Andre Holland dishes on his sports agent role in Netflix's 'High Flying Bird'

The actor opens up about his new sports drama and other upcoming projects.
19:52 | 02/05/19

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Transcript for Andre Holland dishes on his sports agent role in Netflix's 'High Flying Bird'
The plans ABC radio and once again I'm always excited to have amazing talent sitting right across from me I have the incomparable Andre Holland Hari you do it today its Arab and great thank you absolutely. And we have so much to get into because there is his new film. That is so engaging is gonna keep you locked in and I ahead amusing locked at the pond because it's about something that you guy. May not be familiar with I think if you were aware and alive and conscious of this world you know about the NBA locked out. I flying bird is up ballot in essence is locals look deeper than that. It releases this Friday February 8 on Netflix now I know you've got with the groups know your friend doesn't watch it with us. So yeah I first say that I saw the film and I thought it was beautifully and it it it's such a visual. As. Masterpiece you know it really captures due. I I I I wanna start dare. First off. What did you know about the NB locked out even before starting this this. Well not a whole lot to be honest to me now is obviously alive. You know and and profanity game winless like I happen so I was aware when it was going on but I didn't know much about the sort of ins and outs. But I learned the lives as we prepared the film and developed the and the stories it was a pretty fascinating time. Yes and and let's talk about the fact that you are. We're extremely involved in the project on this is actually the read teen mean of you and directors Steven Soderbergh right you did the naik and whatnot. And you are an executive producer on this project and talk about just that conversation about how that this came together what would you today is because. My understanding you had a notion that you wanted to touch and something within moments brain. Yeah so what are we doing the next against the Minnesota -- We developed a great relationship obviously knew right away it went to keep working with him as often as I could cause if that's a brilliant filmmaker. And I also had ambitions on my own two you know create material myself and so this artist or teaching him to mind is that. And this story about the Negro League is one of them and some other things -- those conversations we came up with this idea. Said the NBA during a fictional lockout. And then we got a writer into -- crane who also wrote moonlight -- what's with the plays that I have been involved in brought him mumble it and in the three of us would have put it together in and you know -- the story at UC. Deanna. And you know it's it's so interesting because. When you visually see it as I mentioned it's so beautifully done but this all done on and I found. Madden talk about how that field as an actor out as the you've done now all you've done major things in which you know you add the full. It ended teen love of people with cameras. How how did do work. Yeah it was injures knee you know. I gotta say Steven director. And I learned so much from him even when we did nick together obviously that was not on iPhone but. The way that he works even in that more sort of traditional setting is that he he's very very efficient works really adds not the city cut corners but it you know as efficient and so. On that on national on the nick I learned all you can actually you know shoot the scene tell the story. If you nor should if you know which are looking for Entrust them when you've got to you can move on an enemy in a in a pretty quick way. So I learned that name cut to you know working Feinberg in the show plus and you know their iphones although replaced efforts to sort of felt like why has this you know is going to be don't look good isn't going to be all right there were you know with Stevens on Rabbani Cameron he's he's he's just trust him you know and that the benefit that he gave us one of the many benefits is that we were able to move in the fast will be shut the fulfillment only thirteen days. Mostly we did between eight and ten hours a day which is no nothing for films. And you know given this president the phone he was able to like you know you can velcro once that if you stealing state wanted to cornice or known in their corner and in you do listing a few times and you've got the whole architecture and we you know it's though we were able to move quick keep the momentum of the story going it was an actor that was really satisfy. Back so amazing just because we knew the wall when you guys we'll see it you'll see it so Chris it feels sold light. Clear you know it doesn't he I would have never known that it was shot by an iPhone upon me learning that it was shot by. I remain in the must be is that he's you know he's so right there with the technology that you know he he knows with the newest stuff is he knows how to he's got the you know the best of everything on it and you know the technology of so far and I I don't think anybody who view of the ten different. Yeah definitely not let's talk about your character ring yeah gray is a dairy. Mart may know he's also very strategic. Talk about what now. I don't necessarily know if this was a character you created. Or if this was a character that was created and you in ditches and bodies so well. But talk about what drew you to this character in how you were able to channel let this man who had this consciousness of how things really work inter. Mingling in the did intertwining of this that and this. How you're able to really take on this were. The disease and I was. Screening of the night. James Bond documentary is near downtown. And he said listening in on the lumping him as these it is being racer you know as of as a black man he understands more about. People white people all people and they know about him essentially of use thing I think that idea of like. You know this character Rayburn in his like me who's operating in this largely white. Corporate environment he's had to learn in an ounce of everything right he's had to be aware of like everybody's doing at all it. Specially minute of a brother who grew up in the deep south who also found himself and I largely why is Haitian institutions and you know. Personal settings you sort of get use to see in the whole quart ring. So that was one of the things that exciting about the character so as we develop to Karen Twomey two rounds even that's something that we may issue remains like who who is this guy and I wouldn't he had to do in order to get to the position he's anything new to me he has to be a super Smart guy really driven results so people are aware of what everybody in the room is doing at any moment. Yeah an Aggie I think that after me watching the film. Was present to you you you could see his hyper sensitivity in the sense of OK I know I need to know what my assistant has gone on and need to be aware. What this players probably thinking and so on and so forth which was. Short of miraculous in the sense that it be it felt re united meat and now that that was definitely done very well and you know. I don't know exactly what you or are. Past history has been in the sports arena but we know you we saw you in 42. So clearly I don't know if you due on any of that. Net talk a little bit about you know just kind of maneuvering from that something of that nature today it's because there aren't you know little connections here and there. Yeah definitely is funny you know I don't know I don't know what it is less than humans in the day the very first movie of one of the very differently than it was sugar which was not mean I think it's on the light young men and how big you realize of me but it was a film about a Dominican baseball player who's trying to make his way. Manner and that means the and on the sort of trials and tribulations he goes so is the connection I think in that film no matter where he who. I'm just by Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier but the thing I Bankston in as we were gonna forties who was not so much to Decker Robson piece like. What happened to the Negro League as a result of him can vary and what actually happened is that he decimated. A negro leagues which was at that point and the most profitable black industry that this country scene you know. Though the underbelly of oil has always going to mean I think there is the connection between. Ulster project sugar -- to and in on this project which is also about you know not glitz and the glamour and nice cars and you know sort of projected image that we link that you know this whole athletes these you know they make on his money and have these great lifestyles and it is so great to be beat them like really looking that would underbelly of that is what those players and also for players who don't get to you know sign that on the main contract. I think you I think this film does that very well in chilling. That's high you know because again you know there there there have there was that discussion. Yet. That happened during the lock out about between owners verses the players and why do they deserve it. But now it's being presented in a way of light will here's how. It really is in inner workings between agent and articles on there's multiple people are involved association of fourth. So things that I fell. You know there's all these these dramatic things that are are nickel throughout. Even what bill Duke's character says you know. Kinda comes back. I don't want you know what I'm not. But it's very it's very powerful you know. Talk about. There the underlying kind of message. When you went into this film you know when you having this power while with with you director. Alan everybody was there this. OK I think this is what we need to rest or was this sort of like the organic happening over the opposite either way it's its goal. But I'm just curious about how sometimes you get into it you say. This is what this of the drama that we're trying to produce is what we're trying to duke. Must have these elements of these important things or was something like us to tell his story and see how it well. No I was definitely you know part of it from the beginning I think to be question that we asked ourselves. News you essentially know what would it be like if on the black players in the NBA champions you know just on our only. You know would be like you've NFL players got together said the same thing we still be arguing about you know. And the National Anthem protest would there be a would have to resist. Remain here in and out of White House or out of you know offices get those SOB's out the field set up and dribble all these other things you know. To me feel. Wrong. That was it that was the sort of question that we have all what would it be like so every step but where we may should we kept coming back that that Washington was an accident and imagines and then also. You know in the research he's of that. On the approval to the black athlete which you see in the film comes on and AM. Story remote to abduct an area woods who's been doing this work in the sort of athletic activism space for many many years and so he also thought that with us as we developed the script to make sure their. Only we're asking that question but also taken into account that it's a question has been asked for a long time now every come a lockout happens as I found out who often different. Was agents are always a group of people who say that what would have we just on them thing you know and then eventually. People. On the way back to the table before that idea really gets far down the line but yeah I'm glad you felt there because those on those of one knows that we want to make sure that that was the payment was centering is that question of agency. And an independent. Yeah and you know. Ed to sparks need to be very curious and one businesses and in some way could this ia risk. Legal question this film is a responsible questions. You know and I think. That kind of ties in again this ongoing narrative is ongoing conversation about. What would happen if we reclaim what has bene are you know from our people still on his report. I love that. Already installed an excellent so many other review is not even out yet people are looking at it they're saying wow. Does that feel what does that. Mean TU I mean knowing that you're there from the early stages the ground you know. This means the most to me that we we minute work on the four and a half years and order over every. Single word single line in every parent or on the mean should we gotta as a rightist Likud you know. On proud that people understand what it is that we're at which time you know and those aren't people in the no means a lot to me them both as an actor and has reduced because and missed me so much more work you know and it just feels good to be here ideas tonight they do have a they do have us by not you know people who want to hear from a dad I'm excited and I hope you keep Washington DNN talking about it is ultimately that's what it is like. It's an extension of conversation in an area was not a it was on it long ago Ernie. And I think it's relatable for any UUUBS. And its boy may be at and it's boards. You don't have to be a person of color use hit could be equipped personal college this is relatable to anybody who. Want a good Horry and I think that's what it does regardless you know it brings you to that core value of saint. I have one watch something that makes you think it makes me feel this is what this. And you know. It's funny because. One watches you you know it NC UN these different. Pieces of the film more or whether it's television or whether it's. Eight. UU flawlessly animals from one thing to an you do it so well and also talk about. If you can't and I and the media's typical question. Or an actor because this is what to do this is your craft right. What's so all centered in any I feel like even with this film it is sort of I felt the intimacy of a of and you know what what do you fill entered in when you look for a year you know next. The good question I'm a five and asked the question. I think you know. Where there's theater film TV generally meant so much as Hillary and Eric I really believe in this going in and and the character yeah feel at home. And user community comes back to it right you know and fortunately I've been able to work with vinegar writer's room any inconvenience. Wanted to best around and getting to work on his matier you ascendant in that. Yeah that was me like. Good writing and the senate where Emery. Yeah I mean it's it's I believe this is just the beginning of many more fleeing their mean estimate two routing her you are you guys. Looking to do more projects academy obviously let me love moonlight I mean again another visual masterpiece another message and another. Captivating moment in time in history. Is that something that we can look forward to yeah absolutely absolutely got a few innings of work and. Yeah I think there's going to be allowed a lot more come almost same one in net for the moment but it. We'll come back as the you'll regret. Did that mean now it is always good to be anything immediate could be silver screen it could be on his age do you lean towards one then another do you like to do more so film projects. In in this type her ace or do you feel like this could offer trend you know flow into. Probably more under your recent in the UK. Again I mean I think he can be anything you know two started to a place again we have some ambitions and that's based right now I'm really excited about on the television so that the working on at the moment is more geared towards then let me you know. There are six months ago I was doing play in and now we're not about this and I don't know what's going to be next. I'm blessed. And I think a maple sort of go between different. Mediums and yeah yeah yeah. Before we go because it does all day. It's like hissing and I feel like you know. This is not necessarily film maker as the great film it's a film bodies. I feel intentional but significant. Lack near to use. Of you know and I and I enjoyed it immensely. A but missed history month mean TU this is something that I just put out throughout the month about. When will talent they comes in and you know does does does it means something more than just recognizing those who have called war. And what does that mean TU. As a black man in America what is it mere open ended thought on most Black History Month. The big moon mean you know feel like. I feel like you know. I'm no from a cell I was raised and council tonight. You hear a million we always about. And MI remembering and welcome back in and celebrating. People so that's very much a part of like what I do what I think you know is expanding by about his mother's like is fun to see. Institutions and people who maybe don't pay as much attention suddenly paying attention I think it goes to try and keep it expanded route. More of the year that it's not just. In February went. Yeah you know four and night the more we can celebrate. Better. And I mean that's I think he'd be over for the conflicts that we do contain these. Piracy. And body rocked the year. Around you throughout the year not not sunny day. Have so before we go lasting thoughts. Week. You know buttoned up the theory on the high flying bird and and led what it means for people who are going to be. Well they half lumber is that go film with some beautiful writing great characters and his beautifully shot and is in nine minutes on I think it's worth giving why. Absolutely and I watch it again you know out of theater credible watching again I suggest you watch it again. Is always nugget you're gonna pull from it she will build exit and how these people that it beans and respond to that. They use salt it's Andre for stopping by AC rated chop it up with knee just. He about the amazing film high flying bird constant Netflix February 8. Please tune in to that because I'm telling you year you're not regretted. And is blamed siding off a BC radio.

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