Alley it's Mary. Themed clicking on hopefully. So there's tons of late shift wheels. And there's tons of Christmas the days. Experienced hand. With over its refused. You've if you met the right person it unitary magical so we go there get drinks. Maybe walk around main street on cinema. I think it would Andrews yes and nothing more. How much of an Alter ego of the Catholic I entered this doesn't sound like this unrealistic. Because that. But have signs and symptoms San hopeless from that. That all islands in the spinal if you watch your video yeah. There's always the women in the bikinis. Much like what we've seen from so much previous wrap right. Why the cliche there why not break them out there especially if you want to find that your mere probably do it to maximize. The hands I think. The Indians there's reason for you think you could get the team. Didn't dancing scantily clad I think it was her views I don't. I am my career that my agenda is making probably the most viral the Colleen. How. Is it like mine it why you have to do it more so in the sense that they. Just once could you give me something that I could happily you know to my friends you know that's from scratch when I probably won't someone from among priorities are certainly not like. He's my mother for social. You ready to answer some rapid fire questions we'll say. What are your top three things they're out like the mothers are proud of it. My own personal ambitions and accomplish my goals. One. Love. And probably. Yields would you ask them. Those homes. Companies shipping company and friendship and freeing hostages. At least on the mainland company. What's your favorite. Cheesecake Factory what's your factory art well and then bath and change every. As I possibly this. Estrogen. And then I was at the program. Its. Chicken fingers. That are essentially buffalo chicken. Inside of a chicken finger. After not only two or sweet thing you week. Duluth. Overwork and wasteful order appetizers. To entrees. And let other people here today out my goal has always and one half way. Do on an eight year old people I I I got hands on all the whole picture everybody's getting something. Would be ideal is that news act one violent. One witness and one that's what that means me getting one thing happen. My hands and a few different. The time I really like that you go into each it was an education not every time. Through. Group groups are certainly. This Palestinian hit some. This one's favorite son personally in my mind it's one of them is this the Spin Doctors if you want. Two princes gone an artist differences that Argo who don't slide. Who else I grew up lake just as much rat. Goo dolls John Mayer's favorite but Clyde monster at the children's book not a monster who's afraid of the dark ironic is only kids were there because of month. Favorite all tax. Drowned I didn't have a shot Shanker American history at comedy Eddie Davis who were better than that about those dramatic operatic. He'll for a cat yeah Eddie an accident ice. I just think its marquee forward at all I was in my parents legislate. In my era not deals.

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{"id":37479435,"title":"How Rapper Comedian Lil Dicky Is Changing the Entertainment Industry ","duration":"10:33","description":"Episode 80: How comedian and rapper Dave Burd aka 'Lil Dicky' is changing the music biz and making it cool to '$ave Dat Money' on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis ","url":"/Business/video/rapper-comedian-lil-dicky-changing-entertainment-industry-37479435","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}