Watch These Elephants Walking Through African Safari Lodge Mfuwe

Give back getaway: Bushcamp safari tour donates percentage of profits to build schools for kids in Zambia.
8:00 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Watch These Elephants Walking Through African Safari Lodge Mfuwe
More than 46 million Americans are leaving home for Thanksgiving and that is the highest number of travelers since 2000 sap at. But don't Africa as one of the vacation destinations travel to Africa was supposed to hit an all time high this year. Increasing from 6% from last year. But the Ebola Virus has scared tourists away and now safari operators are seeing twenty to 70%. Declines. But to want to for doors are looking to turn that around Andy Hoggan Avant or instant. Teamed up to find a way to bring travel back to African safaris there in San amp. Profits will go toward building schools in Zambia and anti poaching efforts some staggering poaching numbers caught RI we want to call your attention to them. In Central Africa the F elephant population has declined by 64%. In a decade. And in just three years ivory seeking poachers have killed 100000. African elephants. I want to welcome any hot co-founder and owner of bush camp company and before we lodge. And Evan or instant co-founder and executive editor of cool hunting it's a nice have both of you with six finance. Thank you others staggering statistics and of course is so many Americans have been following people around the world have been following. Be able epidemic has really put a dent in things. Mastered. They have it's enormous that the impact. And that's obviously an impact in Africa. That it's almost an impact in the State Street tour operators. Not getting from cools and not getting emails so they've businesses. And trouble. That that the impact in Africa is enormous. It's it's not only people people's business has been its projects community and conservation projects that those are going to be in jeopardy. If we can't get this this right. Because those private dollars Dee Dee create incentives they creep higher. Businesses and a lot of that private money is what's going towards rebuilding communities in many parts of Africa. So and that's one of the things that we love about when Indian was kept company does is that he's a real pioneers and taking. You bring a small fee and everyone's reservation every day and saying we're gonna use that money. Towards conservation efforts locally. So explain how all of this works. We we add into race. A certain amount of news venues for up projects. And we do best concert community projects and conservation projects. We divide you guys about 400000 dollars a year. That goes back into two. Finding about 400 children to at a school media 400000 dollars yes that the total number is about 400000 dollars. And we use that for various different projects. One of them is is spending about 400 kids to go to school media. The others feeding 18100 kids a day when me and today. And in this conservation projects you helped fund. And the the anti poaching units with with an aircraft to QQ and pension and anti poaching surveillance. But it's it's it's so it'll comes from the business of raising many who comes from tourists coming. Coming to Zambia and to any of this country's so did not an issue is is affecting. Businesses bid by affecting businesses affecting people. And it and initially feel for weeks ago an episode. In in the past so much and send it. Can you see a lot of cancellations. We have seen that a concessions that we have what he does is the forward bookings that I'm coming in which is which is huge. Symbolism obviously really serious issue and you should investigate where we are going for travel or other reasons if there's. Health concerns. But some yet is about the seven hour plane ride away. From where there's an info to nothing in the region in southeastern part of Africa. Has any below whatsoever to actually getting on a plane in New York going to LA and backtracking back almost a Colorado it's that far away. So it's not really an immediate danger in at least a part of Africa that Andy is it. Which really puts all of this adds perspective for people who. They took booking Africa is like one big place that it is and many many different countries many many different. People and experiences at nationalities there's there's a lot going on there it's not just one day. Obviously can't keep coaching side this story that's been going on much longer than people it has been in the news. One of the reason that it goes on is because of the economic benefits to the poachers what on the black market right now what are tossed spelling for. I'm not sure of the value that it used to be that needed more than gold. Morning Baltimore loans and anyone expense. The price of gold. That's it as really valuable. That's not to oversee the people that you're doing two on the ground and that's the end use is oversee getting the big money. That the guy on the ground is is is getting a job he's getting employment and and until that until his political world. An African countries. Predominantly east to sort of problem out we we and I have a problem that. It's it's it's as it goes back to the community in the conservation. If if we can link community and conservation together without businesses we will have a chance of making an impact if we can't link. The community. To that we've not and that we not gonna have won't be able to make an impact at the end of the day. And it's gonna simple if you have a successful local business in your employing a lot of people within the community and they're not looking for outside jobs like coaching. It's one way of thinking about it. They have an economic opportunity that makes sense it's right there it's for the taking they're not going to be ignored it just. You know to ferry S. And it's something they're proud of planning and he's probably the biggest employer in the region where he's based and people take a real source of pride in working for him. We're seeing. The screen right here elephants walking through what appears to be the lobby is that we are great seeing you on this safari. At this at this time of the unity is this Sunday I'll come right into the lobby. That's correct red neck comes through Colombia is to guide to while mango tree which is right at this time did on the Fitch has dropped at this time of the year. That can be at this alienated science might have ridiculous but at the zoo. Or or even didn't post the pictures of safaris that you see it they're somewhere farther away but those people were standing grant on the other side you know what looks like checking. Yet it's it's kind of amazing I have been there couple time I have not seen that yet we tend to go in the summer which is the dry season. Thanks you are very close to the wild life just feet away from just about every enemy command. That's I think what part of what makes going on safari so exhilarating and in particular doing it in the south going national park where that we like space. It's amazing that the trust so that the animals have in people to them to do that. And L 100% wild it's not. These are wild elephants that we're seeing locking people up it completely. When I think he must somebody on the other side of that counter must have a pack of combos or something. Yeah she sits I don't know I don't know what they like to let its anyway. It's really unique experience that an amazing things to see Andy and I thank you so much for joining us for having me appreciate it and thank you. Thank you and thank you for joining us for real this we hear from you. Where are you heading for the holidays. Maybe not Africa but we still like teacher about it you can like test between us at Rebecca Jarvis and how to below and from the studios in New York City at Rebecca Jarvis have a great day.

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"Give back getaway: Bushcamp safari tour donates percentage of profits to build schools for kids in Zambia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27169440","title":"Watch These Elephants Walking Through African Safari Lodge Mfuwe ","url":"/Business/video/watch-elephants-walking-african-safari-lodge-mfuwe-27169440"}