May 22, 1987: James Earl Jones on his lesser-known stutter

Jones talked about how he learned to overcome his stutter when he was young.
3:00 | 01/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for May 22, 1987: James Earl Jones on his lesser-known stutter
Fascinating to me terror read to you were and it would seem to me the most unlikely person the world worst start over when you're young right then how do you overcome. By. The limits tall and the age of fourteen. How most of us learned before forking well I learned over cutting an English teacher in high school who discover that I wrote poetry and so he. That's who wanted to read my porch and from the class and who we discovered that a good stuff and I just insult to my own feelings my own thoughts. Came and we use that as of you know. Priests for getting back to. Does it ever crop up as a problem and stay Kosher ones that are always that are really. Heidi over a vineyard and can you feel it coming. You couldn't view eluded the if you emotionally wrought from something in your private life. You might tend to set her on stage I've suffered several times are in you know. You have not recover very welcome you can pretend to be very deliberate and thoughtful people picking up the right words that won't we won't ship on book. We're just as good as anybody else who is Sarah really it's it's it's just it's in the pauses that you that you and little heated slipping words that won't. When 2%. Now you mentioned that if you get emotionally wrought in something your personal life that might crop how about if the actor is in a particularly emotional time. When it happened then as well sometimes not only stuttering but. Actors who have won in the self. And it's kind of do Shakespeare or northern accent will often revert to this of them accidents like a little bit and Mississippi's think you know driven most voters I can't imagine it I know you were born into Syria and and raised there. You don't ever let that southern accents they can't really good good some times.

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{"id":52316236,"title":"May 22, 1987: James Earl Jones on his lesser-known stutter","duration":"3:00","description":"Jones talked about how he learned to overcome his stutter when he was young.","url":"/Entertainment/video/22-1987-james-earl-jones-lesser-stutter-52316236","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}