Aug. 9, 1984: Bette Midler talks about she got her start in show business

Midler elaborates on how she likes to perform for audiences.
3:00 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for Aug. 9, 1984: Bette Midler talks about she got her start in show business
I think what you have to do is get angry. And harnessed harness the anger to get angry fellow nuns and kinds. Lots of it what you do with it as you grow up I just put it to use of put it on the stage I decided what I I I made goals for myself. I may challenges for myself and I and I worked real hard to meet them. Did he want to know I don't know anything when I was a kid I knew nothing we would get it won't be winning an I television set until we I would it until 1958. So I missed everything I hit never saw the Sid Caesar show I never saw Milton Berle I never saw I Love Lucy. I didn't I mean there was tons and tons of things in the early years and I never went to the movies and his movies that cost money and he only had you know. You have got got like a dime a week. And the only little is my mother would ever let me go to C were musicals. So I know a lot about musicals. Formulation how did you wanted to do envision yourself doing just look at actually I imagine myself screaming. It's I was mad about Esther Williams I thought she was the highlight of the greatest artists that America ever produced. She was absolutely fabulous she mesmerized me. And I still have these genes these terrible dreams way you know actually you know Delors to log on my mermaid is sort of a trip. Sinister level I started in the sits straight I want to talent contest. Actually asked are in the in the second grade this the first grade I wanna talent contest I do and what they sang silent night ahead. And straight straight parents afraid to tell my mom because we were Jews and we weren't supposed to sing Christian songs but I sang and anyway this is a real beautiful song. And then in the fifth grade my girlfriend and I used to put plays on for the for my class. And in this it's fair lacked talent konduz I sang the lullaby of Broadway. And I sang lullabies voting every year for about three years and I used to hear the kids coming down the halls like. God I hope she doesn't single aisle and. Lavrov I get up and made it. One bit eerie out because the reality compared of the terrain well my dream was really to be to have a craft. To be good at my work to do that my craft to be to be able to take up. Pratt fall to be able to two to have a a comic character that sustained. For longer than five minutes to do to be able to do comic scenes and have them. Have a peak and a falloff you know and to be able to judge audiences and to know when to give them a lot and went. I was isn't much more just in the craft part of it and I think I've. I think I've come. Very along very well in that ended up as one if you're satisfied with that I'm very happy with I'm very proud of myself I liked it via the idea that my communiques with an audience's immediate. It and it's not an that I have very few phony moments. And very proud of myself I mean I have been quiet phony in my day bush. But I've sort of its washed the phony news out of myself and that I'm proud.

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{"id":51595083,"title":"Aug. 9, 1984: Bette Midler talks about she got her start in show business","duration":"3:00","description":"Midler elaborates on how she likes to perform for audiences.","url":"/Entertainment/video/aug-1984-bette-midler-talks-start-show-business-51595083","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}