'Adulting' Series: Learning How to Sew

ABC News' Brad Mielke heads to the New York Sewing Center to learn how to sew.
15:56 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for 'Adulting' Series: Learning How to Sew
We want to take you over to our colleague Brad now usually happens series called resulting. It's basically Brad not be learning to do things as an adult that most people learn earlier and light he learned to swim learned to say if and today. He's learning without I don't Brad. And today guys I'm gonna learn at us so I'm here in. New York City in Manhattan at the New York sewing center right behind me you can see some more experienced people doing what I'm allegedly going to learn how to do not be honest with you guys. I don't know anything about selling in factory secret. There is a there's a hole underneath the sleep I've been walking around with this will be sleeves rolled out. Throughout the winter throughout the cold weather months I never roll I never unrolled the sleeves because it's a big gaping hole in them and us and that's how little I know about how to even how. Hats something in my close up and take Iran to show you what. We're looking at right you exert some young ladies that take us sewing classes here. And this is a place where. They they teach people or so and this is going to be I think my workstation and all of it as I wanna bring in a person that runs this center. This is Christine. But not sick here in the New York City sewing center. And at sixty telling. What is this place why did you start. So you know we're always trying to kind of place is so and that they as a hobby. A couple of girlfriends and I we always like this anything. And so we decided to start your sewing center basically. To learn how to stuff like to show people that is and it happened states that everyone can. Get together and said. And it now and to show you how little I even know about the whole RR I thought when I heard president elect has so. I thought I was going to be giving me your point I thought it was going to be sitting in a little Hutchison grannies. But is the we have instead he helped he's he's pretty impressive looking sewing machines. And some. The president looking ladies Annie and I mean what sort of budget to people working on the come here. You know some students welcome to take a pregnant less than anyone know where kind of project that they've been trying to finish on there on any in stock. Sony plant professional and even a mention how to fix it another great trying to let me need to bring in assured that we'll than anyone else do you. Alteration classes a lot of people who want to thank you. It changed their teens or. You can't make things are different or create address. It's all different kinds of people but usually it starts from very entry level ultimately see it's fruitless as an ordinance that you have a little project set up for. You know this is something that. You can mate for your house you know you're beach house he wanted to pass through and coming out so this is reprising an analyst and that comment actually let the scouts I because. Axle and I have several beach houses you guys that the next part of the series and adults think is learning how to get up money to recruit several houses and how we're gonna furnace. Said he's house. And so great and and before we get started Christine media community introduced here today to what's going on what are what are east is that students were announced that. More on the right she me and Lauren. This is just a US citizens basically amounts. That's for you come and seller. Oh yeah he's the big you know what they're doing then. I just think they have a fire in their actually our experience that seem so. Rates of this isn't technically yeah intermediate step ask you accomplish this time I don't languages for beginners. This is your second level you can company can basically learn that next level skills. All us and advances in line so for example she zero. That aren't last week. The and the machine if any you know. Get scene in that's kind of I've been here you guys just since I arrived she who has just some red fabric that fabric. Turned into a sack the second into a bat with the zipper and now. Zoo what are you doing. So extra hot selling on grass. Forget man. Correia and went 03 you. He is making. She's basically. This night since he copied and now she's making it different cat. Since he started but it cuts have to dress as she left at home and 200 popular pattern and that may. Craig Kelley when I ask you how. The police are coming here than to the siblings and me. And constant. And I but I never ultimately and definitely has silence and silence from. Since the writing machine. Q just following a state lineman now actually they had to within three months you went from from learning how to use the machine. To making this what is this yeah. Kate track. Adler. Two. Aches and patients anti you know speaking quietly and see teller. I think what was your theory first project by project. The California this is and a pillow he's gotten me in a pillow. And it an exact I think that she hadn't done a lot of times you know students aren't. So let me get a chance. To Wear it and actually and yeah and let's have been. Like sort of a meeting this this group of women and men coming here and sort of learn to do these projects in his spare time what's the community like your assignments and Greg actually it Lysol telling. My daily or at meet weekly application. Now I am I of people that people and see he numbers and patently. Like coming here. For a little zen zen it. Excellent yet how many by the way how many women's and that's the all women in the room so far with the usual ratio. And I don't see his rallying you know 90% and resentment. A house of god if you want peace and women. Speed. Is is the near songs that are all right we'll let's instantly who what when are we going to be. What are my first I don't even know how to use these machines by his looks terrifying. Now an imminent. Some and me. And attract. The earth are you thinking machines today and Ursula is there's there. Is an lots machine. Robert beginning. In singing. The incitement until so if you ever need to lots. It Laffer and also it will hurt front art and so this isn't Mary. Good steps to learn something on almost every government that you make it's. Katzenberg and reinforce the fabric here so act cut the fat wreck. Most of these are different machine guns and isn't totally different an action. Yeah we're going to be. Starting its and so I'm the first at its finest quality you have forget this it's 20 X 20 seven. Eight you squares that are 21. I have additional parts of Matthew guys that aren't that people and you don't seem we saw. Adversity because our. Dork actually have a question does it throw us here so let's see what what we as well yes one and that. How long this is Sonny how long does it generally take to make something like that like that this kind of Pella. So start to finish Christine how long do you expect he's spending project but this. Here is going to be showing new jobs little bits that out but the real process which has been. About an hour. For in an hour. As so that's faster than it takes you know like you know look under the hood of my car with a higher with you. And as fast as the admire in the rain. Osce guys in the tiny could take elect makes some brownies and like watching watching a rerun of lost you can actually be making yourself. Actually be making yourself pillow itself and he got his this is advanced level work that out last pretty inch. Spain I can't wait to see Brad events in this battle in its eighth seeded at that I not an actor beat out pillows time but. Yeah okay. We're going to all right let it turn the camera around you'll get it back out. Aniston Christine yes only show him what I need to do. It. Is on the past but this is what holds the average weekly. Students slightly lifts up here and then just but the average rates grabbing. A cat. Our next half a little petals on the black and it's very only got to get news extra extremities involved we got another McConnell. OK so they aren't wearing that spent some I just figured out the ground. You loosely packed them I don't. Oh my gosh I'm gonna die and let them. It's cramped up at average seat is finally rate your head. This is what it looks like. Coming out. Let the team got the end and then you have a little later here and if something's. I'll get his nine duplicated if there's ten times on this thing. Action from an apparent look to get it done yes so. So what we're gonna hear you guys aren't going to be trying this. Christine is is generously. Going to take over some of the camera. Woman responsibilities here so we will be switching this off between the two let's. A watch means. Learn how to so I'm serious is the very first on the record prize. Are. Yes you're getting started and putting it under the but for the fat foot presser but I Brett. And you're gonna hold out for means. Hands. So I'm actually nervous here Christine. Because I am nervous that in an elect chop off and see the. I don't think just. Albeit with one hand up and inches and it make it mine race here with the acts. Yes. Hope. I. What sort of. Yeah exactly. They went off. Patrick. I messed up right here you. Now stuck in here I've damaged your machine and a champion actually not that that's exactly what's best I helped. Are right. There you go abcnews.com. Dylan and we're learning how to make this elegant and arts and how I wasn't that impressed them yeah. A cast out here and on and on avenues that it knife yes seeking is an everything to see if there's an area. Up any tests this up well out of finds him. I I don't feel my foot off the panel. Date now. All riots in Jackson let's take a look at him that you get it here close but this looks legit right this looks great until I remember I got here yes and that's. Not so much but I write every guy you guys so what I do this again. Yes there are others so go try to do this a little bit quicker we educate Hispanic and yes she did that and Bridget you can just. Axle back. And joining today cleared out by getting clipped its operating and put this. And you're making lefties he's right sensors. This is the dire nature of so it must. RRR. Our. Are seen what next. Just in to answer yes or right. Now. That's. You heard and that whom Aaron area they act just like us. Under the presser her next cash and then you can just go and it's okay ever got one more time you guys in case you missed it the first time this is what an expert. Back. Clip that off. Don't cut your hand off. Demands. Of wall law. Also that perfect that's pretty great so that's the first that as you guys doing all right let me to just back from you and you can show us what we're moving on him. Haven't had surgery on Valentine's you know you just every time machine and it would call that they plastics and so if you are at home don't worry it's only the colors and you just uses as it stands. Because you'd be using one of these are gently here. Our until the incident shows the difference here so what tell us a little bit about these machines that Gillick a lot of people. Get visas letting presence or something and and they don't know how to act to use them so I mean much I know. Submachine exact. They a lot of times I have since you for the first time that. You know this isn't yet for Christmas thing and it's sitting at her apartment so. Citizen call eight. Tennis I hunt end. And this isn't really create beginners sewing machine but it also goes and extremely advanced coming. Thanks ghettos so this is a really great matchmaker looking for a starter machine that. Growing your machines and that's when. She. Parent. I'm so what next now so we've reinforced some of. The next steps act three or X. You eat your average actually my hands strikes the opposite ways. Strength going. And then he got on the. Others that are just a freak someone out they turn it over just that you know. And crimes in your house and your things looked around you know it's someone that. Someone in your home. Little little things right correct so I'm that it is and it takes the spot on. On the material. They want to keep open because we're gonna have with a pillow inside of the so I just. I'm lanes huge difference lines on the bottom. Take finance their campaign and I came liner there Aggies Taylor Taylor's chops to ask the senate and he won't be a lot of ran because the below freezing bars. And he's had I had pink line. And it isn't an area I'm not gonna be. That is where you're not going to be so desperate act part of and so. But it's getting nice and close you can see these pins see just take a pen and go in and out of the fabric like that and you want to leave the heads of the hands. Hanging. If. Collecting our own Brad now learning how to sell. Pretty good job. It was sort of impressive. This the first time he's ever done and I don't think tank. Have done well that right now the boss he took over and I certainly a he it making a pillowcase.

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{"duration":"15:56","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke heads to the New York Sewing Center to learn how to sew.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39071989","title":"'Adulting' Series: Learning How to Sew","url":"/Entertainment/video/adulting-series-learning-sew-39071989"}