The 45th President Gets the Wax Statue Treatment

ABC News' Maggie Rulli checks out the new wax figure of President Trump at Madame Tussaud's in New York City.
12:06 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for The 45th President Gets the Wax Statue Treatment
A aunt Maggie curly hair hanging with our current threatening Donald Trump. Agents are getting it on action doubts about anything that was looking at it as close but it incredibly realistic. I'm right there at the main thing I America. Incumbent president trump alerts that and have them that it says New York. We asked them like that Eric here help through marketing and so that you help. We may sharing that creation like this wax figure president Donald Trump. Make its weren't supposed to be on time and look he's seen me relive it and hope it night. It just comes across on camera and the singing Big Three sixty line. Look at the Eric you're telling them hair in particular thing if you look at Easter and how many are there. Strands. 101000. Individuals brand over the course of six week. Smith and Donald Trump's hair and looked authentic and that no. Easy feat that figure but figures and zoning when he studio artists. Read more months and we certainly we had to move limited partner with president comes to air yet the effort and the artistry isn't figures. Absolutely amazing passion it's amazing. Could face a left their seven layers of paint on YouTube that trains and nature that you see you that would normally you. The only batter he just tuned in right now you might think and insanely close not completely close close up. Other art Fred today but did you are just tuning in that not every element lately look close of our president. It is black figure that is beneath your telling me all of your figures. What the timeline again that I was out when he artists from him or mustard agent Victor. In the case of pregnant when she always make the lack of the year and everything the president here it I capita rushed kind had a net profits back and getting to and. Increase wax figure and what we view as the as the racers getting closer we certainly make. The process for the green and Clay Bennett and those candidates that we had won him candidate Clinton and can't count. And on Election Day is when we go. We'll probably production. The actual president again. Unit's office work over time happy that. But it takes a lot of artists to get it done but somehow related to 0800% of our time energy on it. Together and figures not the only one there are president figures out. There's wine hearing that matches your parents where there's wine in Washington DC. Hartnett says he's read all documents presence. Also one that says Linda and patents it. There for a TV guide in existence once you're here that you acts also meant he started he won. You. Can't candidate but you actually have Hillary and here anyway we do we have a letter from what you first let me with President Clinton. Acting you'll unpacked president trumps figure. This is the first president that had a prior figure it matters not. All of the measurements this figure at 100% accurate. We sat down they'll run back in the late nineties to do is figure for the initial opening matches Bjorkman. Not art venue for the first time and it. From now when you sit down relax here people to give you a hard time and take your manager in Ned you know anything. Tech and up a little bit he had exchanging gifts our that's the accurate and it. Everybody has their opinion it you know 100% accurate. By the studio artists take this past very seriously and we've been doing exactly the same way few hundred years. For 200. Years that was the first turn to. Like 200 years but that profit irony here there it. Very close very accurate and that sister says that when she was doing we're doing it much the same place at. We'll we'll sit down with a particular person subject you figure. Over the course two to three hours will collect 215 measurements. Never ever that in any measurement on an eight it's breezy and then they're they're this up again. Artist they start with play enabled it to the rights dimensions and then. We asked around an opportunity to nature than it is an accurate replica person trying to make. I'm and then we use its play. To creates. Wax figure out at first players. Here. And to create figures there like Mike. The figure at slightly but yet another close hand. On black. President and Donald Trump now. Were there any. Difficulties in aching. Presidents come here it would any problem area had an extra time nine. Basic right that included the challenge was just days. Again next time period tenacious and go from Election Day to inauguration day after figuring you know we actually launched hard something here. Two days before the inauguration. That we enemy action Mercury in Thailand there today he made sure they even hearing timer inauguration yeah. Got 42 street could attract celebrating the inauguration. Although ultimately. I see maniacs they about it. You are silently yeah let's not amendment or it's a strong and silent now than you ever. Talking about their wax figure in McDonald's and adult like that there have you had any feedback from people went eventually made their wax figures actually we do. Do you mean and a lot of feedback and we try whenever possible to have respect me figure at about. Leaving it alone when you bring both live and adding sign off it whenever possible reports positive person. Makes any sign on and on engineering and released here. And here. That's Jimmy Allen was out here here ever got to hit five figures don't. Thanks comments let's. We knew I had a problem back here. Evidently so that they have seen at that hearing things happening. I think he's just nibbling at them and the occupant had anything. Hi I'm art of winning. Let guys telling it like at him again. Idol you also an issue in. Residents many in the back again and winning your favorite actually nearby right now rich think gallery of leaders and it snows and take me to. Your next favorite leader Jared I bite my favorite figure here Mets as New York also thanked the Pope also is punishable line that I mean president jump have been very popular. Good night but it did line that has started just to get their picture taken. With the wax presidents were not the prospect of a political operative now. Your extremely at a number of figures there are representing ward leaders in the in the world here scattering everybody from George Washington we've got the Kennedys knicks in the bushes Abe Lincoln and then other world leaders who. John Paul the second's. I'll practices my favorites is looking at me is how I ever so we're all mounds happening there's no roads or barriers union you know most personal. Figures mean we're asking you again behind. Find out do not any kind I. Should it to him at. And let's get it's how accurate and places like. Think you're. Yeah the Pope signed up that's. But didn't sign off on communicated with team that unit. Anxious about this I add evening and yet he had built a big ears. In New York on the day September's when he and Bentley fifteenth when he was coming sounds of their morning. Innately and bird. Have you or anyone wanted to Israel hardening of the real pain. I think you did the Pope specifically you're driving around town and couldn't tell you how many people stopped. There's not really looking and trying to talk for the taking without fear that's got the pot and taking shelter is an editor driving Lacey these looks like. In a minute something that's going up McCartney. You know he's very disciplined fits him. Let's also I guess who want to show Hillary Clinton he mentioned that you had both candidates ready to go. After that convention getting ready for work was going to read Oakland's injured compete against weakness in for president. Bill Clinton. Let Hillary was the Hillary Clinton as well. You must have heard as president did here but it city that are rushing crashing president trump. I'm betting on just tuning and where you're at ABC digital and we're checking out the latest attacks and over at an event so wax museum president trump is now here I just unveiled their four ask him. In the city and also look at how much maintenance it takes that you mentioned the 101000 hairs on Donald Trump's head and right now we haven't. Clemens the thing out of it is just K yeah this. CF and beautifully everything what is your name. Opens and you are in charge of making sure that people like nails hair remains under him and his. It will be years that there will be Google. How much her husband's spirit that everything is perfect especially in an easy task but. The local high tide will every morning we don't mean we Judy that case very. Meet. Queen's. Press in skin deep pictures. Really haven't explicitly. It's yeah Anderson does just will care take as much time for his games. So little. Eight EDE. Mail. It's sweet it's true we take a little longer. Eight but even. Leaves and and a very cool and how. In terms of prepping ending insert these days looking good and they do. How commitments time east and east. This morning one teammate JaVale. We. Our news mean anybody in the east room any means. Leighton diamond finally come and finally open everything turned itself from the mention that any. Here you can easily meet girls I'm making his free time doing it. Ordering it cleans everything that's being. Yeah yeah Extenders and he. I'll have for the public's. You act like yeah he does not gonna hurl herself over that. It giving it a bridges tearing around you know Eric airlines you know we've seen presidents from cuisine and former First Lady Hillary Clinton didn't seen them home. Now full circle here in the gallery of leaders. Pacman and certainly Washington. You know we have another important meet president over in the morning and singer actress and Moore's law. Like shards. Public upkeep will he ever legally calling feel wax figure I think jurists. New attractions nationally US big big. And a very ending the much for joining us Eric thank you so much and thank you let's get one last human on George Washington hearing. As we today good night out. Donald tracks the morning it all of thinking. This I don't accept the answer is telling you nothing testament right here and dime bag I aimed at Maggie really live for ABC news and we'll be back. More throughout the day me and.

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{"duration":"12:06","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli checks out the new wax figure of President Trump at Madame Tussaud's in New York City.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45068415","title":"The 45th President Gets the Wax Statue Treatment","url":"/Entertainment/video/45th-president-wax-statue-treatment-45068415"}