2013 Oscars: The Surprise Nominations

Peter Travers on what was left out and included in this year's nominations.
3:00 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for 2013 Oscars: The Surprise Nominations
The big surprises from those nominations well there's a lot of surprises to me I mean because they always tend to -- about what are the popular movie bride you know the ones that do it and also sometimes. Unpopular ones that are really great and by that meaning the master the master seems to have such wonderful performances in it since all three of the main characters are nominate Philip Seymour Hoffman -- dig than not he didn't get as did Joaquin Phoenix right guy who came out and said. This handy awards stuff is just all -- -- I don't want any. Part of it maybe that's the secret you -- the academy get yourself and but I have to respect them for that I also respect them from picking. Beasts of the southern wild a small indie movie. That everybody tends to avoid but look at the big stuff look what does Christopher Nolan have to do. To be nominated Ford the Dark Knight or the Dark Knight rises. The idea of changing the nominees from five to. As many as ten -- they did not you know -- -- in the throng that tenth one in when they had the opportunity to do government they decided. Now we're not gonna do that. Now you said earlier on there in an interview black receiving a piece did you heads and were afraid that beasts -- the southern while I was gonna get snubbed and other. Doesn't it wasn't -- supporting actress. No whose main actor actress so -- yes you have the young. Sandy Alderson Manuel -- is 85 and I can't -- -- and Cuban Johnny while I ask you very much is the person who is with 620 made this movie and is nine now. And I think that's a sign that some kind of changes happening in the academy what about sky fall were you surprised yes and you know Scott fall and they're giving attribute the fiftieth anniversary tribute to James Bond on the Oscars Javier Bardem. I thought was true -- pick in this movie and deserved to supporting nomination but they said now. Why. And why indeed are they leaving out people who are stars that usually come in and help -- show get watched. Christoph -- didn't give the best performance in -- -- change right but Leonardo DiCaprio is in that. Making a big splash -- -- and they are saying no we're not gonna do that for you so there's no Leo there's no Javier Bardem. They took out. Somebody who is extremely popular Maggie Smith. Who is in two movies. Best exotic marigolds hotel and quartet we -- on Downton -- and they said. Best supporting actress it's not use of Jackie Weaver god and -- Surprise in here is that everybody in. Silver linings playbook is nominated people were worried that wasn't going to move in the Oscars. It did and the directors guild that usually determines these things. They did not nominate Tom Hooper for -- as Iraq which was considered Lincoln's big competition. Yep that's not looking good for not a -- -- Lincoln in fact is leading the number of nominations with twelve. And you had called that right before they went out well my work is done. I read it and -- -- and about it -- but didn't you -- think when you heard Seth McFarland. What a great host he's going to be there is good sound bite there is definitely going to be some by this guys that we had planned thank goodness that they nominated suddenly as best song from -- ms. Because -- and I are actually going to seeing our way out of this 03 OK I didn't know that we -- we're gonna do that are written I guess a good thing I've practiced. Early this morning overall move always for 2012. What do you think can you put -- -- description or definition was -- -- theme was that excitement was Hollywood at its finest. An amazing thing happened it was a great year for movies but the really amazing thing is is that the Academy Award nominations basically. Went along with popular -- Lincoln has made over 150 million dollars while -- -- is is over. A hundred million dollars. I look at all of these lists of movies and I say. Look what's happening people -- -- Is an amazing. I hit. And I'm gonna go out on a limb again and say despite all Lincoln's nominations despite all of this that's happening. Ben Affleck and Argo is them is the -- course. Really think. You think he really proved himself and I think he did prove himself I think that's more of an old school movie you know there's a lot of controversy about zero -- thirty because of Washington DC getting in the act saying. -- you know what was going on what I know about waterboarding. We want to investigate what CIA people you talked about the academy doesn't -- -- that much controversy. They like something especially when it's in the past with. With last year's winner is the artist -- right before that it's the King's Speech right they love it when it's Peary -- they love it when it's a little safer. Then zero dark thirty some may -- zero dark thirty -- stood in your mind a better chance if it was maybe 1015 years from yeah I think if it came there because the thinking. -- maybe we don't want to encourage this may -- these people are doing I hope not -- I really hope not because I think Kathryn Bigelow did the best job. -- I'd been given yes which is everybody at home needs to know this when you -- -- your Oscar pool right. -- best editing category that people pretend to not care about. You do not win best picture if you -- not nominated as best editing it's 90% of the time. This is what happens he'll always look at that category and nominees are -- Lincoln life -- -- silver linings playbook and zero dark thirty. So I think the death -- is being wrongfully -- Why when that -- -- -- 90% odds I suppose that's not the when he went with a -- son. They dreamed a dream and that's not -- apparently it is not Susan Boyle.

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{"id":18179644,"title":"2013 Oscars: The Surprise Nominations","duration":"3:00","description":"Peter Travers on what was left out and included in this year's nominations.","url":"/Entertainment/video/2013-oscars-surprise-nominations-18179644","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}