14 best and worst movies of 2017

Film critic Peter Travers takes a look back at the year in movies and reveals his list of the best and worst movies of 2017 on this edition of "Popcorn With Peter Travers."
15:57 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for 14 best and worst movies of 2017
Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition popcorn it's the ended the year so it's time for me. To reward those means that we're really good. And really trashed those movies that would immediately and boy I thought that planning. But in the holiday spirit I'm gonna start with a lucky that the movies that I really like them going to go. Quartz with with numbers and number seven accused the pope's. This is the Steven Spielberg movie starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. About the Washington Post in the early seventies and the Washington Post cited. They would publish the Pentagon papers even though the president at the time Richard Nixon's. Publishing the secret documents was the equivalent of trees. And yet they did it. You have so many good performances in this movie but in Meryl Streep playing the publisher of the Washington Post Catherine Ingraham. You have that performance that speech that this time here's a woman. Who is basically silent by man. Then we're making all the decisions she got to say nothing and finally she says I'm gonna make it I'm Dennis be out for myself. Has there ever been anything like that it anything in the seventies it beat ward did this world we live in right now. Then a president tainted the press. You have nothing but make news you lie all the time the press should not be free to say what they want want to control it. This is maybe not only one of the best movies of twits at dean but the most topical definitely feed the post. Number six I'm choosing a film called the shape of Warner directed and written by the great Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. A love story between a cleaning one. Working in the Cold War and a government place in. Secret government where they do experiments in Baltimore Maryland who falls in love with one of those experiment it's a creature. They found in the Amazon. And because she's mute and because he creatures mean. They speak to each of them with their eyes and with their hearts this is one of the most romantic movie you'll see anywhere if you know built or allies that. You've got to you put it nine. Number five. Is a movie called three billboards outside and being Missouri. Here you're seeing Frances McDormand who's a great actors anyway at the very peak of her powers I know she's won and Moscow already. Four Fargo which was directed by her husband Joseph Collins the cone. But here she's playing a woman who is still angry at the police. Because her daughter had been raped and murdered. Eight months before and they've done nothing about. So what she's doing is he's renting read billboards in which he asked the gate that belief but they're lazy yes but their refusal to solve this crime. And here's a movie which is written and directed by the Irish playwright Martin McDonough. That captures this feeling we all have today. Helplessness and anger we've got the ball we want to fight City Hall but we. It's funny in the dark comic kind of way and also something that you'll take to heart Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell. As the police officer who tried third thing. Are both going to be high on the Academy Award nominees this year another really great move. Okay now before. Is credit girl leads me lady bird. Here's a movie that when I describe it to you it sounds like every other kind of coming of age movie date night city. Searcher Ronan is playing a girl and Sacramento's. Graduating from high school as problems with the mother has problems with the mineralized. And its conflict haven't seen and a hundred times before you have not what's pretty girl has carved this screenplay out of her own life. Growing up in Sacramento. Because they're for Ronan and Laurie make that argument performances. So good. That you take it to heart you feel that everything they're saying is about your own growing up no matter what time. It's a perfect movie of its kind that will go and the time capsule for movies about coming. All right number three. To me being most romantic movie of the year call me by name. Directed by duke and what they need unity Italian director who finds this sensuality in this story that in the age and it's inordinately. And it's about a young boy who. Worked his father than in the summer who does research into Greek statuettes and mythology. And every year every summer there's another intern and in turn this year's plea by me. The two of them fall in love and not just that will but its first. This is a music captures that you that only happens once in all. When you look at it that the person. This is the one for me it's about that feeling in the heartbreak that comes when it doesn't work. Timothy shall Manny is 22 years all and giving a performance that put him. Right up there with the Gary Oldman and thomas'. And Daniel Day-Lewis. To great performed an army hammer is doing the best work of his career. This assistant to the boy's father. Who doesn't know how basically handled the awkwardness of what's going on. A truly great men. All right number two number two is a movie that it was like this with me number two number one which one do it yet. But number two I'm thinking Jordan peels get. A film that is he harm that's what people folded. But what happens two at sea monsters announcing monsters at all what I'm seeing is a man played by Daniel Cooley. Who. On the girlfriend in. Often Williams and she says I wanna take you home to meet my. Anything we'll do they know one black and did they know what to expect when I get there isn't. Oh they really great. And then what Wi fi. Is a horror movies flat black comedy. About the coal opting of black culture in America the co opting of something that's not there. And making not just funny and sit here call but scare. Because who are we as people and how to we hold on to our individuality. This is a really complex theme and Jordan peel has tackled it and made something relieved that. Are right so number one number one best picture of 2017 to me is Christopher Nolan Dunkirk. This is set in 1940 before America's entered the war but Great Britain. Is stranded these soldiers are stranded on the beaches plan done. No way to get out Hitler's troops are coming right at them and. The war an everything that's happening is dependent on this one can they be evacuated. How did they get exactly can depend on the government on Winston Churchill you can't you have to depend on yourself. So the British got together in their small boats came across the English Channel and rescued almost 100. And. And the decision was made in parliament and on those beaches that. Who do. A higher IQ what's impossible that you like that. Chris Nolan is the best director here because what he doesn't tell you nothing he put you there. And he'd done her land he's here on C and he he's in the air that you are definitely. And you feel. Something so scary dead again relates to right now when you had a leader in the United States who also has his hands. On the. That could they've basically we're all going to be at war he could be global catastrophe. If someone makes the wrong decision. In Dunkirk we see people make the right decision. Let's just hope it the right decision is made. So look at it says it pertinent movies. That speak to the present and the future as well as the path that there's said. And I would declare this. One of the best years for movies in the long. Right now I'm going for the worse the worst movies of 2017 which I call the unlucky seven and I'm gonna go backwards again today to talk about them. Number seven a movie I hate for so many reasons but let me start at the beginning it's called the remote human. It should have actually been funny because like Hannah motif there part of life. And we want them desperately but he did. We get nothing we get a man emote g.'s voice by TJ Miller who says I don't want of the matter when it be one thing I wanna be a lot of things. And then we have Patrick Stewart is that who we're Mozy. And my rude office per team OG. And nothing happens it's just sit. There on the screen and die if I can't think of something better animated do for kids in this he did not. It. Fifth sixth is a successful movie I'd love shoes movies that are box office hit. That I do not understand why you're all going through the people it's called daddy's home to. Why act you know here's Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg playing the scene bothers stepfather Lou routine they did in the first one. But now it's their father's entered the picture John Lithgow plays the super sweet daddy will Farrell. And Mel Gibson comes in as the mean spirited sexist father Mark Wahlberg. Who tells basically his grandchildren that how they need to treat woman is to grab whatever they want Ingraham. I wish this with it here call but it is it. It's it's a movie that says what Mel Gibson is doing in this movie is good advise. How did a movie so topped managed to get it to theaters for the holidays and be so awful I just don't get. OK number five the mountain between us now. I like romantic movies look the next guy let's call me by name Matt love the shape of Warner but here's a movie starring two amazingly charismatic actors. Kate Winslet and your cell book. This Rangers they decide to rent a private plane the plane crashes. I did not believe one fat. This room I never believed in there traction. The whole movie is set up so that while they're trudging through this known fighting off wild cougars. They then will look at each other and fallen and as though they needed a moment where they run across a and that they can go and have sex in next to a roaring fire now I just want to throw my popcorn. Green went. Up so bad now. Our number four number four is called the mommy. This it was another nail in the coffin of the career Tom Cruise. Who took this movie and decided not to play the money he's a guy he's an expert antiquities old woman plays the money. And it was to hostess or a whole new theories read it the great harm like Frankenstein. Dracula war. Well this wouldn't die such debt that the box office that I don't think university and pursue this idea of making me which are. Really bad. But the thing Tom Cruise and they know how to do this and so well each wrapped. In a movie that doesn't work on any level is just tremendously that they should have been that state is it that you won with skate. From the theater while you're watching. There number 30. Boy 5050 shades darker is the name it's the sequel to fifty states Cragg. Which means Jamie Dornan is pat as the billionaire. Who somehow gives a break too young intern who's played by Dakota Johnson. But now she's in the digital magazine business but he's status you know he's basically in two. Being a guy who can only get off by torturing her this he was the first time. These books work much but it leads the books dealt with. Why people who are submissive and dominance. Get being submissive dominant he Wii to seek to awkward actors. Who look like they want to fire their agents for trapping them in a movie that just puts them in awkward situation. Yeah it's nothing for the awkwardness I felt by watching it and the need that I had inside of me just say don't do the third don't do the third one they whale. And you're going to don't call this people that that the best way you can speak it is it's. So that's when you can't make up there one more for so please don't. OK number two. Number two is the dark tower. Again. To charismatic actors it yourself but again it just had a bad year this map between us now ducked our. He is the gun flee her Matthew McConaughey the evil man plaque Stephen King. Wrote a novels based on the dark tower actors all of them are terrific. This is bait to the at 95 minute movie that feels like it's 95 hours to sit there and why nothing. Nothing works. And the disappointment I feel when I watch this is is acute because. These books were good you didn't have to screw up our what you could've. Actually made a good movie or even a mini series out of it in state you made one of the very worse than these the year. Op police people. Here we go you worst movie 2017. What is it and I am calling it right now as transformers. The last night if only the last man on the lectern for me it's the fifth. I have named the worst award for the laugh got ten years. After Michael Bay because he always seems to win no matter what makes Italy's number one works with mostly be cut he's act. He makes movies that are cynical. That attract audiences that think they are going to get something exhilarating and adventures and he has such contempt. Toward the audience that makes movies or that you can you sit there and say. Why should I watch this than you think it's stupid and you making the movie to make it even more stupid and you're looking at the in thing you earth soccer. Who's paying money to see the crap that for now. This is the worst Mark Wahlberg who stars in this one has it down that this is the last one he'll ever been marked. This is the best decision I've made I think we have audiences need to say we want a money and watch it again. And that is the way to end the year with the idea to keep bad movies out our lives. Lee.

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{"duration":"15:57","description":"Film critic Peter Travers takes a look back at the year in movies and reveals his list of the best and worst movies of 2017 on this edition of \"Popcorn With Peter Travers.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51908036","title":"14 best and worst movies of 2017 ","url":"/Entertainment/video/14-best-worst-movies-2017-51908036"}