May 19, 1986: Arnold Schwarzenegger on starring in action-adventure films

Schwarzenegger elaborates on his acting career, and why he is not interested in acting in what he calls 'low-key' films.
2:35 | 07/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for May 19, 1986: Arnold Schwarzenegger on starring in action-adventure films
Cuddy till about criticizing that liberals are filled with gratuitous violence that concern and I don't care but this is an inclusive. No matter what you do in life you will be criticized him do we some people who love what you're doing. And always will be something with a don't like would be doing so you're just have to accept that's good you can move to a picture of or anything didn't please everyone but the fact of the matter is. That's mine pictures support action adventure pictures and general. I really the biggest grossing pictures which is an indication that the majority of people love those kind of movies. You've been quoted as saying I'm interested in the movie making money on not hung up on being an actor's actor or doing what they call artistic movies. Do you still fill that went. I'm not. In this profession to who. And you know great acting ability. Oh well I can do this at the same time within action adventure through to put them you know there are other people did a much better and doing those kind of low key pictures to record a class act. And then go with the Academy Awards was bad that's fine but I mean therefore and detain people and see you have everyone in America see throughout have been just five million people see. He final a lot of the people you encounter have a tendency to see only the body which is unity and obviously have a magnificent bodies and if you've worked down here. You for helping to welcome of hookup thing here put that you've worked dad quite a bit. You find a lot of people can't get past the body of eight they have an image of you because of that the second time that frustrated with. Well find this frustrating somebody to seize. In the beginning the body reminiscent of through the person. To show other sides of themselves and armed I really never had a problem that some would just saw me as the body and nothing else so I can never complain about. It seems like everything you touch turns to gold which are secret. I think the secret is being in America. I don't think that they would have done that anywhere else in the world I think that my luck studded that happened when it came to this country. I think it is really the land of but the film reduces gave me the chance to to make a lot of money to invest. Toward economic structure assisted people who still have the chance to make it. Even foreigners like myself. And and so I was very happy and I think you know sort of so perform that this happened. Acting writing books and doing seminars and competing in bodybuilding. And doing various different things I think. Coming to this country really has there's been this if you.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Schwarzenegger elaborates on his acting career, and why he is not interested in acting in what he calls 'low-key' films.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48912377","title":"May 19, 1986: Arnold Schwarzenegger on starring in action-adventure films","url":"/Entertainment/video/19-1986-arnold-schwarzenegger-starring-action-adventure-films-48912377"}