Al Pacino Makes a Comeback in 'The Humbling'

Film legend Al Pacino discusses his newest role and remarkable career on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers'.
14:41 | 01/30/15

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Transcript for Al Pacino Makes a Comeback in 'The Humbling'
It. Did this fifth and then lo me. Things. All. Snow look at what happened to him. I think included the new government rules you know. Posting here. Coach tickets to. Would you parents it's all known and in an all my mother can never know about. My. At any. We're. Even if that you have had a thing for each other back in the day Obama saying where where where. I'm just saying. I could never I can. Not possibly tell her or him oh god I think the cases. Here this week. Oh. Chant hell and you. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what is happening at the movies and it's happening at them now called humbling. That starts out but she now I mean I can begin to suggest this man's career. I can just take titles like the godfather scarface and Doug afternoon Serpico and Gary and eat but I'm a stop myself. Because that gallery of great performances that I mentioned I think. He found the movie now. That belongs in that category. And humbling it's a lot of things and I'm gonna shut up about it because Alpa chino was here. So while only thing we need to do anything for him to. A yes it's open only can you we've done it yet we can't that's poisoned and if it's horrible things on it and you don't need that now. But how. This movie from Philip Roth's novel is about it actor who. Even the first line remember in the book he said he's lost it. You know he's lost the impulse he's lost his appetite for acting from life. He's good rest he doesn't want to do anything which is the opposite the. Hope is just a Little League only seems to be people really really you're depressed and suicidal. L right now. And now. Though it's it is. It is surely it is different from the fortunately Imus I do still down your average. Two can do this thing we do. And I thought this would be news some represents a lot of when I know you know certainly it's not the but it's it is a world that I grew up in. Understand I feel some. Enough to say I grew we could try to make him we have we you know lead in this world where any time you play a part that's even remotely via. It is. That's the media will say. That's what out exactly what he can't remember lines anymore and that's Heath it's wrong in this so I said please take a producer credit often. Is that they'll. For sure I think it's an autobiography of me. But it it's it's not. It reminds me and and am I trying to put this in the same breath as to dress because that was a great film. For instance the FB actor in the humbling reactor at play is is mainly of theater that he's done films. But it is some of those rules you have to be up for and that's what I love. Where it was depicted in the dressing room Albert Finney when you could see the Wear and tear on his soul. And the exhaustion. Having to put himself. Over and over again year after year in these parts he's Shakespeare it's. And in my line. In the movie. Is at a point where he started to lose some of them tools in the attributes. The things you need to get to keep going. Like memory like little thing like that little fickle on stage he heads the defense. And if you have and kind of the Wear and tear it takes it takes this whole. And so you retreat. Into this depression and blame it on. Your life about that time design but there's very concrete reasons you're starting to you know Wayne to wither. And and and it's always struck me and that's part of what I thought he. Barry Levinson. Can return to do in the script that taxes. Lines sound now. Numerous business and the ideas that. This guy at this age would want to. Finding new life scene and having acted as. I. Oddly funny. For me it is and yet right behind this you have. Another two movies you mangle. Coming Michael Malone. David Gordon Green. Hand them this. Wells any call any topic and call in which you're rocks to just yet CX. How about. I don't now but in how well one of the editors and hopefully basically everything but when you're walking down the street people saint lots of things they go. Who opt for yet two cent of the woman yeah you know it's justice Andrew. They just something comes out of their systems and leases. In the sewage to you know those things. I was learning about this assemble a 45 blind. Nose and had this guy. Gray lieutenant colonel. Teaching me and we meet every day and every time I would you know soul Toms who's doing. Putting it together and every time I get it right. He would say who. Crew who. It stayed in the back line. I didn't think at the time that I use it. Assurant I think you're right in his head that guys name carved in the Academy Awards to act at. Just a little bits and yes thank you for that or was it that because. The things people remember. Things in and got a Attica Attica Attica prison dog dead pigs you hear that bird is brilliant. He gave. He's conducting these whispered in my instance. It. It's hot it's yes. OK us have a computing. And I figured let's try. And there's Attica had just. And and and the extra is planning. They've got you don't need responding to up funneling yeah. This exchange took place but in scar face that whole. There's really written. All alone. A lot of people forget Oliver Stone wrote so it was great screenplay great writing. What I love is that other side of the business that your hands and that you do it god father. Is he established ones you made movies when they will just to a whole show on me Natalie and that. That the beginning of that could well I was I was so turned off movies when I. Went that day and and the great patty do quiz there and she is a big stars use so gracious to me they were very good. It is. It's an old theater that. And I was very young man. I couldn't back and so on myself and the idea that receiving around us. And that we can do some old. News absent news. Get the line right at the spot on this say the line exactly the time. How it's done at this is and you. This is the acting grew up knowing. Either had to do and doing it. I was kind of wise ass on the dance floors. Me and I. Somebody like you ought to be asking me. I was a mess when it was over I never wanted to see it I. I was not interest all I wanna do movies that was my new Monterey highway through movies ago. That's two aliens to different I don't know what they're doing I love them go see them a great. But I'll. Candidates keep me. Yeah I don't wanna do this what's funny because the godfather which starts all of this I mean you do panic in needle park first but the got by the becomes this gigantic success call and they wanted to find your grass. Was in that this scene in the we get the gun from behind the toilet that did it that's what kept me in the engine. Because I personally didn't want moment Brando didn't want me if she wore and then you can look for. So intent of it none of us more wanted it was like we're getting each other in trouble somehow because I had suggested on Iran. To Francis who love the idea. And then Francis wanted me and Marlins and the overall we're. And lose some please thank him he saw Jerry Schatzker was really great because he directed panic and park and a beautiful film. And Jerry showed them eight minutes from panic and so they said okay we'll high it is it's and then they started seeing the rushes in when I was doing what a mistake get rid of this kid. And Copeland talked to me it did you know and did what to do because I had this plan apart anyway. I had thought about it all the stuff and oh well go nine. And so finally. They didn't see in the restaurant and the scene turned up pretty good. They saw any sorrow and exited and they said okay we'll keep them. Kids. I stayed on. Wentz Corpas came out a lot of critics this court yeah this is. I know this is just gonna disappear exactly here's a movie that. How many decades later are still people watching it the entire lives a world unless it's the most. Active. Movie of my career of more than Don Imus it's so precedent it's always there. And the rappers and hip hop guys be really and girls. He really have a sense of course this movie is and the express it in and indeed they did in dvd it Snoop Dogg pound and a few of them. And he really guy he understood its subtext. Soul. To you them articulate. And interest. I don't even know what you remember of the night you won that Oscar but I remember a great moment in. Adam Sandler movies dejected kill and where you were. People so why is he doing events and the movie but the stuff that you did in that still gets me. There was a point where he broke hear us he was in your den in your playing yourself. And he says. I certificate but. And that was Adam's line and that was a great rock and there's truth to it because I think he should be having a little more gold on that man conspiracy. But I have a man and I go back and give you the dog days after it was you. Is that to you this story is true. I have I was not nominated for scored its. And I remember doing the American buffalo. In at the Curran theater in San Francisco. And they they had a lot of people outside every time. After the show and I come out. And this crowd of people and they had. Policeman downpours and you know say it was a big thing and there was where was this award. Do you mean the Oscar discard you ask I'm for a finally on the streets that the people is great it was one of the great moments. You could have you know I mean this no. This it was touching at the same time because you know we felt a little bit neglected. When we can get anything any mention of all. And so period ones it was a kind of supportive thing it was. If folk would kind of political. And select. It was very comforting to get that. But you look like you're in a good place afterwards like you did and all the black it's all the black and he said that's what it is it's sheer votes to cheering me up. But this show and always important begets insult scraped hands on here and some wounds on hold so. Ivy. I use I don't want you to repeat the Duncan chino song forms June. No that was a little and it's not the paper got you forgot it but it it's something to seek to those who didn't they could CNN into this market. But I want students in your head may be your kids seeing it around the house. Org I think something. And I would and then try this thing it was good to see you. Of. Probably move that. Rula. As. Choir and be accused Chan we'll. Then home. Who. Jonas. Need. O. As roses need. And tell. And that in. I don't know where I am going yeah. That RG butch they eat your heart all flooded yesterday at UN. Thank you all and two things.

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{"id":28609640,"title":"Al Pacino Makes a Comeback in 'The Humbling'","duration":"14:41","description":"Film legend Al Pacino discusses his newest role and remarkable career on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers'. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/al-pacino-shines-humbling-28609640","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}