The 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

The big wins and the exciting moments from the 2016 Emmy Awards show!
4:35 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for The 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
We have a lot to get to as many as any let's start. With last night 68 annual primetime Emmy Awards big night. It was a big night for nerds and political junkies they trails gamer from Rollins took home the trophy for best drama series as well as best writing and directing. For drama series. HBO's veep but also took home awards for best comedy series history Louis-Dreyfus winning. Best actress in a comedy series she managed to squeeze a few jokes as well as a long list of thank you news and one in particular. Lastly I like to dedicate this to my father Wheeling Louis-Dreyfus. Passed me on Friday. And I'm so glad that he liked me because his opinion what's the one that really magic to think it. The temblor one best actor in a comedy series for his transformative role in Amazon's transparent and the FX series American crime story the people vs OJ Simpson took home several awards. Including best miniseries or movie and writing. For a miniseries or movie Tennessee nerds because I was one of the nerves swaption. Not paying attention. And they in England loaded with them hysterical moments as well you know one of our favorites was a surprise appearance onstage by Matt Damon. Who couldn't resist needling his friend Jimmy Kimmel over not winning and Emmy. This is so humiliating. I'm sorry I mean. We lost the night stand out here for the rest of the night. No I mean. When you're probably just wanna go home and curl up in crime. I'm not the let's say can we cheer Jimmy how about even. On their rival rain. They can't even though Kim all well all Olympia winter. His mom at least she was busy backstage making thousands of peanut butter jelly seven F that her son passed out to hungry celebrity's image I had in. And based on that suites we're seeing from the audience members of those PB and j.s apparently really wearing his spot. And with a personal touch that only a month could provide including a note written on napkins have fun tonight win or lose. Your mom will always love you don't get drunk and don't get. Punk kisses and hugs. Jimmy's month. And there was a kids from stranger things that were handing out the Q do you judge. Then went on yeah exactly that's the bridge tire wheel next even more important then statues and peanut butter is. That red carpet fashion. Scandal start Kerry Washington ticket maternity fashion to a new level in a beautiful black strapless gown. She is expecting baby number two coming very soon the last night's red carpet standout perhaps with Sarah Paulson to some who won best actress for her role. In that the people vs OJ Simpson's in a full length sequined green. What from neckline of some sort (%expletive) it's beautiful that. The real buzz though. Was who was the mystery men sitting next to Kevin Spacey can Twitter went really crazy over this over who this guy who was rocking a hat. And in this state has apparently been solved by the eagle eyed reporters that Busby who say. Space he's escort was in fact his manager. Evan Lowenstein and it is pretty common for stars to bring their managers as their plus ones to the end makes it. But the manager that's like half his age. Okay next to some other skinny headlines and Lady Gaga as big. Big show in February a source has confirmed to us weekly that Lady Gaga will be headlining the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show. You may recall her awesome performance this year kicking off super ball fifty with her powerful rendition. Of the National Anthem and speaking up performances actor Bill Murray tried out a new vote this weekend of his you know it's pretty funny the legendary comedian step behind the bar at his son's new hotspots. In Brooklyn. And were finding out that he knocked down hobby horse shots of tequila acquitted his first five admitted. The could be any of Bill Murray guards heading the only horse to have this. Did you have my. The paintings Haitians packed inside out trying to didn't learn also being expanded to a rendition of his favorite Rolling Stones songs including Staten. And that's when we start of the boomers think he had a thanks.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"The big wins and the exciting moments from the 2016 Emmy Awards show!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42189895","title":"The 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/68th-annual-primetime-emmy-awards-42189895"}