143rd Westminster Kennel Club dog show underway at Madison Square Garden

More than 2,800 dogs and 203 breeds and varieties are participating in this year's show.
3:13 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for 143rd Westminster Kennel Club dog show underway at Madison Square Garden
It's up to New York City now on a lighter note. Where the Westminster dog show is in its 143. Year. Where did dogs are strutting the a it down via convention hall there were are will read has been tracking them to date 2800 contestants. Here's what Reeves report take a look. Well I am here with wrists and my friend Eli here getting ready for the big day big show coming up Chris. What's happening with Eli here voted on. Its operations Parikh is in the ring so right now but this is turning. Have a getting closer says it's getting close to showtime Eli looks very relaxed which. Group which field is is Eli competing in here wow that's gonna eat and the other standard poodles. And then he wins as a marine guns and group. Winds that means intestines. All right well Chris Ely Beth a lot you stay groomed upstate comets thought in began igniting painted me to let. Take a little walk here we are in the midst of where all the dogs and their handlers are it's pretty chaotic but there seems to be a method. To the madness in and is gonna take you along on a walk here. And fuel we find their dogs and that. Every different kind of dog you've ever seen 3200. Plus dogs entered in this year's competition the 143. Annual. Westminster. Lots of dogs and I've never seen before don't really recognize but there all the very best of the best of their breed they're all being groomed here this looks really. Quite enjoyable. That's basically a miniature version of Ely who we just saw now on the way there aren't the people here. The big show at night is at Madison Square Garden we actually on the westside of Manhattan right on the Hudson River on pier 92. It's just a bigger space because the event has grown and grown over the years there's so many more people and so many more dog easier to fit them. And as you can see we jam mall in here we're getting into the many dogs over here this guy. I'm not allowed to touch them because they're getting ready for their show. What sorted out is that that is the Chow Chow as you know. The good looking dog he looks very fluffy but we'll let you get ready for years your big day. That's how we all aspire to be have a little fan. Blow and our hair getting ready for our big performance out on the grip on the biggest stage of the mall. For dogs. Really if it's it's a fun experience here. It's a lot of different people from all over the country all over the world they come. They're celebrating the very best of the best in every this is their live their livelihood. It just keeps going and going all the way the other entering have time to get today they're actually starting to judge the dogs. Who will be here all day give you whatever we can at the Westminster Kennel Club. Lot supply and lots of exciting. Dog stuff going on if your dog lovers here in Manhattan try to get down here I can't touch and I can't take at him but this is kinda have been for dog lover like me. And I thanks to will weave for about a fun assignment for him.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"More than 2,800 dogs and 203 breeds and varieties are participating in this year's show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60996514","title":"143rd Westminster Kennel Club dog show underway at Madison Square Garden","url":"/Entertainment/video/143rd-westminster-kennel-club-dog-show-underway-madison-60996514"}