Attorney Lisa Bloom discusses her decision to stop representing Harvey Weinstein

In an exclusive interview, Bloom discusses her deal with Weinstein and her motivations to leave his case.
9:12 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for Attorney Lisa Bloom discusses her decision to stop representing Harvey Weinstein
has spent her career defending women against high profile alleged harassers like bill Cosby and Bill O'Reilly. So a lot of people were shocked that, after Harvey Weinstein was accused of decades of sexual misconduct, she decided to advise him. She has since resigned from his legal team and is here exclusively to tell us why. Please welcome my friend Lisa bloom. Thank you. Thank you, Lisa. We've known each other for a very long time. I know you spent your entire career championing women's rights. I was surprised when you decided to represent Harvey Weinstein. Tell us why. Well, that is the question a lot of people are asking. I have to preface it by saying that I have to abide by the law which requires me to keep client confidences even when it's a former client. I'm not allowed to do anything that could undermined a former client's legal matters. I think I can talk about somethings in the public record. When I was representing him as an ad viezer the allegations were about words. It was verbal conduct. That was the initial "New York Times" story. As he said in his public statement and I said in mine my job was to educate him about sexual harassment laws about the power imbalance and what is appropriate and not appropriate in the workplace. Including his tone. He was known for a very angry belligerent tone. I have been on the outside throwing stones for 31 years. Oftentimes I thought if I could get in the room with this guy and talk to him directly. I have thought wow I actually have the opportunity to do that. When the story came out, I said apologize for what you did. Acknowledge the wrong doing. Don't go after the wrong women. I accomplished that. My client Wendy Walsh said I wish Bill O'Reilly had said that P. My client Jill hart said I wish Donald Trump would have done that. Right after that the allegations got more serious. We're still talking about this part. Critics are saying you and Weinstein had a deal to turn your book into a mini series. They were saying that was a conflict of interest and maybe that's what motivated you to help him. I've been very upfront of that. I had the book deal. I announced it on social media. My book was about the toeshl injustice of the trayvon martin case. It was a passionate project for me. When I was approached to do a dock men tar about it I was thrilled. It's not a conflict for a attorney to have business dealings with clients. It would be if it was with a judge. Ethically it's an issue. I think what you're saying -- what people have been telling me is Lisa were you so excited about this that it clouded your judgment. What do you say to that? Yeah, I think so. I think I have to cop to that. Lisa that's the part that tripped you up I think. I think I have to cop to that. Good to you. It doesn't pass the smell test. That particular point. I was very excited about that project. Hundreds of people worked with him in his company. They were probably all excited about their projects for. Thank you for saying that. I have to own up to things. Thank you for saying that. Why did you resign as his adviser? So first let me say I very much regret ever being involved in this. I'm mortified that I was connected with him in any way. All the people who have reached out to me to say Lisa we're hurt and disappointed in you. I get it. I'm very very sorry. I know. I am. As to the exact reason why I resigned I think the confidentiality laws prohibit me from answering that unfortunately. Let me put my lawyer hat on. Do you ever take it off? I don't. We have found something here. There was an e-mail prankster that posed as Harvey Weinstein. We have that e-mail. That person sends you an e-mail and then you wrote the new round of far more serious allegations were not made known to me. I could not have realized, but I am not revealing any of that publicly because that's between you and me. When the frank Ster pushed you to be candid on specific reasons why you left his side you responded sexual assault. Can I assume that's why you resigned? I have to live with the confidentiality laws. I will tell you when the sexual assault allegations came out, it was absolutely devastating to read those stories of all those women who went on the record with those stories for the first time. I represented women like that for 31 years. I still do. I know the courage it takes. I was just shocked. I think like we all were. Were you really? If the guy is a harasser what's the next step? It's sort of logical in a way. I do hear with a you're saying. In the work I do, I'm constantly analyzing what are the allegations here. Is it words? Words are bad in and of themselves. Sexual assault is a whole other thing. It's criminal. I never represented somebody accused of sexual assault. I never will. One of the lessons in this I talked to everybody in my law firm we are no longer ever going to represent someone accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault. They're entitled to lawyers. It's not us. I have to say there were a string of people excited about projects all along the way. Many people heard and you're not alone. I wanted to say that because you're not alone. It was reported Weinstein used elite private investigators to dig up dirt on his accusers like rose Mcgowan. Some said you kept a file on her. Were you a part of this? I can't talk about what I knew or didn't know and whether there was a file or not. It's a very detailed article. I'm not named as one of the attorneys who were actively participate Ng that. Other lawyers were named. I never reached out to the women to offer them money. None have accused me of that and she retracted that. Were you digging up dirt on rose Mcgowan? I was not. I don't think I can say anything further. My role was adviser. Your mother is the famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred. She publicly came out and criticized you. I have a favorite parent. If one of my parents did that it would break me to no end. There's something doing something about your parents and children publicly and it would kill me. How did you react to that and are you talking? That was very hurtful. I would have preferred a phone call. Listen, my mom is a great fighter for women's rights. She's smart. She's feisty. She's a role model dpor me and a role model for many many people. I think we'll work this out. Two strong women butting heads. We're not the first mother daughter who have ever had an issue. Is it hurtful to you? Yes, of course. Of course. Yes it's hurtful. Over the years we had issues. We always worked them out. We'll work it out. You also got a lot of hate mail and cyber bullying. How are you dealing with that? I've always gotten a lot of hate because I always did a lot of controversial cases. This round has been devastating. The rape threats, the death threats, how they're going to rape me and the blogs that I can't respond to because of confidentiality. There was a point a few weeks ago I was in a free fall. My husband caught me and has been there for me. One of the things I have learned is that my daughter was ere for me. My son was there for me my foster son my friends and clients. They rallied around me and showered me for love. I hope to return it some day. If you know anybody in the middle of a hate storm give them as much love as you can.

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"In an exclusive interview, Bloom discusses her deal with Weinstein and her motivations to leave his case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51068687","title":"Attorney Lisa Bloom discusses her decision to stop representing Harvey Weinstein","url":"/Entertainment/video/attorney-lisa-bloom-discusses-decision-stop-representing-harvey-51068687"}