2021 Golden Globes highlights

The hosts of the Golden Globes and other celebrities call out the Hollywood Foreign Press Association over the lack of diversity.
7:09 | 03/01/21

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Transcript for 2021 Golden Globes highlights
Helping break down some of those big moments from the golden gloves and serious sex and radio host. An ABC news contributor Mike muse and the undefeated Kelly Carter good morning to you both my I wanna start with you the hosts and present year's winners even Hollywood Foreign Press Association themselves. Criticized the moto organization for having zero black members what did you make of that. I thought that was so important eight MM mall lives. So grim outlook awards season so much and I know a lot of people look at on this very me costly shallow perspective about the red carpet they announced they hear them make up all the pomp and circumstance is celebrating. These are with us arsenal that's huge egos. But had to end the day I look Dan. As for a platform a platform advocacy and attack former individuals and expressed their concerns to Wear for one moment a large percentage of the population is watching it taken ten finish and win these are state this moment and taxi stand out track. Activism and dressings and they care about it matters and it pays attention over the posted double down on that sterling K brown Saddam but now I'm a match that article to come out before. The awards show came out is forced the how to reform association to make a statement they couldn't help but not make a statement if they would have not made that statement they Whitman extremely tone death but is not enough for them to make a statement and for an article to come up. The intensity that consistent. Concern how. Stay on them and that's why am glad to see that ends items in Macon that statement that actors didn't let go what I and they were relentless in making sure to point out the atrocities. No black motorist in how. Foreman grass and Kelly that set many of last night's winners are people of color how much progress is that's out. And the little progress. The people who aren't necessarily in the Hollywood are all always and Golden Globes is a precursor excuse and the other words it was you know kind of call column being a witness. Down with the I. That's not. Actually is true but by asking that you know. We're seeing some progression but. The progression has to be losing group apparently and permanently very excited Daniel Cooley is win but Daniel Kerr lea and jamboree Yahoo! her little black man also had a duty black British man usually looking back. That's one of the things in this town is paying attention you you know that the Hollywood foreign press. The court nominee evening casting her bones or act. Actors who are outsiders. You last night in the image. We've seen that courts who we know that it is voting body you know love international. From actors and creators. As part of you look like my I think that I really always loses a close as being number see where we start seeing some of these political messaging you know come from and how an awards show where both Norman Lear and James Bond dirty nominated expectation. He pointed. There isn't happy conversations and so important not. Ignoring this was very very Smart I'm very happy it was going to come up regardless. Then these things usually do and Kelly Chloe Zhao made history as the first woman of color to win a Golden Globe for best director for her moving nomad land how significant. Do you think that. Mauling wives. Very significant. Very significant we have to talk about category three female directors. Which was a meeting in it was truly want to. Most hop around categories. This year on seeing her make any difference and be shot here is special and it is dealing. I was. Eight also another level little progress the only one he remembered Shas two years ago Regina king and SC when she was extent dean and work as an actor calling out this industry. And saying this immediately what she wanted to do what she was going to demand with regards to who was behind the camera and Asian there was such as top of that list not to bury where she me and and disease this com. Full circle and how her beach in this category nominated director in the G-8 female director and another color when O'Leary. And the question to both of you now Mike I'll start with you what was your favorite moment of the night. Of course there are so many favorite moments I love nobody Virginia saying I do. And this these Muslims in amaze aimed at my favorite is when a 181. Billy Holliday does have a personal connections and that. Billy Halladay in mind the use of my work on the net and talk about that she is when she sang that song strange fruit and segregated as clouds and early nineteen hundreds that was on the original no protests are that was her way of communicating masses just wore all white room a darkened by the arm comes to ability and being harmed but within that things. Her way of using music was our today ABC news lie it was how things communicated and then I talk about a mile out my other work talk about how Nina Simone was bleak comedy to Plano and I had a good as a manager hundred amateurs less years ago be front news using catheters movie and I say you are Billie Holiday read Plano you who it ever filed because every gun you should do it. And for the fact that she Weiner was hasn't is due money Carling and ditches and bodies who I'm today is in his moment and what she means turn it into music. She wanted to watch the gas as it 'cause. Is not an act for her she naturally. Is the Syrians and essence of Billie Holiday on the scene that together yes it was unreal remain. And I also loved seeing her reaction a reaction and everybody else who is in the room was or you could tell how significant. They found that moment to be. Kelly's question to you what was your favorite moment of the night. They were so many angry moment is that really wish our aunt Linda she is ready and exactly Nazi that was greater council and a half permit them colleges are just. Water ordered me for me I. I'm me another. Speech or some really fine he did was so emotional. And I don't think that anyone watching this show act homered in the the talent at least on the little boxes. You zoom how to track. I do you know come she. You know crying literally she Carnahan was such pretty dignity and religious reminded that not only other challenge we lack the talent that we celebrate an out and all in me he was sacked. I really wish our corporate here for this moment and two dollars come. But I thought that was probably the most special moment. At the officials here. Turning so many are sharing that sentiment with Iranian -- talked about not a dry eye in the house I am not a crier and even I was reaching petitions on the Allen what a moment I like music Kelly Carter. I know we talk about this for hours but I'm gonna let you guys go thank you so much. Give them the U.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"The hosts of the Golden Globes and other celebrities call out the Hollywood Foreign Press Association over the lack of diversity. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"76186366","title":"2021 Golden Globes highlights ","url":"/Entertainment/video/2021-golden-globes-highlights-76186366"}