72nd Cannes Film Festival kicks off

The highly-anticipated Elton John biopic "Rocketman" will make its premiere at the festival.
2:18 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for 72nd Cannes Film Festival kicks off
I can believe. The goes on. We've got C. The palm trees. Now we've got yields and also lots of yells back at any really mean one thing yes we are at the Cannes Film Festival is this having these second Cannes Film Festival. It's based around the palm dole prize a very prestigious prize that is a series businesses is one of the world's top film festivals and suddenly the most important one on this side of the pond. The study films competing for the palm dole I'm by the one of the most hotly anticipated bond. His parents parents he knows latest movie once upon a time in the Hollywood set minus 69. Starring Brad Pitt. And longer rotten Robbie among other people saw us going to be that's going to be -- what topple but it isn't just about the competition is also off contestants stuff which goes on like they launch movies they pray and have Levy's about that's the reason why I'm here with head to cover the trend now rocket man and we've just done an interview with sir Elton John no that's. I found. The film is about him. And along with his stop tower activity was crying him a youthful Elton John concert at the strangest thing it was a very good and you actually is who seek care. And speaks very eloquently about his own journey and how reaching out for help when you needed is actually. Really important the messages to people navigate if you all in about way and you are unhappy. Offer health. Say it possible to help it really is so difficult sometimes. To do the but when I did a lot of help pay my way. My life since Michael slow but we're a long time ago there's been quite the most amazing job not but it wasn't be fought and but it's it's been you know I have the most wonderful finally I have the Muslim Gloria and I don't have to wake up in the morning feeling like. I don't want to wake up. Aaron also talks about how they have great chemistry together and he seems fitting that really told my finished you can say there's actually a kind of still allowed to. And Tara was saying that he's always been tested in a sense to play Elton John he actually use on an Elton John song to get into drama school. But enough about it might have a number of gulf and do some celebrities ought to hit the mosh pit that is the Cannes Film Festival so I shall see elected Kimberly. Thank you Bruno so Elton John was fresh air and also delivering a really good message.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"The highly-anticipated Elton John biopic \"Rocketman\" will make its premiere at the festival. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63080628","title":"72nd Cannes Film Festival kicks off ","url":"/Entertainment/video/72nd-cannes-film-festival-kicks-off-63080628"}