Beefing Up Vegan Food

Startup Beyond Meat creates food that tastes just like meat from plant products.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Beefing Up Vegan Food
Get right to -- usually the word begin and -- they're not usually found in the same sentence but in this case start up beyond -- Is taking the word -- to a whole new level they have been backed by some of the biggest investors in the world Bill Gates. And the founders of Twitter Biz Stone and have Williams the company replicate animal protein from plant products. To create of begin at meat alternative to sounds very scientific but it tastes good so we are told we will be taste testing here with Ethan brown he is founder and CEO beyond me it's so nice to see him very much. So you -- saying to me off camera this has been -- huge -- for you and beyond me. It has -- launching a brand new beef products previously had a chicken product and market and it's a big success what we've focused on more than anything else is recreating the texture and -- structure of animal -- to hit it using all plants. Which sounds again very scientific but this is all about -- right to thank you brought up the other first you have to do is make it -- OK and this is -- -- that's would be this is the -- it's like a chilly it's -- -- it would it would it is all plant based protein so entirely from. So you have no trans that -- -- that. No cholesterol it's extremely help before -- pack protein literally no downside and there's no me here that's right but I wouldn't know. Such as saying that this congress earlier really what and the distinction we make is that there's no animal. We've we've for this actually asked me -- it's meat made from plant. Interest and a only a whole new world he's got to -- in Brussels sprouts and now it's just meat from were actually not ask people to say tonight meet. We're saying just don't again -- -- So starting a business like us right in a world that is highly competitive there are certainly costs associated with this. How did you do it. So -- -- the first. First and I think that is a big markets 177. Billion dollar market in approaching market. So we can take a small percentage of that and start converted over to plant based protein. In a pretty good business and you look at all the social reasons to do this -- look at whether it's human health and heart disease diabetes cancer. Look at resources the -- that's going on California -- -- climate change. There's a little known fact -- it's 51%. Of greenhouse gas emissions can be -- last slipped more than half the house exactly. And you look at things -- welfare so you have all these reasons to move in this direction and of course had a big market. So it's something that a lot of businesses and a lot of investors -- them. It certainly heard this big market it's a growing market you seeing nowadays health food shops -- so many corners of cities. We had -- that founder of whole they would spread John MacKey here who had this idea to create whole foods years before that was a trendy thing there. You're now inside -- -- -- and a whole foods has a special place in my -- they've been enormously -- velocity you know could have squeeze -- for price margin etc. but what -- -- has given a helping hand up so -- at every stage of product development on both of these products they -- -- positive -- -- with -- to get into the stores and helpless. Are you saying that they art. Asking you to help them make money that they are actually losing money on beyond me and I wouldn't have to losing money that's certainly -- -- -- but they are X. Really supportive of getting new proteins in the market and our vision for the future is that you go to the grocery store and you don't buy. Meat and meat alternatives but you go to a protein section. An approaching section has -- -- meat from animals and has -- from plants and consumer gets to. -- -- -- -- McDonald's would you ever. -- it is seen this -- the -- -- someday so as much as I love whole foods we have to be in McDonald's. That's what we wanted to that's -- change happens and seventy million people will -- those stores of today we need to be there selling products and actually we're talking all the major food chains. And -- -- and one of them. The red meat making so much. I did enjoy it -- not Cadillac after.

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{"id":22665876,"title":"Beefing Up Vegan Food","duration":"3:00","description":"Startup Beyond Meat creates food that tastes just like meat from plant products.","url":"/Business/video/vegan-food-recipes-beefing-vegan-food-22665876","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}