2013 Oscars: And the Nominees Are...

Dan Kloeffler and Peter Travers discuss nominations for 85th annual Academy Awards.
3:00 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for 2013 Oscars: And the Nominees Are...
And good morning everyone I'm Dan Cutler in New York it is the biggest morning in Hollywood we are just moments away from the nominations for the 85 annual Academy Awards live from the academy's Samuel Goldwyn theater in Beverly Hills. First though before we go -- there for the big announcements we are joined by none other than Peter Travers film critic extraordinaire host of ABC's popcorn Peter Travers. Peter I had to get up early for 1 man on nomination morning it is you center honored I can't believe this but you know you would have been I probably would have -- -- would have been -- pajamas the big headlines are already looking at this morning. Which. Movie gets the most nominations that's the headline -- the one that does is the usual winner. So I'm going -- on -- -- here OK I think and Linkedin gets the most nominations real I think I'm saying that it could be twelve or even thirteen. Followed by -- ms. Iran because we love misery we do -- -- that only absolute -- to -- -- relate to yes Argo Ben Affleck Argo and Kathryn Bigelow zero dark thirty now you're gonna say they can nominate ten movies for best picture and you'd be right. But I'm saying there's only four movies if this contest. They've already hear those mentioned. We can alcohol are right and I want to talk to a little bit about some of the -- afterwards because that's always just as exciting talk about not only who got the credit and who got the recognition but those. Ever kind of left by the wayside -- of that because we feel for those people. But people in Hollywood don't feel for them all six of -- that -- they can go and do it but all the other actors that state to the actors who weren't nominated. I voted for -- are lying through their teeth. Well it is Hollywood after -- -- I -- -- have to keep a certain air about them like Christmas -- for you is it not -- is it easy would you -- -- am -- religious holiday now. Either way I prepare for this all the time. Even though if I asked you or anybody on the street who won last year they would go like this. And that's what -- that's exactly what happens I'm surprised -- your putting so much emphasis on Lincoln I mean that being a late comer to the scene. Well Lincoln came out before zero -- third right you know and Europe are thirties got a lot of -- because. Other than critics like myself. Washington DC has gotten into the credit business and -- -- to Kathryn Bigelow. Did you get this information about the CIA and we might put you into jail. You know that's a new wrinkle and -- academy and that is -- I mean in an Argo is well I mean I think -- -- the fact that you've got -- you've got zero dark thirty you've got these. Historical and very significant moments in US. It's a great honor to be here to announce the nominees I'm not sure why. We don't wait till noon to do this is the only people who were up right now are either flying or having surgery. But I want to congratulate today's nominees and also to congratulate those who weren't nominated you can stop doing interviews where you pretend that you had such a great time making the movie. And here to help me out since there's nothing -- fear that a guy's standing by himself in Hollywood at 5 in the morning. There's the lovely and talented miss Emma Stone. Thank you -- Emma Stone is the star of the new film gangster squad that's an actor the star -- -- -- -- ensemble piece. -- -- The star of the new film gangster squad and is one of the brightest talents of her generation some say. She's better than Merrill Streep who -- who says that. Not announced -- a lot of people. Let's just read the nominee not -- okay the nominees will be ready in no particular order. Fourth best performance by an actor in a supporting role the nominees are. Christoph Waltz in jango unchanged. He's what -- -- Philip Seymour Hoffman in the master. He has won before. Robert De -- in silver linings playbook but he's run before. -- arcane argot -- he has won before. And Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln did he's won before. Breath of fresh air in that category. For best original song nominees are before my time from chasing ice music and lyrics by -- -- Highs lullaby from life of -- music by Michael Deanna -- -- by bomb -- -- Suddenly from lame as a rock music by Claude Michel Sternberg cleared by Herbert Pratt's murder and a -- -- -- Everybody needs the best friend from -- music -- Walter Murphy. Eric Wright said McFarland. And -- fall from -- fall and music and lyric by Adele adkins and Paul app worth. Let's medical Examiner's you know -- I -- get I get literally the. He the the MTV awards one. Thought nothing that's what's happening today -- I got an -- -- The 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role are. Sally Field in Lincoln. And Hathaway in lame as a rob. Jacki Weaver in silver linings playbook. Helen Hunt in the sessions. And Amy Adams in the master. Congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. We're best animated feature film the nominees are. Franken we need Tim Burton. The pirates band of misfits Peter lord. Wreck it Ralph rich more. Parent Norman Sam fell and Chris Butler. And brave Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman. For best foreign language film. Nominees are. From Austria more. From she -- know. From Canada war which. From Denmark a royal affair. And from Norway Kon Tiki. I read I read a more was co produced. But in Austria and Germany -- the last time Austria and Germany got together corporate or somebody was Hitler but this is much better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. For adapted screenplay we had Lucy Alomar and -- -- and for beasts of the southern wild. Chris carry out for -- ago. Tony Kushner for Lincoln and David -- Russell for silver linings playbook. And David Mickey for life of high. These are adapted screenplays keep in mind so that means the writers just -- copied stuff from Microsoft Word. And pasted it into final draft. For best original screenplay. The nominees are. John Dayton's for flight. -- -- for zero dark thirty. Quentin Tarantino -- jingle and chains. Michael Hanna -- for a more. And Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola -- -- -- kingdom. For best achievement in directing. The nominees are David O. Russell for silver linings playbook. Sang -- for life of pi. Steven Spielberg for Lincoln. Michael Chanukah four more. And -- island for beasts of the southern wild. These are five people who are the very best at sitting in a chair. Watching other people make a movie. The nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role are Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln. Denzel Washington in flight. Hugh Jackman in -- -- -- Bradley Cooper in silver linings playbook. And Joaquin Phoenix in the master. He's just little fun facts for you -- -- character was actually as strong get half of the people who are up at this hour. Guilty four. For best performance by an actress in a leading role the nominees are. Naomi Watts in the impossible. Jessica -- -- in zero dark thirty. Jennifer Lawrence in silver linings playbook. Emmanuel -- in now more. In the beasts of the southern wild. At 85 Emmanuel Reba is the oldest best actress nominee in Oscar history. Prevent -- Wallace is the youngest best actress nominee ever she's nine. And finally we are pleased to announce that the films selected as the best picture nominees for 2012. Are. Beasts of the southern wild -- -- B Josh Penn and Michael got -- Producers. Silver linings playbook. On -- July -- Bruce Cohen and Jonathan Gordon producers. Zero dark thirty mark all Kathryn Bigelow and Matt and Allison producers. Lincoln Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy produces. -- is -- robbed him -- then Eric found parent Debra Hayward and Cameron Mackintosh producers. Life of -- Gil netter Ang Lee and David -- mark produces. A more nominees to be determined. Jango unchained Stacy share Reginald public. -- -- Simone producers. And Argo. Grant had thought Ben Affleck and George Clooney producers Argo has been nominated somebody tell Cranston -- can -- clinch his teeth now. -- -- Please join us at the Oscars Sunday February -- fourth. To find out who will take home the Oscars congratulations. All the nominees. Seth MacFarlane and MS down making today announcements this morning out of Beverly Hills and Peter -- know you've been taking some. Very -- just in all over the place furiously writing all the big surprises from those nominations well there's a lot of surprises to me I mean because they always tend to read about what are the popular movie bride you know the ones that do it and also sometimes. Unpopular ones that are really great and by that I meaning the master. The master seems to have such wonderful performances in it since all three of the main characters are nominate Philip Seymour Hoffman -- do you get the -- he didn't get as did Joaquin Phoenix right guy who came out and said. This attack Emmy award stuff is just all car -- that I don't want any. Part of -- -- that's the secret you -- the academy get yourself and but I have to respect them for that I also respect them from picking. Beasts of the southern wild a small indie movie. That everybody tends to avoid but look at the big stuff look what does Christopher Nolan have to do. To be nominated Ford the Dark Knight or the Dark Knight rises. The idea of changing the nominees from five to. As many as ten right they did not you know -- could in the throng that tenth one in when they had the opportunity to do government they decided. Now we're not gonna do that. Got you said earlier on air interview -- is seeking a -- -- -- you afraid that beasts of the southern -- was gonna get snubbed and other. President -- wasn't -- supporting actress. No whose main -- actress so the US you have the youngest and the oldest of manual Riva is 85 and I can't -- Cuban Johnny while I ask you very much is. The person who is -- six when she made this movie and is nine now and I think that's a sign that some kind of changes happening in the academy and what about sky fall were you surprised yeah. Yes and you know sky -- -- they're giving attribute the fiftieth anniversary -- right to James Bond on the Oscars Javier Bardem. I thought was true -- pick in this movie and deserved -- supporting nomination but they said now. Why. And why indeed are they leaving out people who are stars that usually come in and help the show get watched. Christoph -- didn't give the best performance in -- -- changing threat but Leonardo DiCaprio is in that. Making a big splash in that and they are saying no we're not gonna do that for you so there's no Leo there's no Javier Bardem. They took out. Somebody who is extremely popular Maggie Smith who is in two movies. Best exotic marigolds hotel and quartet we lover on Downton -- And they said. Best supporting actress it's not use of Jackie Weaver got in there -- Surprising here is that everybody in. Silver linings playbook is nominated people were worried that wasn't going to move in the Oscars. It did and the directors guild that usually determines these things. They did not nominate Tom Hooper for -- as Iraq which was considered Lincoln's big competition. Yep that's not looking good for -- -- Lincoln in fact is leading the number of nominations with twelve. And you had called that right before they went out well my work is done. And an Atlanta today and about a mile but didn't you -- think when you heard Seth MacFarlane. What a great host he's going to be there is good about them go by there is definitely going to be some bite this guys that we had planned thank goodness that they nominated suddenly as best song -- -- ms. Because -- and I are actually going to -- our way out of this 03 OK I didn't know that we -- we're gonna do that are written I guess a good thing I've practiced. Early this morning overall Middle East for 2012. What do you think can you put -- -- description or definition was -- theme was that excitement was Hollywood at its finest. An amazing thing happened it was a great year for movies but he really amazing thing is is that the Academy Award nominations basically. When along with popular -- Lincoln has made over 150 million dollar claim is is over. A hundred million dollars. I look at all of these lists of movies and I say. Look what's happening people -- -- Is an amazing. I hit. And I'm gonna go out on a limb again and say despite all Lincoln's nominations despite all of this that's happening. Ben Affleck and Argo is the -- is the -- course. Really think. You think he really proved himself and I think he did prove himself I think that's more of an old school movie you know there's a lot of controversy about zero -- thirty because of Washington DC getting in the act saying. -- you know what was going on what I know about waterboarding. We want to investigate what CIA people you talked about the -- doesn't alike that much controversy. They like something especially when it's in the past with. With last year's winner is the artist -- right before that it's the King's Speech right they love it when it's Peary -- they love it when it's a little safe. Then zero dark thirty some may -- zero dark thirty -- stood in your mind a better chance if it was maybe 1015 years from yeah I think if it came there because the thinking. -- maybe we don't want to encourage this may be these people are doing I hope not -- I really hope not because I think Kathryn Bigelow did the best job. And I'd been given yes which is everybody at home needs to know this when and you would -- your Oscar pool right. The best editing category that people pretend to not care about. You do not win best picture if you -- not nominated as best editing it's 90% of the time. This is what happened -- always look at that category and nominees are -- Lincoln life -- -- silver linings playbook and zero dark thirty. So I think the death -- is being wrongfully -- Allow. -- that the more than 90% odds I suppose that's not the when he went up -- the chips on. They dreamed a dream and it's not and apparently it is not Susan Boyle how to look social media reacted the nominations and the year is -- when -- got out of Washington DC Steve Connolly with Yahoo!. -- whatsoever when talking about about these nominations. It's funny to an east apple actually goes to point you and Peter -- talking about earlier and he pulled up the top searches that up for films on Yahoo! in 2012. And out of those top ten. Films searched the only one that's sort of came up was number nine which was sky fall. You can see the top five -- all of those sort of popular films that that didn't don't typically get nods from the academy. Magic Mike you see that Peter are you surprised by -- magic Mike six most searched movie in 2012. I'm not surprised. It would be in Connecticut and -- hitting the images button as they're coming -- -- another person who didn't get nominated for best supporting actor that I think should have which is Matthew McConaughey who had a really great year. He's on a roll he won the new York film critics award. And that sort of standing back from that too because maybe that's a little sleazy to them. Just like -- at that bonds -- is nominated for best song right but. What I know people love that -- -- last night at the People's Choice Awards. The people voted and -- Hunger Games was the best. Movie that -- we have Jennifer Lawrence nominated but for silver linings playbook right because the academy saying usually we stand back but. These movies that are nominated all are popular. This is -- the critics and the academy and the public are coming -- little thing together that's impressive and. And then that's a rarity when holidays when Holliday went Hollywood starts to make sense to the rest of the world -- the rest of the world starts to make sense Apollo and it's the end to the world at that. We thought the Mike or -- it wrong write off half the pay if any you know a lot of the movie theater a lot of -- that the production houses this year use social media to their advantage to kind of roll -- some trailers online -- they do remain at that proved to be a pretty effective technique. It did so I -- just a handful of films are getting a lot of -- to see when their trailers were released and what's her that tweet volume was around. And three didn't really stood out word jango. -- is a life of piety and his numbers are looking at -- -- -- the tweet volume that we saw around those titles on the day out and and talked for you actually -- the second one there. -- also look to defense meant. Abound. -- whether they use the full name -- the shorter name and people who use the shorter name was actually they were even more excited about the trailer than those who spelled out all the way. In trusting Peter what -- you are we always say to him is the only -- well what I mean who and his we just have a government report. Who says Reid is -- 800 station who met and -- to go into all of that. Hey -- -- what Seth MacFarlane same because I know obviously a lot of people follow him on Twitter with he's been saying about hosting this year's. And you know and I I don't. He managed to do that but he promised at least in his -- previewing on his announcement with Emma -- that he would also -- -- came and -- -- baby's name. Except that I. Why I love it and you know now that they have an eleven million dollar home. He and -- now in and Beverly Hills they've got someplace that they can make that big announcement from -- becoming pregnant so much Peter I wanna go over really -- about the nominations for best picture wanted to talk about the. -- Y 900. You couldn't imagine -- did that last year they wouldn't nominated comedy which is bridesmaid -- everybody loved bridesmaids and is that now forget it this year they said it detect. No we're not gonna do it. Beasts of the southern wild on there. I'm happy that they're on there but again I have to reduce it to. Zero dark thirty a great movie I think hasn't been those in in the race for best director I think we can't do that but so is Ben Affleck. I think we can run through them all weekend they may is life of -- which is beautifully directed by Ang Lee. I -- -- chains but Quentin Tarantino. Again all of this great I'm saying to you it's coming down to Lincoln. And -- Lincoln may -- -- up there in the front space the one to knock off and I'm saying. If he gets knocked off its going to be knocked off by armed men -- and half Steven Spielberg is. Young Hollywood coming into play the Ayatollah and Abraham has apparently that's -- -- there are heading and then you've got to worry about what people aware and let's face it. In the end. Why are people watching the Oscars. Who are you wearing wearing Jennifer Lawrence Jessica chest and what do you -- and Hathaway. What who did that come on you wait until last Steve and bring that's -- very to. Well which is why didn't want to ask who you were wearing this morning that it might not -- saving -- -- Oscar. Authority 85 Academy Awards air Sunday February 24 on ABC. And our incredible thanks to Peter Travers and -- Connolly for this this morning. -- fantastic time the insight that only he can get right here and that only you can off only here we -- site. Make sure you get your parking ticket validated when you leave it doesn't work. I think they had slept over everything Oscars. And all the day's news had -- abcnews.com. And have a great day.

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